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The majority of TV I watch is on HBO and Showtime, so for me, it's great to be able to catch the cast members in NYC. This time, I added two more True Blood actors to my collection, one, Lizzy Caplan, who is also the star of Masters of Sex, another excellent show. I also was fortunate enough to meet Michael Sheen and  Annaleigh Ashford who also currently star on Masters of Sex.Two stars from Homeland and the cast of an upcoming movie starring Seth Rogan are also included here. A bonus was running into Sarah Silverman, the night after her Emmy win! I was hoping that I would be able to take a pic with her, holding the award....but no such luck. Rounding off this update, is Academy Award winner for The Pianist...Adrien Brody, who just like everyone else, was cool as can be.
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I'm a big time motorsports fan, as I've said many times. Found out last minute that female NASCAR (formerly IndyCar) driver, and star of GoDaddy commercials, Danica Patrick, was appearing in NYC this evening. She's personally sponsored by Tissot watches, and they opened a new store. Danica was in the small store doing a public meet and greet. 

Now I've seen Danica in the pits before, but she's always too bombarded with fans to get near. I also attended a short signing at Macy's Herald Square years ago, but she wasn't allowed to take photos by Macy's. So this was really cool that she was free to take photos. Got a table op and a selfie. Wanted to get one with her standing, because she was wearing a killer red blouse, but she went and sat down. She's very good with fans, very appreciative.
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This past Saturday I went to New York City to meet some celebrities. The main reason for taking this particular trip was because I purchased a meet and greet with the classic rock band Asia. The meet and greet ticket was $100 and I had to purchase a ticket to the concert as well for $50. After I ordered my meet and greet I received an e-mail stating that there is a possibility that not all of the members of the band would be present at the meet and greet.  I was praying this wasn’t the case. A friend of mine from Philadelphia told me had done the meet and greet before and that all members of the band were present so I had some hope. The only negative thing about meeting the band is the original guitarist Steve Howe was no longer in the lineup and they had a new younger guy who replaced him, Sam Coulson. Another good thing about taking this trip was I had extremely cheap bus tickets that I ordered months ago on Megabus.. so the roundtrip from Baltimore to New York City and back only cost me $2 which is a bargain.  

As soon as I got to New York I got a tip from a very good friend of mine telling me that actress Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland) had a couple events in the city so I decided to make that a priority. I went to Best Buy to try to find one of her movies to get signed… they didn’t have Alice in Wonderland but I picked up one of her newer movies The Double on blu ray.  I haven’t seen this movie yet but it also stars Jesse Eisenberg who I am a big fan of so I decided to risk it. After this I went to meet up with a friend of mine at a local Starbucks. When I was walking through times square I noticed a familiar face, comedian Robert Smigel aka Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Turns out he was shooting a clip with Triumph the puppet for the Conan show. I marked out seeing him because I am a huge Triumph fan. I had met him a couple years before this but seeing him with the actual Triumph puppet on him was epic. When he had a break in filming I approached him and got a photo op with him and Triumph.  He was very pleasant as always and asked me where I was from. I told him I’m also coming to see him at New York Comic Con and he seemed pleased to hear that. Hopefully he does pictures with the puppet at New York Comic Con so all of my friends can get photo ops as well. I still don’t have his autograph yet so I definitely plan on seeing him again at New York Comic Con. After I met Robert I met up with my friend and charged my cell phone.

