From all of us, thank you for a great 2017

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From all of us, thank you for a great 2017

Post by WOODMO » December 31st, 2017, 11:42 am

2017 was an interesting year. First of all on a somber note, we lost Martin and Fluffy III and both of their losses will continue to be felt.

On a hobby level, this was our 10th year operating, and while our member pool is vastly different than it was on the first day, the spirit of Marked Out remains the same. I really never thought we would see 10 years when I first created the forum on a whim, but here we are. I would like to thank my fellow Admins, and especially Jeremiah and Greg who do an amazing job as Moderators and help us keep this place going.

The awards this year show what an amazing year was had by so many different people. The selection process was time consuming and came with many tough decisions. To the people who contributed, thank you. To the nominees, don't sweat the details too much. Winning and losing really means very little, this should be about celebrating our respective and collective year.

2018 is going to even better, and we will keep building!

- The Team