All Star Comic Con, Bad Wolves and The Regrettes in Virginia/Maryland

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All Star Comic Con, Bad Wolves and The Regrettes in Virginia/Maryland

Post by Joresky » June 18th, 2018, 11:35 am

This past weekend I attended a small con in northern Virginia called All Star Comic Con and I met a couple bands in Baltimore. This particular con didn't have a ton of wants for me but I figured there were some decent names and a guarantee is a guarantee so why not. The first name I got after I got to the con was voice actor Tom Kane who I thought I met in the past but turns out I never got a photo with him. He was very cool and he liked me shirt (I wore a Solo Star Wars t-shirt).. he told me he voiced some characters in the film. I ended up getting a combo with him which was a bit pricy ($60.. ouch!). After this I met actress Dichen Lachman (TVs Dollhouse, Altered Carbon). I decided to only get a photo with her for $30 as opposed to an autograph as well which would have costed an extra $50 (ouch!). She was very friendly and we chatted for a couple minutes. She said she really wants to be in a Star Wars film. After this I met comic book writer Jason Aaron and he signed five comic books (2 Star Wars, 3 Thor) for free and took a photo with me.. really nice guy. After this I got a photo with actress Rain Pryor who I have met in the past but I wasn't completely happy with my photo so I decided to upgrade it. We chatted for a couple minutes and I asked her if Head of the Class would ever get a DVD release and she said not anytime soon because of the "trouble" that her costar Dan Schneider was in. We then discussed how horrible it was that all of these childhood heroes (i.e. Bill Cosby) were ruining my childhood by doing terrible things. She told me she knew about Cosby's antics many many years before everyone else because her father (the legendary Richard Pryor) told her to stay away from him. After this I met actor/dancer Adolfo "Shabba Doo" Quinones from the movies Breakin and Breakin 2. He was very cool.. I just got a photo with him for $20 and skipped the autograph which would have costed $15 more. Lastly I met Star Wars/Star Trek author John Jackson Miller and he signed a Canto Bight novel for me and posed for a photo. At this point I grabbed some lunch then headed back to Baltimore.

When I got back to Baltimore I met up with my buddy Mike and we went to meet the band Bad Wolves. Bad Wolves is a group comprised of members of other metal bands and they are currently known for having a famous cover of the Cranberries song "Zombie." Dolores O'Riordan (lead singer of The Cranberries) was suppsoed to produce and sing in their music video for them but she died right before she was able to do so. The band decided to carry on and dedicate it to her memory. I didn't have anything to get signed by Bad Wolves but I got photos with everyone in the band no problem. They were walking around and hanging out before the show so it was easy access. I didn't bother getting the opening bands since I never heard of them but I might regret that decision in the future if I end up liking them at some point. After this I hung out with my buddy in fells point for a little while and we checked out a spot for Journey but it appeared they werent at this spot. After a while we went to another spot where we were hoping to see Journey but it turns out they left before I got there. Def Leppard were also at this spot but I had them already. The only members who came out from Def Leppard were Rick Savage and Joe Elliott. Rick did combos for everyone and Joe just signed. I got a couple items signed for a friend of mine who gave me a ride home and I tried to get an updated photo with Rick but it didn't come out. No biggie since I already have a perfectly good one from last year.

On Sunday I decided to attend a CD signing/performance by the band The Regrettes at a local record store in Baltimore. I was on the fence about going for this but decided it fit into my schedule fine and would most likely be a guarantee for photos so why not. I bought their new CD cheap for only $8 and got it signed and got two group photos with the band. Not a bad value. Overall, I got some decent names this weekend even though I wasn't able to hit all of my targets so it was definitely still worth my time.
Me and voice actor Tom Kane
Me and actress Dichen Lachman
Me and actress Dichen Lachman
Me and actor Adolfo "Shabba Doo" Quinones
Me and actress Rain Pryor
Me and comic book writer Jason Aaron
Me and author John Jackson Miller
Me and Tommy Vext, lead singer of Bad Wolves
Me and Chris Cain, rhythm guitarist of Bad Wolves
Me and Kyle Konkiel, bassist of Bad Wolves
Me and Doc Coyle, guitarist of Bad Wolves
Me and John Boecklin, drummer of Bad Wolves
Me and the band The Regrettes
Me and the band The Regrettes
Tom Kane signed photo
The Regrettes signed CD
John Jackson Miller signed book
Jason Aaron signed comic book
Jason Aaron signed comic book
Jason Aaron signed comic book

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Re: All Star Comic Con, Bad Wolves and The Regrettes in Virginia/Maryland

Post by Greg2600 » June 18th, 2018, 11:46 am

Dichen looked great, need her to do some more cons!
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