Next I went to my Asia meet and greet. I got to BB Kings on 42nd Street around 4:15 or so and the doorman directed me to go downstairs to check in. When I checked in I was given a signed poster and was told to sit down at one of tables so I could watch Asia’s sound check. I had never watched a full sound check but for the most part it was kind of boring. They tested out the drums and guitars separately and then the vocals last. At the end of the soundcheck the whole band played together on stage for a song or two. As soon as the soundcheck was finished they lined us all up (about 15-20 of us) and each person got a photo with the entire band.  I was very relieved to see that all four band members were part of the meet and greet. I wish the photographer stood a little bit closer when taking my picture because it would have come out even better but its still not a bad pic… I cropped it as best as I could. After this we lined up once again and were told that the band could sign up to two items per person. I got the first Asia record signed (the one that has their hit song “Heat of the Moment”) on it and their new CD/DVD signed as well. After this I left the club to meet some friends about 20 blocks away to try for actress Mia Wasikowska. We spotted Mia walking out and I quickly approached her for a photo op whch she did no problem.  I asked her to sign the DVD I bought early and she did that as well.. even personalizing it for me. She seemed a little concerned that I had a black marker for a dark colored item and I apologized.. I asked her to sign on the title since it was white and I could at least see the autograph on there somewhat. I should always carry silver/gold sharpies with me when on NYC trips.. don’t know what I was thinking. Mia was very cool and down to earth and took her time with each fan that approached her.. there weren’t many of us there anyway. As soon as we were done meeting Mia I quickly headed back to BB Kings to watch the Asia concert. I missed the first 30 minutes of the show but I felt it was well worth because I got to meet Mia. Also bands usually save their best songs for last anyway. I ended up catching the rest of Asia’s set which was over an hour. They played my favorite Asia song “Heat of the Moment” last. This song was featured in the movie The “40 Year Old Virgin.”

As soon as the concert was finished I grabbed some food quickly and then went to another spot to try to meet actor Rupert Grint (Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter films). When I got to the spot there were already about 6-7 fans waiting. As soon as security set up the rail I quickly nabbed a front spot. After this we waited for a while and a decent sized crowd gathered there. There were a lot of big celebrities at this spot including Rupert Grint, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Megan Mullally, F. Murray Abraham and newcomer Micah Stock. Rupert was the first to come out and he signed my Harry Poster right away and was moving so quickly that I wasn’t able to get my photo at first. He started signing and taking pictures with other fans and fans on the other side but I called to him to come back to take a photo and he did.  I was worried that I wouldn’t get the photo for a couple minutes. After this actor Micah Stock came out and I got a photo with him. Next actor Matthew Broderick came out and I didn’t get anything from him because I had nothing to get signed and already have multiple photo ops from him. Next actress Megan Mullally came out and I got a photo op from her. The only actors who didn’t come out were Nathan Lane (who I still need a photo op with) and F. Murray Abraham (who I have already). 

After this me and my friend left to go to another spot and I randomly ran into actor Ben Vereen who was on one of my favorite shows as a child.. Zoobilee Zoo. I had met him in the past but I had a better camera on me now so I got an upgraded photo op with him. He was very nice as always. Next we walked about 19 blocks downtown so I could meet comedian Tom Papa. As soon as we arrived at the spot for Tom Papa the crowd was leaving so we walked right in and he was taking pictures and signing at the merch booth. I got a photo op with him and we quickly went to the next spot.  Our next celebrity was model/dancer Dita Von Teese (former wife of rockstar Marilyn Manson). When we arrived at the venue the event had already let out so we were unsure if Dita had left yet or not. We saw a couple security guards standing near the side of the venue and one standing out front so all signs were pointing to DIta still being at the venue. After a little while I saw a big muscular guy peek out of the front of the venue and this was a really good sign that the witching hour was upon us. About five minutes later I spot Dita walking out the front door accompanied by two big security guys. Me and my friend quickly approach Dita and ask her for photos and the security guys try to hold us back. Dita says its ok and lets us take pictures with her.  We thank her and walk away victoriously. After this we grab some celebratory slices of pizza and I head for another spot where I was hoping to see some random celebrities but sadly I don’t see any. I catch the late bus back to Baltimore where I was able to sleep no problem because I was full exhausted after such a long day of meeting celebs. All in all, I had a great trip.. got all of my targets and then some. Wish it would always run this smoothly. 
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This past Sunday afternoon I attended the Tony Hale book signing/reading at Amuse toy store in Baltimore, MD. Tony Hale is an actor who is on the TV show Veep, he was also in the series Arrested Development and the movie The Heat among others. I got back to Baltimore from New York City early so I grabbed some breakfast before boarding the bus. When I got off the bus I misread the directions on my phone and walked the wrong way for over a mile.  This put me a couple miles out of the way but I still had time to spare and figured this would be a good thing for me because it meant I got exercise so I turned around headed in the right way to get to the toy store. I arrived at the store right on time  and picked up the book I preordered and took a seat for the reading. Tony arrived a couple minutes later and read his book to me and the parents/children that were in attendance. 

