Brodie Lee passes away at 41

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Brodie Lee passes away at 41

Post by ICW » December 26th, 2020, 9:20 pm

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Re: Brodie Lee passes away at 41

Post by Jason1980s » December 27th, 2020, 3:01 pm

I only knew him as Luke Harper. When I read "Brodie Lee dies at 41" on MSN home page I had to check it out because 41 is way too young. He got a lot of tributes and majority of them were very personal so it seems like he was a really great guy. Bray Wyatt's tribute was beyond incredible. It's obvious those guys were like brothers. It was good seeing Bray think of himself and Luke as guys who would be wrestling in their 70s in the independents. Bray is pretty famous now in wrestling but seems pretty level headed. I am sorry for his friends, family and fans that he didn't get to make it to an old age.
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Re: Brodie Lee passes away at 41

Post by yosemitechris » December 27th, 2020, 8:48 pm

got to meet him at wrestlemania axcess, very nice guy!
great wrestler and family man, he will be missed!

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Re: Brodie Lee passes away at 41

Post by Greg2600 » December 28th, 2020, 4:31 pm

Terrible news for a nice guy and a hell of a wrestler. I thought he was fantastic as Brodie Lee of Dark Order in AEW.
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