Friday Night Chiller Report

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Friday Night Chiller Report

Post by AJLe » October 24th, 2014, 11:53 pm

Stopped by Chiller after work today, thinking that a Friday is always less crowded than a Saturday. After going through a Friday, I absolutely shudder to think of the chaos Saturday will bring. I got on the pre-show ticketholders line around 5:00, and the line stretched COMPLETELY around the back of the venue. I've never seen they lines go that far back. Although to be fair, once they opened the doors, everybody pretty much got in within a few minutes.

My main wants *should* have been the two SOA guys, but my SOA piece has been on the west coast waiting for Katey Sagal to do her send-in signing (she's been dragging her feet literally since the last Chiller dates), and I already have other cast members on it, so I'm not starting over with a new piece. I didn't want to stand through their lines, knowing that I'd someday have to get them again anyway, so I passed tonight, and hopefully they come around again. So that makes three straight Chillers that Katey Sagal has screwed me over. :angry14:

Anyway, me and my buddy go straight to the Troy Hills room, and I finally meet 16Times outside, which was cool. And much like he predicted, the Troy Hills room was WAY overbooked, and was completely chaotic. Fonzie and Terri Garr had separate lines out the door, and they would periodically not let anybody in the room due to overcrowding. Totally miserable. My buddy finally gets Garr, who's sadly in a wheelchair, and signs very slowly and deliberately. After he finishes, I get Lesley Ann Warren on a Clue 8x10, and get a photo op.

After finally getting out of that hellhole, I knock out my few remaining wants - I get Michael Beihn on a Grindhouse hardcover and a Japanese program book. He was in the Living Room, which oddly enough seemed to be the least crowded spot of the night. But after moving on to the Skylands room behind the LR, things got insane. People were packed like sardines, it was ridiculously hot, and insanely overcrowded, both with guests and fans. I really can't imagine what that room will look like around lunchtime on Saturday. I got Yaphet Kotto on a Freddy's Dead poster, and was planning on getting a Dawn Wells combo, but she was $40 for a graph or a photo, and $75 for the combo, which I thought was way high, so I passed.

All in all, the thing me and my friend came away from the show with was the thought that Chiller has *definitely* outgrew the standard hotel setup. They really need to move to a convention center or something - this wasn't even one of their more "stacked" guest lists as far as mainstream draws go, and it was a madhouse on a Friday, and certainly going to be even worse tomorrow. I'll usually probably go if there are any remote wants since it's so local for me, but between the ridiculous crowds and ever-rising prices, it's becoming less and less of a sure thing.
Me and Lesley Ann Warren
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Me and Michael Beihn
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Leslie Ann Warren 8x10
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Freddy's Dead poster w/Yaphet Kotto
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Grindhouse hardcover signed by Michael Beihn
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Grindhouse Japanese book signed by Michael Beihn
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Re: Friday Night Chiller Report

Post by 16times » October 25th, 2014, 12:24 am

Nice to meet you AJ. This Chiller was like a Marked Out reunion to me. We had everything but a tailgate party......
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Re: Friday Night Chiller Report

Post by WartHog » October 25th, 2014, 12:48 am

I was in line for Ace Frehley once the doors opened and by 5:20 I heard the Chiller staff yelling at everybody in line for Happy Days/Terri Garr/Baywatch across the hall. You put a few big names in a small room and then flip out when the room gets crowded? By they time I got in line for Winkler at 7:30 (Ace was his usual hour+ late), staff had the room under more control. Winker came out and shook hands and thanked everyone standing in line. Very cool. But I agree - they need a bigger venue or less guests.

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Re: Friday Night Chiller Report

Post by Greg2600 » October 26th, 2014, 12:52 am

Nice. I missed Lesley Ann Warren though, oh well. I think Biehn was still wearing the same shirt today...
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