Interesting Aretha Franklin Experience

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Interesting Aretha Franklin Experience

Post by mrira » August 17th, 2018, 9:13 am

My cousin Evan, who worked many years in musical theater, posted this on his Facebook & I thought I’d share it
My Aretha Memories......

So in 1996, I got to be an Assoc producer, on a corporate FORD Motors show, starring Aretha Franklin at Radio City Music Hall.. I could tell you how Aretha made Radio City turn of all the ac, for her afternoon sound check (August..90 degrees out)...or I could tell you how Aretha asked me on show day for extra tkts, and when I actually handed them to her..she said "Thanks Evan, but I asked for more"......or how Aretha looked at the pyro set up (which her people knew about in advance), and said " I'm not ending up like Michael Jackson"...referring to his Pepsi pyro accident (PS..she hired our pyro company for her next tour)..or I could even tell you that at places, as our wonderful comedian opener, Eddie brill, was finishing up his crafted and times 8 1/2 min act...Aretha decided that she didnt want to come down to stage, as her costume wasnt fitting properly, and she also wanted the lead producers to bring her remaining pay,.. in her dressing room. But my real memory is that during her sound check, she looked at me and said..."Evan, sit over there" as she pointed to a chair in the 5th or so row at Radio City. And I went and sat..and Aretha proceeded to sing the entire COLORS OF THE WIND ( Menken/Schwartz)...just to ME. Am not sure how many of you have been serenaded by Aretha.....but it's a memory I will never forget.

I did work with her one more time...another private event, maybe 98 or so...and honest...she earned her diva status...but onstage....there was NO ONE like her. Am gonna try and find some pics later, RIP Aretha.

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Re: Interesting Aretha Franklin Experience

Post by Jason1980s » August 17th, 2018, 10:01 am

Wow, that is cool! I'm seeing some good reports about her doing autographs (but not posed photos) on facebook memorials. What especially stands out in your post is her using your cousins name when speaking to him. She seems old school with class but as for her diva behavior, maybe it's just people of that age group that have their little quirks and that's just the way they are.

Honestly, my only real experience with her music is WrestleMania III and the rumor that keeps going around that Gorilla Monsoon may have thought negatively about her. From what I've read recently, especially your post, I wonder how much of this (if true at all) just comes down to her not understand "this business" with the backstage decorum where you have to shake everyone's hand from the guy who sets up the ring to the main eventer. I imagine a celebrity opening the pay per view would come in just for the beginning, get set up to do their song and leave shortly after. Vince is in the "entertainment" business so his wrestlers should understand the type of celebrity he's bringing in. But I guess if the celebrity guest doesn't make a fool of themselves for the sake of wrestling and the storylines, that celebrity guest is disrespectful.
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Re: Interesting Aretha Franklin Experience

Post by Greg2600 » August 17th, 2018, 10:28 am

Undeniable musical greatness.
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