They announced that he would be signing books and taking photos when the reading was finished.  They said he would sign extra items as well but there was a three item limit. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack my Arrested Development DVD  so I just got a book signed and a couple photo ops.  He was very cool and took his time speaking to every fan who approached him. There were a couple more reading/signing sessions scheduled throughout the day for fans who wanted to meet him. At this point I left so I could go home and rest before I went to work. I was pretty tired from all of my combo hunting over the weekend but thankfully it was all very worthwhile.
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Could it be? I never really thought I would join in on the negativity towards TNA closing its doors.....but I dont think its ever been more possible. For the past 12 years, I have supported and scoffed in the face of internet smart marks who, year after year, proclaimed that year to be the last for TNA. TNA is facing, for the first time, no place to air its weekly television show AND no venue to run it in. They went big with their NYC tapings, but sadly used old ECW mainstays in order to pop the live crowd. While the television programming seemed to be a bit better, it didnt solve the big issue of no network to carry Impact.

DJ and I decided to venture up the road an hour or so to Bethlehem, PA to see, what could possibly be the last Impact ever. We made great timing to the arena, picked up our comps and went inside. If you have never seen a show at The need to. Its a great little venue, with no bad seats. Looks professional, has a good vibe, plenty of parking and a decent location in the Northeast. We headed inside and just stood in the upper levels. The first match had just started and we werent missing much, from what I could gather. It was interesting to see these matches and who was the champion, considering these were to take place AFTER Bound For Glory. The big match of the night was scheduled to be a 3 Way Full Metal Mayhem match with The Hardys vs. Team 3D vs. The Wolves. That match in itself was worth the trip. FANTASTIC! Right before the match came on, Reby Sky came out to shoot some video/photos. I walked up behind her and scared the crap out of her. We joked about it later, but I could tell her heart was beating a mile a minute. I like to believe it was the machismo I was oozing. DJ thinks it might be something else I was oozing.  This emoticon looks like there is a dick bopping the cop in the face.

As the night went on, the show got worse and worse...sadly. It got so bad that DJ and I escaped from the venue and headed for the casino. I sat at the poker table, while DJ stood and watch. Thats how bad the show got....DJ was more interested in watching me play poker than watch the show. In fairness, he eventually returned to the show to catch the last hour, while I stayed to play. There was a mention of an autograph signing after the event, so I waited for DJ's text to head back. When it came, I grabbed my bag and headed back. 

We got into line and found that it was Knux and Crazy Steve...thats it. I left the table, down half my stack for this?!?!?  I was already here, so I might as well make the best of it. I needed both in the TNA program anyway. While we waited, Sharkboy came to the ring with some new Indian wrestler they just signed. They didnt work a match, but just videoed certain spots. Also while we were in line, Tommy Dreamer walked by. I stopped him for a quick photo. In my typical Tommy Dreamer meet, he obliged but said nothing. Also, EC3 walked by. So I quickly grabbed an autograph from him. Finally, we made it to Knux and Crazy Steve. Knux was very cool. He asked me how I enjoyed the show, which I promptly put the 3 way match over. I got a picture and 2 autographs and I was done.

