PSA - Ex Member Harassing Women

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PSA - Ex Member Harassing Women

Post by WOODMO » January 30th, 2020, 11:35 am

I just wanted to make everyone aware of someone who used to be a member here, and more importantly is known in the wrestling meeting circles many of us are in. I would normally add a big alleged to all this, but I have firsthand knowledge of this. About a year ago, he was messaging my girlfriend on snapchat. I am not entirely sure how he found her, I know he followed me so I guess she was showing up as a mutual follower. She didn't even realize I knew him, she just showed me because it was creepy. I then confronted him and we both blocked him across all platforms. ... YeKeTlns3w

Lanza sent me the above article today which details his exploits and the creepy stuff he has been doing with countless women. I sent this article to my girlfriend, and she told me that a picture of a girl he sent to another girl, is the same picture she received from another creepy Snapchat user claiming to want to have a threesome with us. She of course blocked that account, but we never suspected he was behind that one, but the evidence looks pretty good.

In any case, he is gone here, but I just wanted to make people aware. If you follow or are Facebook friends with him, I would recommend blocking.

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Re: PSA - Ex Member Harassing Women

Post by yosemitechris » January 30th, 2020, 2:52 pm

thats some messed up shit, sorry you guys got dragged into his issues! block him, report him, stay away from this creep!

went on facebook and block that dude and reported his ass to facebook, hope they do something about him!

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Re: PSA - Ex Member Harassing Women

Post by mrira » January 30th, 2020, 6:58 pm

I sort of remember this guy from back in the day, but not enough to figure out he had bad mental issues. If some dude from the hobby was talking to Jen, who she had never met, I'd certainly lose my shit.

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Re: PSA - Ex Member Harassing Women

Post by Greg2600 » January 30th, 2020, 11:39 pm

Well he must have some awful parents.
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Re: PSA - Ex Member Harassing Women

Post by AJLe » January 31st, 2020, 3:45 pm

He's obviously done far worse things, but I never understand people on social media who obsessively want to know about, and get in touch with, people who block them. What's the point?

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