A side trip to Megacon Tampa from Orlando

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A side trip to Megacon Tampa from Orlando

Post by Cozmik » September 25th, 2018, 7:36 pm

I had friends from the UK visiting Orlando for a couple weeks and decided to fly down to join them for the weekend. After one day at Universal, I was thee parked out and were looking for something to do the next day and since they were looking for something they had never seen and Megacon was happening about an hour away, we got in the car and headed to Tampa.

There were only a couple celebs I needed so I got photos and autographs while they had a look around.

First off was John de Lancie know mainly as Q in Star Trek: TNG and as Donald the father of Jesse's girlfriend Jane from a memorable Breaking Bad. Things were slow that day so he had time to speak to me for a few minutes.

My second and final stop was over to see Pearl Mackie who played Bill, the twelfth Doctor's companion on Dr Who. She was delightful to talk to as well.

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Re: A side trip to Megacon Tampa from Orlando

Post by ICW » September 25th, 2018, 9:59 pm

Great stuff, man! Love the 8x10 by de Lancie. I wanted to get de Lancie's autograph at that Stark Trek con in NY last year but he didn't have anymore 'Trek 8x10s left.
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Re: A side trip to Megacon Tampa from Orlando

Post by lanza218 » September 27th, 2018, 11:02 am


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