At Monstermania, you can float too

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At Monstermania, you can float too

Post by class316 » March 15th, 2018, 10:05 pm

This Monstermania was a decent one for me. Sadly it wasn't without punches, like Randy Quaid canceling. Also, they had such a monster line up that it proved too much for the hotel to handle. Lots of people got shut out due to fire marshal issues. Many lines were huge! Thankfully I already had most of the names so I only needed a select few names. To boot, I had no plans on paying for autographs. So I managed to get all I needed with minimal hiccups. Based on this, I personally have no issue with Dave and Monstermania. Though in hindsight Sunday would have been a smarter day to attend.

Let us begin. After a day in NYC (report to come) I drive into Cherry Hill, park at the hotel, park, and sleep.

First guest I get is Ally Sheedy. I got her before but I had a chance to split with someone. So I upgraded my shades shot for cheap, which was good. Next was my top want for the show, someone who I've failed on in the past, Kathleen Turner. On the street she signs but doesn't do photo ops. So I've been discouraged from trying for her each chance I get. Therefore getting a photo op in this guaranteed setting was quite the blessing. She looks upset in the ops but I could not care less.

With those two out of the way my only wants left were the It kids. I had the choice between a group pro op or single table ops. I of course chose the table ops. Not only because I like to avoid pro ops like the plague, but also because I wanted to avoid a group op. What if I get a pro and one of the kids becomes known for something else, and that kid is at the end of my photo op? In that case I would need to get a photo op with that kid all over again. It's the same reason I made sure to get single shots with the Riott Squad. Because if I only got the group shot and they split up and do their own thing whoever is two people away from me will be someone I have to get all over again. So to me, single table ops were wins on most every front. Less money, no pro op, and next to each and every person. The only drawback would be having to stand in line longer. Worth it!

First I knock out 3 of the kids with little to no lines. Jeremy, Chosen, and of course Sophia. Then I have someone hold my spot for the longest line of all (Jaeden) while I stand in line for Wyatt. This is where I experience my most major hiccup at MM. They all went to have lunch and do pro ops and the line got cut with me at the front! Wow that was upsetting! Took over 2 hours of waiting till they all returned, I got my Wyatt shot, then went back to my spot for Jaeden. Good thing too cause they ended up capping the line for the day! Bullet dodged!

Finally get Jaeden then chilled and calmly said hi and chatted with people for the rest of my time there. I waited for my traveling buddy to be done with Pee Wee autographs and went back to NYC for more meets (report to come).

Kathleen Turner: ... 087e_b.jpg

Ally Sheedy: ... 0bc9_b.jpg

Sophia Lillis: ... 34ca_b.jpg

Jaeden Lieberher: ... ec39_b.jpg

Wyatt Oleff: ... e5bb_b.jpg

Jeremy Ray Taylor: ... e9b5_b.jpg

Chosen Jacobs: ... 4043_b.jpg
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Re: At Monstermania, you can float too

Post by Greg2600 » March 16th, 2018, 9:59 am

Really glad Randy bailed because I would have probably gone ballistic there.
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