Germany to fine social media for failure to remove "hate speech"

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Germany to fine social media for failure to remove "hate speech"

Post by class316 » October 2nd, 2017, 6:15 pm

This is Germany a so called democratic nation that is basically trying to abolish free speech online. Wow just wow
A new law has come into force in Germany aimed at regulating social media platforms to ensure they remove hate speech within set periods of receiving complaints -- within 24 hours in straightforward cases or within seven days where evaluation of content is more difficult.

The name of the law translates to 'Enforcement on Social Networks'. It's also referred to as NetzDG, an abbreviation of its full German name.

Fines of up to €50 million can be applied under the law if social media platforms fail to comply, though as Spiegal Online reports there is a transition period for companies to gear up for compliance -- which will end on January 1, 2018. However the Ministry in charge has started inspections this month.

Social platform giants such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were couched as the initial targets for the law, but Spiegal Online suggests the government is looking to apply the law more widely -- including to content on networks such as Reddit, Tumblr, Flickr, Vimeo, VK and Gab.
The law does also require social media firms operating in Germany to appoint a contact persons in the country. But again, those companies that are outside Germany may be rather hard to police -- unless the government intends to start trying to block access to non-compliance services which would only invite further controversy.

The Germany cabinet backed the proposal for the law back in April. At the time, justice minister Heiko Maas said: “Freedom of expression ends where criminal law begins."

The country has specific hate speech laws which criminalize certain types of speech, such as incitement to racial and religious violence, and the NetzDG law cites sections of the existing German Criminal Code -- applying itself specifically to social media platforms. ... 20344.html
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