Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Gloria Estefan and more in Washington DC

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Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Gloria Estefan and more in Washington DC

Post by Joresky » December 4th, 2018, 10:37 am

This past weekend I went to Washington DC to meet some celebrities. My main targets for the weekend were singer/actress Cher, country singer Reba McEntire and Philip Glass. Other celebrities who I knew about ahead of time who were going to be at this event included the cast and creative team of the play Hamilton and jazz artist Wayne Shorter. This event also draws other celebrities who show up but I usually don't find out the names until either right before the event or the day of. Other names at this event included Cyndi Lauper, Kelly Clarkson, St Vincent, Amanda Seyfried, Lady Antebellum, S Epatha Merkerson, Whoopi Goldberg, Little Big Town, Brooks and Dunn, Bernie Williams and more. I arrived at the spot early Saturday to reserve my spot on the rails and the first celebrities I saw were country bands Little Big Town, Brooks and Dunn and Lady Antebellum. None of them stopped unfortunately. This wasn't a huge loss for me because I am definitely not a country music fan. Next we saw country singer/actress Reba McEntire and she actually stopped for everyone and did photos and autographs. This was actually a good score for me because in addition to being a country singer she is an actress in several films including Tremors, The Little Rascals and TVs Reba. She is also one of the latest actors to play Colonel Sanders in the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials. Next I scored a photo with choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler who is known for working on the very popular play Hamilton. I saw the other talent associated with Hamilton including Lin Manuel Miranda enter but nobody else stopped. At least I already had a photo with Lin from the past but unfortunately he was wearing shades so I could definitely use an upgrade.

Next I got updated photos and autographs from singer Gloria Estefan and her husband/producer Emilio Estefan. I had gotten photos with them in the past but never have gotten their autographs so that part was fresh at least. Next we saw singer Cyndi Lauper arrive but she refused all photo ops and they brought items inside to get signed but unfortunately I had nothing but a blank which was not signed. I had gotten her signature after a concert in the past but still needed the photo which is usually pretty tough to get. Next I got an updated photo with jazz musician Herbie Hancock. After this I got a photo with musical director Alex Lacamoire from the play Hamilton. I still have never seen this play but I hear very good things so maybe one day I will check it out. Next I scored a fresh photo with actress Melissa Peterman (TVs Reba). After this I got photos with baseball player Bernie Williams and singer Angelique Kidjo. These were all pokemon names for me but I figured I would get them anyway since they were free and in front of me. After this I got a really horrible photo with actress Kristen Chenoweth (who is usually very tough for photos I think) and actress S Epatha Merkerson (update). After this I got a photo with violinist Jennifer Koh and Jon Batiste (band leader for Late Night with Stephen Colbert). These were both fresh but pokemon names for me. Lastly I got a photo with Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum but the lead singer Hilary Scott didn't stop and I got a photo with Charles Kelley but it didn't come out (cut off half his face). At this point I went home and rested up for the next day.

The next day started off really slow and didn't score a single photo until many hours after arriving. The first photo I got was Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn. I got a photo and he signed a CD i found at the thirft store for a dollar. Next I got a photo with Anthony Ramos (Hamilton), Renee Elise Goldsberry (Hamilton) and Christopher Jackson (Hamilton, update). Next I scored a fresh photo with singer Kelly Clarkson but unfortunately she was wearing shades. I also got her to sign two CDs I found at the thrift store for cheap. Next I got an updated photo with actress Amanda Seyfried and two autographs (eight by ten and a Mamma Mia DVD). Next I scored another photo with Melissa Peterman (no hat this time) and Charles Kelley of the band Lady Antebellum (I got a friend to take it this time because he is tall and I didn't wanna cut off his face again). Next I got an updated photo with Whoopi Goldberg and she signed a photo for me. After this I went to our last spot for the day and after I did I heard I missed out on a photo with Hilary Scott from Lady Antebellum who actually stopped.

The final spot I scored a couple names but nothing too impressive unfortunately. I got another photo with Andy Blankenbuehler and a fresh photo with Thomas Kail, director of Hamilton. I then got an updated photo with Michele Lee and another actress who I can't identify (I saw guys next to me get a photo with her so I did the same and they didn't even know who she was but just said she is a British actress). Next I saw Cher arrive and unfortunately she didn't do photos or autographs for anyone. I saw others arrive including Cyndi Lauper, Brooks and Dunn, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Amanda Seyfried, Lin Manuel Miranda, Wayne Shorter, Philip Glass and others arrive but none of them stopped. Lastly I got an upgraded photo with Kristin Chenoweth and a fresh photo with singer Robert Glasper. At this point we left since usually exits for this event are really bad. This turned out to be a mistake this time since people got photos with Cyndi Lauper, Adam Lambert and no shades photos with Kelly Clarkson. I also heard Ronnie Dunn from Brooks and Dunn stopped who I also didn't have yet. While this sucks me and my friend thought we were making a good decision based on past experiences so we only know this in hindsight. At least Cher snuck out as I expected so I didn't miss out on that one at least. Overall this weekend wasn't a complete bust but considering the time and effort I put into it I was hoping to do better. Oh well, guess better luck next time.

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Re: Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Gloria Estefan and more in Washington DC

Post by Greg2600 » December 4th, 2018, 8:32 pm

Reba was very nice when I met her too. You're keeping track of who dresses up as the Colonel in commercials? Two days though for that dreck, ehhhhh, I'd head straight for the bottle.
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Re: Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Gloria Estefan and more in Washington DC

Post by lanza218 » December 5th, 2018, 4:33 pm

If this was a few hours or even a day good haul. 2 days in the cold is alot though

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