Custom edits done by request. Please email at for a price estimate. I also have a wide array of Pay Per View posters in 11×14 & 11×17 that can be purchased. Below are some edits I have create

Here at Marked Out Collectibles, we deal in one of a kind pieces. I am at multiple signings every week personally getting talent to sign my custom edits that are very limited and only sold by Marked Out Collectibles. I also set up private signings with talent away from public appearances where I get more stuff signed. These pieces were created by me for my personal collection, so I intentionally only print a few of each piece to keep them limited. I also have an extensive collection of rare wrestling photos and poster images, that I get signed. I pride myself on never settling for the same photos and pieces everyone else is selling and getting signed. Please see all the photos of pro wrestling stars signing my custom creations.