Mikey's Sixth Chiller Experience Part I (The Best Of The Best!; April, 2011)

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Mikey's Sixth Chiller Experience Part I (The Best Of The Best!; April, 2011)

Post by mikeyicon » November 5th, 2016, 9:59 am

For my sixth recap, I just took an old one from when I wrote a blog, but since it’s way too long, I cut it down into two quick parts!!! Enjoy if you like reading or enjoy the quick recap on the second part for those with the 8 second attention spans.
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What can I say about the Chiller Theatre show? What once started out as a simple horror convention in Secaucus, NJ has evolved into the mecca of pop culture-related shows. What's even better is that the show takes place at the Parsippany Hilton down on Route 10, only a few minutes down the street from my house. Considering how much of a pop culture geek I am, what more could I ask for when the Chiller show comes to town each October and April? This kick-ass show brings out the creme de la creme of guests: Oscar Winning screen legends, professional wrestlers, rock & rollers from some of my favorite bands, horror movie icons, and former p*rn stars. But of course the main attractions for me are the actors and actresses from the movies of my childhood, those movies that are in my Top 25 of which I can pretty much recite from word for word. Going to Chiller is kind of like a family reunion, seeing those key people that are part of my history that I haven't seen in a long time, or have heard so much about but am finally getting to meet them face to face. I could see an actor like Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson (both of whom I'm not much of a fan of) walk down the street in NYC, think it's kind of cool, and then just go on my merry way. But at a Chiller Show, I'll meet a cast member from an 80's classic like Revenge Of The Nerds and get really excited. The plan was just to hit the Chiller Show on Friday night. I decided that I’d hit the show again on Saturday or Sunday to help my new buddy out with his posters and DVD covers. So the first day was all about taking care of me and my needs!

Day One
"Nerds! Nerds! Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!"
I have a bunch of movie lists with the most important one being the list of the Top 100 Movies I Enjoy. Number Five on that list is the 1984 classic, Revenge Of The Nerds. I will take the Nerds four pack (Nerds, Nerds In Paradise, The Next Generation, & Nerds In Love) over the Harry Potter series any day of the week.. This time around, I could get my Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise poster 80% complete by meeting Larry B. Scott (Lamar) and Andrew Cassese (Wormser).

Poor Larry B. Scott! He portrayed the most feminine pansy in the history of movies, and most people expect him to be just like Lamar in real life with the limp wrist. Guess what, everyone? Larry is definitely 100% straight. This guy was just so happy and down to earth that I was shocked. We spoke in depth about his career and course the Nerds movies. He told me that doing those cheesy dance scenes in Nerds IV in order to attract the in-the-closet but obviously gay butler was a real blast for him. The reason for having very little screen time in The Karate Kid was because he was filming Revenge Of The Nerds at the same time and was traveling back and forth from Arizona to California. He enjoyed filming Space Camp was proud that the cast from Space Camp all moved on to bigger and better things. Larry kept shouting "Nerds here!! Get your nerds here!" to entice more people to come visit him, and how could anybody resist the chance to meet a Tri-Lamb? He thought about marketing Nerds javelins to bring to the show and sell but it would have cost a fortune to produce and ship. The rumored next generation Nerds movie is actually a done deal. Larry told me it's already in the can, but doesn't know if it will ever see the light of day. It had better never get released or I will protest and boycott just like I have done so for Larry B. Scott's other remade movie, The Karate Kid.
Joyce Hyser.jpg
Joyce Hyser
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Andrew Cassese arrived a little bit late because he got stuck in traffic coming back from New York City after doing some voice over work. I wasn't sure what he was going to look like since the last photo I saw of him was in an issue of Maxim for a Revenge Of The Nerds reunion feature and he looked awful. This time around, he looked more like an older version of how he looked in Revenge Of The Nerds II. Per our chat with Andrew, he told us they he too had caught wind of the remake of the Revenge Of The Nerds script and was shocked that it wasn't a train wreck. When asked why he didn't appear in the courtroom scene at the end of Revenge Of The Nerds III, he said that nobody even told him about it but would have done it if asked. Since he aged between the first two Nerds movies to the point of unrecognition, he figured most people just assumed it was him even though it was character actor Sean Whalen instead. Andrew told us he doesn't do much in front of the camera anymore, but does a lot of voice-over work that we probably knew but didn't recognize as being his voice. The reason he looked so different and unshaven in the Maxim Nerds feature was because he was doing a play at the time and wasn't allowed to shave.

