Rachel McAdams & Seth Rogen and other stories.

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Rachel McAdams & Seth Rogen and other stories.

Post by bigman » September 16th, 2009, 4:55 am

These are successes from last year. I use to do this alot 10 years ago but just kinda started to feel embarrassed. I now only send out letters of and on.

I wrote to Rachel in July 07 to her Magnolia agency.. Didn't get it back till February 08. I believe it to be authentic as it matches all her signatures and I sent my letter to California and my mail came back from a movie set in Canada. The name of the film escapes me at the moment. She wrote a very nice inscription. Very cool, I was happy to write her.

Seth Rogen was next. I wrote to the production offices of Observe & Report and three weeks later got my package back. With the inscription. Cock, Balls, Penis, Pussy, Seth Rogen. It matches all the signatures I've seen from people who have met him in person. So I assume it's real, who knows. Still awesome and was very appreciative to get it back.

Some of my favorite and authentic signatures from 10 years ago. I wrote to Will Ferrell in 1998 at the SNL address and at the time I was only sending index cards and about 7 months later I got a huge package with a 8x10 photo from Will and a very nice inscription. I was only 12 at the time, so my hand writing was very much bad and my overall tone was very kid like. So, that probably helped in getting it. I'll never forget it.

I wrote Dom Deluise in 1997. He was my first fanmail I'd had ever sent. 5 months later. I got my index card signed and he drew cartoon characters all over it and personalized it. and I got 2 photos back from him that he sent and the back had a long note.. saying how I made his day and it really cheered him up that somebody wanted his autograph. God bless that man. He made the hobby worth all the hassle and wait.

Leah Remini via email 1999. And couple reality show stars and alot of wrestlers autograph ttm that are authentic. But as far as huge stars I believe those 5 to be the only authentic ones. I've ever gotten in the 10 years I've been doing this. Alot of em sent me PP or just never return my mail, Or the autographs are forges. I still cherish everything sent back to me fake or not or a pp. Cause atleast whoever got my mail, cared enough to send me something. I may start the hobby back up soon. I dunno, I just feel as a 24 year old man it's just embarrassing now. But, It gives me something to do I guess. Sorry for the rant and various spelling mistakes and grammar issues. Just wanted to share some stories.

The worst TTM encounter I've had was with Lita. Who keep my 8x10 photo and my wrestlemania 17 ticket. And asked for $12 to sign the stuff. Sigh, whatever.

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Re: Rachel McAdams & Seth Rogen and other stories.

Post by WOODMO » September 16th, 2009, 9:30 am

Cool scores. I only did TTM a few times and it was for sports names, I will have to dig up my stuff and make a report.

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Re: Rachel McAdams & Seth Rogen and other stories.

Post by Chris » September 16th, 2009, 11:45 am

Thanks for posting. I've sent out about 75 letters in the past month to try and breathe some lif einto this section of the site. I've done suprisingly well considering I have 5 successes thus far and that's extreemely fast.

Dusty Rhodes signed my photo opp but kept a really nice photo OldSchool gave me. Stan Musial sent a nice career stat card signed, and Ace Of Cakes, Nancy Grace, Wee Man, Kaitlin Olson of Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Over the years I have probably had over 500 successes from all fields. Ringo Starr, Pacino authentic from his home address, Keifer Sutherland from his home addy, Slash from Guns and Roses, Derek Jeter, Yogi Berra, and DeNiro are some of my faves.

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