Feeling The Bern W/Demi Lovato & Kehlani

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Feeling The Bern W/Demi Lovato & Kehlani

Post by adelta13 » March 15th, 2018, 2:26 am

In November, I found out that Demi Lovato was going on tour and she would be hosting a VIP meet and greet for $450 which includes a photo with her, a signed 11x14 cardstock poster, a tour laminate, and a Demi hat. My friend and I are big fans of Demi so this was a no-brainer for us to do. I know that I could of easily saved the money and probably get her for free on the street but I wanted something guarantee plus my friend doesn't do street meets so this would probably be her only way to meet Demi. My friend and I got are money together, originally we planned on going to Nashville for the concert/meet & greet because neither of us have been to Nashville but unfortunately Nashville was sold out so I elected to purchase tickets to Detroit instead. From the time we purchased Demi's meet and greet tickets, they added DJ Khaled & Kehlani meet and greets which were both $150 so we decided to purchase those also. More on those two later!

Couple days before the Demi trip, I was made aware of a flight involving Senator and former president candidate Bernie Sanders. I've met Bernie in the past in New York so I figured I would update my shot with him. My friend picks me up 30 minutes before the flight was suppose to land and we wait around for it to arrive. We arrive and there is no sight of him, he finally comes through with a handful of assistants, aides, etc. We approach him for a photo and he says one moment, then he takes the photo. My buddy then asked for an autograph but Bernie quickly denies but my buddy was able to talk Bernie into doing 1 each for us.

Couple days later, My friend and I fly out of Baltimore into Detroit. The first night in town we attended WWE Monday Night Raw, which was fun but I was upset to see there was no Brock Lesnar or Ronda Rousey which both were advertised for the show. I had all the wrestlers flights out of Detroit but I elected not to attend because I see those same names all the time. The next day, my friend and I wake up and go to the gym at our hotel, then we head couple blocks over to the arena for food. After we were doing eating, we noticed a sign that said "DJ Khaled will not be performing tonight"... WTF? I wasn't disappointed at all but my friend was bummed out because she really wanted to meet DJ Khaled because his meet and greet includes a 10-second snapchat video and a photo with him. We get to the arena and wait in line for them to let us in. They checked us in and gave us our Demi Lovato and Kehlani laminates. I talked to someone about our DJ Khaled situation. We either had the option of getting a full refund of $150 or having the meet & greet transferred to another city. My friend and I elected to get cheap tickets for an upcoming show in DC area next weekend so we'll be able to meet DJ Khaled then!

It's Demi time! They put us all in a line, they instructed us of some rules.. No cameras, no kissing, no big hugs, blah blah blah. They took us down in the heart of the arena. They made us check all of our shit into them before being able to meet Demi. Finally it's time... Hold up! Man down! A young man who was probably 15-16 years old who was special started to hyperventilating in front of Demi and he fainted. They whisked her away while the situation was being taking care of. Okay the show is back on! Finally I get up to Demi and I told her "It's nice to meet you" and she said the same, we took our photo and that's it! After meeting Demi, they gave us our signed poster and our Demi tour hat.

They let us stay down there to wait for Kehlani, she was running a tad late. For anyone that doesn't know who Kehlani is, she's an up & coming rapper who has been featured on the Suicide Squad, Fate of the Furious, also has a song with Eminem! She greeted everyone with a giant hug. I told her I loved her performance with Eminem the past Sunday night on Iheart Awards. She said "Thank you!".. I then added "Any chance of an Eminem sighting tonight" I mean come on we're in Detroit, anything is possible?!?! But unfortunately she said "No she wished". She was very nice! After meeting Kehlani, we were given our Kehlani signed posters.

All and all I am happy with the experiences. My friend asked me if I regretted paying for it despite it being an quick experience. I told her for someone like Demi, you aren't paying for the experience, you're paying for the photo. The concert was amazing, my friend and I spurge on front row tickets.

Image Bernie Sanders

Image Demi Lovato

Image Kehlani

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Re: Feeling The Bern W/Demi Lovato & Kehlani

Post by Greg2600 » March 15th, 2018, 9:38 am

Very very nice shot with Demi.

PS: the hyperventilating kid sounds like an early :chores:
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Re: Feeling The Bern W/Demi Lovato & Kehlani

Post by crowbar » March 15th, 2018, 9:46 am

Nice stuff

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Re: Feeling The Bern W/Demi Lovato & Kehlani

Post by WOODMO » March 15th, 2018, 1:46 pm

Well done

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