"It's alright, it's okay. He's got tits!"
Of all the guests announced for this Chiller show, the person I most wanted to meet was Joyce Hyser, best known as Terri Griffith from Just One Of The Guys, another of those classic 80's movies which ranks on the top 25 of my all-time favorite films. At the Chiller show in October 2009, I had the opportunity to meet and actually interview Clayton Rohner. He provided some interesting facts about the making of so I was thinking of interviewing Joyce Hyser for even more information, but decided I'd be more than happy to just get a photo of her and even go for an autograph on a poster I picked up on Amazon. Wow, even though it's been twenty five years since Just One Of The Guys, Joyce Hyser still looked damn hot. I really wanted to give her crap about her infamous "nude scene", but figured it would be best to keep that smile of hers from turning into a frown. Joyce was impressed with my knowledge of the inside information of Just One Of The Guys. We discussed the band that played at the school dance, and she was blown away that my brother and I had the soundtrack and knew that "Hard Way" was performed by Brock/Davis who were members of Rod Stewart's backing band in the 80's. I struggled to come up with a catch phrase from the movie for her to write on the poster, so I went with the simple quote, Maybe my balls don't itch! She then jokingly asked me if my balls were itching at the moment. When I did my best Buddy Griffith impersonation, and said "All balls itch, that's a fact!", she lost her marbles and began laughing. I'm not sure if she was pulling my chain, but when I asked her about a possible sequel, she indicated there was a script called "Just One Of The Dads" and all of the main characters would return from the first movie. Just One Of The Guys is a beloved movie by many, but I'm not sure a movie studio is going to invest much time and resources for a long overdue sequel to this movie. I got my photo with Joyce even if the person handling her told me it was an extra $10 but was going to charity. I didn't really think that was fair, but I needed the photo to go along with the autograph, so I obliged.
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"Be Excellent To Each Other... And Party On Dudes!"
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is my favorite movie of all time, and it has remained so since 1989 when I saw it in a Florida movie theater and it blew my mind. I seem to quote from it every day, and at one time when my memory was top-notch, I could recite most of the movie line by line. Keanu Reeves who played Ted ”Theodore” Logan went on to a much successful career appearing in blockbusters such as The Matrix trilogy, Speed, and The Devil’s Advocate. So meeting him is probably not going to happen unless he happens to be sitting next to me in an airport. But the dude who played Bill S. Preston Esquire, Alex Winter, has also had some success but nothing to the degree of Keanu. So it was only a matter of time until he was going to start doing these Chiller shows. When I get to meet and take a photo with an actor who portrayed such an iconic character in an iconic movie, the lottery has been won. He was pretty much just running the motions, but still was a nice guy who answered my questions. Of course the big question I had for Alex was if Bill & Ted 3 is really going to happen. He said the script is close to done, and it’s going to be awesome. He has no plans of directing the third installment. I told him I spoke to William Sadler who played Death in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey at the last Chiller show. Sadler told us it was the most fun he ever had making a movie and he hopes to hear from Alex about the third movie. Alex indicated that Sadler was indeed a lot of fun to work with, and most of his lines in B&T Bogus were improvised. He seemed honored when I told him that it’s my favorite movie of all time! Alex Winter, time spent with you was non non non non heinous!
Alex Winter.jpg
Alex Winter
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"Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution!"
Eddie Trunk is living the dream. The host of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show and infamous metal DJ, Eddie Trunk has the career I can only dream about. I guess the closest I can get is to live my dream is through him as he interviews the classic hard rock legends and discusses the history of music for a living. We also have a lot in common as we are both from Jersey, are rapid KISS fans spewing venom against the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame for continually dissing them, and have a wide knowledge of music. I just picked up Eddie Trunk’s new book on Amazon, and figured I’d get him to sign it and get a photo with him at no cost since he indicated on his website he would do it for free for anybody who missed his previous book signings. I was lucky to have met him once before at the first Chiller show I ever attended, although I do remember him when he worked at the Alwilk music store in Livingston Mall. Just like the last time, he was really down to earth and spoke passionately about his thoughts on random hard rock topics I hit him with. We tried to "Stump the Trunk by asking him what he knew about the band, Wyld Stallions, whose logo was my brother’s T-Shirt. He got nervous for a second as it was a band he wasn’t familiar with, but laughed when we mentioned it was the name of Bill & Ted’s band from the classic movie. Eddie told us about the guests he is trying to get for the next season of That Metal Show. He thinks there is a good chance James Hetfield will be on. Still a no go on Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, or the KISS hired guns (Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer). There is no chance a guy like Vito Bratta from White Lion will appear as he just is done with the scene. Jake E. Lee is too much of a loose cannon to appear. Eddie would love to have Angus and Malcolm Young from AC/DC on, but guys such as them who don’t live in the United States are tough to book. I asked him why he is so down on Judas Priest’s classic 80’s album, Turbo, since it was full of cool melodies. He liked a few songs on the album, but is firm with his opinion that the album was garbage. Oh well, I still love it!
Eddie Trunk.jpg
Eddie Trunk
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"One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You!"
Do you remember the cute blonde who broke John Cusack’s heart in Better Off Dead or Freddy Krueger’s first victim in A Nightmare On Elm Street? That actress is Amanda Wyss, who I wanted to meet but wasn’t sure if I wanted to shell out money for a photo with her or an autograph. I did have to meet her and say hi, and boy was she a sweetheart! Amanda Wyss definitely gets the award for Nicest Chiller Guest for this show. Not to take away from the other guests who were nice, but Amanda was definitely in a whole other league. Did I mention she still is very cute even though she looks nothing like she did back in those 80’s classics? She asked the obvious question when she noticed my twin brother standing next to me, “Are you guys related?” I had to answer with a snappy retort, so I told her he’s my new buddy who I just met for the first time at Chiller? That got her laughing hysterically, to which I asked her that now that I made her laugh, could I get a photo with her at no cost as I really don’t need her autograph, and paying to take a photo with my own camera is ridiculous. She agreed that it was a dumb rule, but she was paranoid and didn’t want to break the rules in fear somebody was watching her. She told me to come back later to chat some more and she would take the photo with me. I didn’t want to stick around until the end of the show, so I figured I had some extra cash and she was so nice so I’d throw $20 down. If I was to do that, then I would need her to autograph my Elm Street documentary poster I had picked up at the show. When I came back, she told me that she loved my Breaking Bad Shirt. I asked her if she even knew what the shirt meant since the photo of Jesse Pinkman kind of looked like a portrait of me. She said she knew casting directors on that show, had a place in New Mexico, and had done a movie with Bryan Cranston a few years ago. Although she has only seen bits and pieces of the show, she would die for a part on the show. We talked for a good ten minutes about Breaking Bad, and my passion for the show which I believe to be the greatest of all time. I don’t know if she was flirting with me, but my fantasy of hooking up with an 80’s movie star was starting to play out in my mind. We got a great photo, and she asked if I would be back tomorrow so we can talk some more. I told her she wouldn’t remember me even if I did return, to which she replied that I was unforgettable and of course she would remember Mikey The Breaking Bad Guy. She even went so far as to mention she would even remember me even if I saw her at a future show. I kept razzing her and making her feel guilty that she wouldn’t. She must be a great actress, because she finally convinced she would remember me, so we’ll see what happens in the future.
Amanda Wyss.jpg
Amanda Wyss
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"You Got The Body, And I Got The Brains!"
A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 is the most unintentionally (or maybe it was intentional) gayest movie of all time. Could you believe that Freddy Krueger represented a teenager’s sexual repression? Mark Patton played Jesse, the main character in the film who was struggling with his feelings on whether he loved penis or vagina. Ironically, Mark Patton was portraying a gay character in 1985 even though he himself was still in the closet and wouldn’t come out until later on. I was really happy when I saw Mark Patton would be appearing at the Chiller Show as I had to at least thank him for appearing in one of the campiest and silliest horror movies of all time. When I first approached him, he appeared to look angry. I spoke to him a little about the movie and of course mentioned how gay the movie was. He told me that he’s proud to have a photo still of himself, Marshall Bell, and New Line Cinema big wig Bob Shaye in leather outfits that must be worth a small fortune. After I met Amanda Wyss, I figured I should probably go back and get a photo and signature of Mark Patton. This time around, he seemed more laid back. After I got him to sign the photo, “He’s Inside Me!” and got the photo with him, he told me I now get a prize. Hmm, what could the prize be! He told me to pick a hand, and my prize was a unique bright T-Shirt with the phrase, “Jesse Is A Homo!” I would have bought the shirt anyway had I known he had them on his table, so I didn’t feel so guilty shelling money out for a photo. This isn’t a shirt I was going to find in Hot Topic or Spensers. He also wanted a photo of us holding up the shirt for his Facebook page, and I was more than happy to oblige. Mark Patton turned out to be a real cool guy. He had quit the movie business and now has an art store in Mexico. After many years of staying out of the spotlight, he’s now happy to talk about his Elm Street experience. He also mentioned a documentary is in the works about his performance as Jesse and how it impacted other gay teenagers to come out of the closet. I definitely have to check it out when it’s released. I'm also happy to say he's now my buddy on Facebook. It's an honor to be friends with the first horror male scream queen!
Jesse Elm.jpg
Mark Patton
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Day One Highlights (Part One):

