Wrestlemania 12 fan cam at hotel

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Wrestlemania 12 fan cam at hotel

Post by Jason1980s » January 11th, 2021, 4:31 pm

This video has some interesting footage at Wrestlemania hotel, mixed with some of the softball game, and then some hotel footage again.
Some interesting takeaways:
There are a few guys not even booked for Wrestlemania but there for the weekend. Guys like Duke Droese, Bradshaw, Bob Holly all sign. There's also a panel signing with HHH, Ahmed, Savio, Bushwhackers, Hillybilly Jim and Godwinns. Vince says he would sign under normal circumstances but he's with his family then breaks down and signs. Stu Hart, Mr. Fuji and Jose Lothario the older guys here all sign. George Steele gets off an escalator and looks pissed seeing the fans. He disliked signing for free from what I know. Paul Bearer signs, Jim Ross signs a bunch with a bunch of fans asking him questions he either can't answer or doesn't know.
Mr. Perfect does two photo ops on camera then tells the video camera kid to get it out of his face. Bulldog signs at one point but walks past the fans and then another time seems to pop out of a room then moves to a different direction I guess to try to avoid going the way of the fans. I always thought he was a pretty good signer so not sure.
Diesel does nothing, Undertaker does nothing though not sure there was much of a crowd to ask. Shawn walks with a bunch of guards who blow off the fans. Skip signs but seems pretty reluctant about it. Backlund walks past and does nothing, doesn't even give a gimmick turn down which would have been funny. 123 Kid looks like he's not going to sign but the camera goes to the next scene before we see. Marty Jannetty of course signs, always fan friendly. Austin signs a bunch, one year before he would hit huge wrestlemania fame.
Here is a link

There's also a WM 13 but it's much shorter, maybe because no softball game.

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Re: Wrestlemania 12 fan cam at hotel

Post by Greg2600 » January 11th, 2021, 6:07 pm

Think i've seen these before, but great to have them out there.
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