Once we were done, we headed back to the casino to see if I could rescue my money. Up, down, up, down....the river constantly punching me in the mouth. Only thing notable was I hit a royal flush for only the 2nd time in my life. But I didnt get paid off. Had A/K of clubs, raised preflop and got 3 callers. Flop came out 10 of clubs, jack of clubs and deuce of clubs. Checks to me, where I make a small continuation bet. I get 2 callers. Turn comes, queen of clubs. I make the royal and it puts a 4 card flush out there. If I keep it cheap.....should be able pick that guy up, but lose the guy with top pair or possible 2 pair. Hoping I can gather both guys, I check. The guy after me smells weakness and fires a decent size bet at the pot. First to act folds and I grimace and wince and decide to come along. River pairs the board. PRAYING this man had a set of 10s and now made his boat, I fire off a little more than what he bet on the turn. He thinks for a second and finally gives it up. No payoff.  I show the royal, which only the dealer cared about.

While at the table, we did see Devon, Jesse Godderz, Samoa Joe and Low Ki come in. DJ was too slow to grab Godderz, Joe and Ki were in the bar...but he did get Devon. I didnt need him. When the night was finally over, we did see James Storm in the bar as well. But really didnt want to bother them while they were eating and we just left. Yeah....its like that.

Had to drive home now and it was already 2am. I had to be up at 5:30 to turn around for LOTR the next morning. Was I gonna pull the all nighter or try and get the 1 hour power nap? Stay tuned....
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This past Friday night I went to Washington DC with my friend Nick to meet some cool music celebrities. I had attended the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention earlier in the day and while I was there my friend Nick invited me to DC to meet celebs with him. I was originally planning on going to downtown Baltimore to attend the Madden Brothers in-store (Joel and Benji from Good Charlotte) and the Reel Big Fish concert but I decided it would be a lot more worthwhile to go to Washington DC because I had already met the Madden Brothers in the past and I had seen and met Reel Big Fish quite a few times already. Our targets in DC included Hall and Oates, a bunch of old school rappers including Slick Rick, Doug E Fresh, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Scarface. We were also going to try for the 80s band Erasure if we had time after all of these meets. First we met up with class at the spot to meet Hall and Oates. After about 20-30 minutes of waiting we spotted Daryl Hall walking out. We quickly approached him for autographs and photos and he did them for us before being whisked away by security.  I got a combo and an extra for a friend of mine. Immediately after we got Hall we spotted John Oates and quickly approached him for combos. I got a combo out of him no problem. This was a huge score for me because I’m a huge Hall and Oates fan and I had tried for them in the past with lukewarm results.. only got a photo with Hall couple years ago. 

After this we quickly went to our next spot where we were going to meet some old school rappers. I only had a Slick Rick CD with me to get signed. First we got photo ops with Big Daddy Kane. He was cool as could be.. I didn’t have anything on me to get signed so I got a photo op with him and helped my friend get his items signed.  Next we saw rapper Slick Rick and I got my CD signed twice (on the sleeve and on the CD itself) and got a photo with him. He signed my sleeve with a blue paint pen…wish I had it done in black but he was already using the blue marker.  Rick was extremely nice.. my friend brought a ton of items to get signed and he did every last one of them.  After this we met the rapper Scarface and I got a photo op with him and helped my friend get some of his items signed. Next we met rapper Doug E. Fresh who was extremely nice. I got a photo op with him and my friend got many items signed. I asked my friend if I could buy one of his signed items from him and he sold me one of his signed eight by tens for only $10. Lastly, Rakim came out and I got a photo with him and he signed a ton of stuff for my friend.  It is so nice meeting old school rappers.. they really appreciate their fans and you can tell. A lot of the newer rappers don’t share this attitude unfortunately (i.e. Drake, Jay Z). After this huge success we headed over to the last spot to try to meet Erasure but we found out they left 10-15 minutes before we got there.  Its ok, everything else we hit was a success and my top priorities were Hall and Oates and the rappers so I was happy. At this point we went back to Baltimore and even stopped for some celebratory Wendys on the way back. All in all, it was a very worthwhile and productive evening. 
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After 3 years of not attending a Legends of the Ring convention, I decided to attend the convention, mostly because I wanted to meet Michael Hayes. Jen & I arrived at the show at 10 AM, walked in & saw Justin Credible & Lance storm at the Wrestling Universe/PWS table, since I never met Lance & always enjoyed the Impact Players team in ECW I went over & got a cumbo, both were very nice & enjoyed being there. Part of the fun of the day was seeing Jen markout for the big name from when she was younger, like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dudley Boyz,Howard Finkel & X-Pac. The other fresh meet for me that day was Camacho, who never really got much of a chance on WWE & NXT (but I could see something happening in the future) so I got a quick Cumbo with him. After this we sort of just shot the breeze for a while until Michael Hayes arrived. Michael arrived about an hour late, but was very cool & seemed to enjoy being there. It was also nice seeing oldschool, CM & Marcus
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This past Friday I attended the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, MD. It’s a much smaller convention but the cool thing about it is its very close to my house  (I can take the bus/light rail there) and they usually book some cool celebrity guests. This year was a very cool lineup. The headliner for the show was actor George Lazenby who played James Bond in the movie In Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Other names at the con included Piper Laurie, Veronica Cartwright, Lana Wood, Lee Meredith, Josip Elic, Connie Stevens and William Sanderson. On this particular day William Sanderson wasn’t there which was ok for me since I got him a couple years ago at the same show. 