The biggest surprise of the show was seeing Richard Romanus pretty much sitting by his lonesome doing a USA Today crossword puzzle with not many people crowding his table. If I had extra cash and a Fast Times poster to get signed, I would have paid. Seriously, this is the guy who played Mike Damone, the best character in that movie besides Spicoli. Yes, he has aged quite a bit since 1982, but this guy had a pretty decent career. I did have a quick chat with him and asked him about the infamous penis scene of his that got cut out of the movie. He laughed and told me he was glad it got cut or else his mother would have died of a heart attack.

Unfortunately, only the head of the Human Centipede (Akihiro Kitamura) was in attendance at the Chiller show. He was a really cool guy and was able to poke fun at himself for being part of a really strange concept. I only wish Ashley Williams who played the middle piece of the Centipede was there Friday night. I really needed to know if she plans on getting more roles having now been typecast as the middle piece of a human centipede that ate poop from a stranger’s butt and had her poop eaten by another woman. She must have some fortitude to have gone along with that role.

Whoa! Sean Kanen, the dude that the ladies know from soap operas, and who I know as Mike Barnes from The Karate Kid Part III is in the house. He was a cool guy, although a little ditzy and acted more like a salesman than a dude simply there to meet his fans. He was hawking all kinds of posters and even was going to sell a signed original script of The Karate Kid Part III. I only wanted a photo with him, only a little on the fence about getting an autograph. He would only do it if I bought something. $5, maybe. $25, no thanks.

Wonka Kids and more Day One Fun, Plus Day Two and Recap Coming Soon.....

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