JOresky's All Star Comic Con 2019 Report & More

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JOresky's All Star Comic Con 2019 Report & More

Post by Joresky » June 11th, 2019, 11:42 am

This past Saturday I attended the All Star Comic Con in Tyson's Corner, VA with my good friend Troy. The Thursday night before I attended the Doug Benson comedy show at Magoobys Joke House in Timonium, MD. Doug is a stoner type comedian who is known for being in the movie "Super High Me" and popular podcasts like "Doug Loves Movies." He and his opening act Dale Cheesman were pretty funny. After the show they did a free meet and greet in the lobby.. they were selling posters for $20 to get signed but I passed on that and just got a photo with them.

On Saturday I met up with Troy down at the All Star Comic Con. There were only a few names I needed at this con but its a really fun and inexpensive con so I usually hit it up anyway. On top of this, the band Smash Mouth was playing close to the con so I decided it would definitely be worth my time hitting up both events. The first celebrity me and Troy got was Billy Mitchell (The King of Kong, known for having the highest scores for Donkey Kong ever) and he was free for photos and autographs. We brought our own eight by ten photos to get signed and he gladly signed it and took photos with us. Later on that night I heard Billy was in the free arcade down the hall playing a perfect game of Pac Man. After this I got a free combo from saxophonist/singer Tim Cappello (sang "I Still Believe" in the movie The Lost Boys). I had gotten him at a horror con in the past but I figured why not get him again since he was free at this con. After this I got a photo with actor Luke Tennie (TVs Deadly Class). Luke was really nice and I chatted with him for a few minutes. After this actor C. Thomas Howell returned to his table.. I already had him so I didn't get him again (his prices were kinda high) but I took Troy's photo for him. After this we got photos with actress Jessica Parker Kennedy (Nora West-Allen in TVs The Flash, Black Sails). I already had a lean over shot with her from New York Comic Con that I got for free but I figured she was worth upgrading since she looked really good.

After this I went for some comic book writers and artists that were signing comic books for free. I got a couple Superman comics signed by writer Gail Simone and got a photo with her. After this I got a couple Batman books signed by writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann and got a photo with both of them as well. After this me and Troy left the con and grabbed some lunch and then headed to the Smash Mouth concert.

When we arrived at the Smash Mouth concert we saw that the band was doing a pre show meet and greet but it was nothing we could have bought and it was basically people picked randomly from VIP seating/vendors at the fair. As the lead singer and guitarist were about to take the stage for the show we tried to call them over from behind a fence but they said "after" so at least we had some hope for after the show. The show was a lot of fun and they performed all of their hits and then some. It seemed very fitting to see the band Smash Mouth the same day as attending the "All Star" Comic Con (their most famous song is All Star). We even went to Smash Burger for lunch to keep with the theme. After the show we waited by the fence to call over the bandmembers for photos and autographs. We concentrated on original members (there were 3 of them including the singer). First we called over guitarist Greg Camp and he was nice as can be. He signed our CDs and even came out from behind the fence for our photos which was really cool of him. After this we saw lead singer Steve Harwell come out of his trailer and we called him over but unfortunately he ignored us and went inside the van. The tour manager came over to us and apologized saying that Steve was "under the weather" and he needed to stay healthy for the other shows. We were pretty bummed about this since Steve was our main want from the band but we tried. After this we saw bassist Paul De Lisle come out and we called him over and he signed and took photos with us no problem. While it wasn't a complete bust, we were bummed not to get to meet Steve but at least we tried our hardest. To quote one his most famous songs "you'll never know if you don't go."

After this we went back to the All Star Comic Con to try to meet Danny Boy O'Connor (House of Pain) who was DJing at the afterparty. Unfortunately by the time we got there Danny had already left so we missed out on getting to meet him but one of the guys who runs the comic con offered to get our items signed the next day and mail them back to us so that was cool. We saw Ming Chen (AMCs Comic Book Men) hanging out so I got an updated photo with him (Troy got a fresh photo) and we then called it a night. The next day I attended an in-store signing and acoustic performance from the band Baroness in Baltimore. I had met the band at a show in Baltimore about 4 or 5 years ago but they had a new female guitarist who I didn't have yet so I figured why not go for them again especially since it was free. I got a poster and free art print signed and a group shot with the band. I also got an individual photo with their new guitarist Gina who was really cool. Overall, even though the weekend wasn't perfect I still had a fun time so I have 0 regrets going to these events.

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Re: JOresky's All Star Comic Con 2019 Report & More

Post by AJLe » June 11th, 2019, 12:13 pm

Billy Mitchell! Great to hear he was signing for free - judging by his "character" in the King of Kong, I would have expected him to be kind of a d-bag, but good to hear he was nice.

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