There were a couple guests who were scheduled to be at the con but cancelled including Peggy King, Mamie Van Doren and Angela Cartwright. I already had Angela Cartwright but I needed the other two actresses. My top two names at the show were Veronica Cartwright and Piper Laurie. Both have very cool sci-fi and horror films in their resume and are extremely rare convention guests. As soon as I got to the con I paid admission ($20) and went downstairs to the celebrity room immediately. The first celebrity who I met was actress Piper Laurie… she was $25 for an autograph and it included a free photo op with her.  I got a really cool looking photo ofher from Carrie signed and got a photo wither. She was very nice. Next I went to a vendor and picked up an 11 by 17 poster of the James Bond movie In Her Majesty’s Secret Service for George Lazenby to sign. I had already met George at a previous convention but decided to get him again because last time I got him on an eight by ten photo and this time I wanted to get him on this poster so I can also get Diana Rigg on it when I see her in the near future. George was $25 per autograph and only $5 extra for a photo op so I got a combo. Next I met actor Josip Elic and he was only $20 for a combo. I got him to sign a cool picture from the classic movie One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. After this I met actress Lee Meredith who played Ulla in the movie The Producers. She was only $20 for a combo 

After this I noticed Veronica Cartwright had returned to her table so I went to meet her. She is in lots of movies I like including Alien and one of my childhood favorites Flight of the Navigator. I picked out a really cool eight by ten from Alien and she signed it and took a couple photos with me for $30. Next I met actress Connie Stevens.. I had already gotten a photo with her a couple years ago at another show but I decided to get an autograph ($25) and complete my combo with her. I had already gotten Lana Wood at Chiller a couple years ago but I got another photo with her for free which was awesome. After this I hung out and walked around the dealers room. Actor George Stover who was in a bunch of John Waters films was hanging out near a friend of mine’s table so I got a photo op with him. All in all, I had a wonderful time at the con and got to meet some great actors/actresses and hang out with some awesome friends. 
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Yesterday I played hooky from work and went over to check out the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, MD. This is a neat little con they put on every September. The guest list is usually pretty obscure, but there's always a name or two that I want, and the vendors offer some great stuff from the days of classic movies and TV. My only real goal was to get a pic with William Sanderson, a character actor who has been in numerous projects, currently in "True Blood", but the general public will always affectionately know him as "Larry" from the Newhart show in the 80s. I figured while I was there I'd also say hello to Geri Reischl, aka The Fake Jan, and maybe get a photo with Angela Cartwright, a Von Trapp kid from "The Sound of Music" and also "Lost in Space".

I had it figured so I could slip out of the office and only spend 30 minutes, maximum, at the MANC, so I had to make it count. The first thing I noticed was they've never upped the security level at this show. Class could mooch his way right in to this place.  

I headed right to Sanderson's table and his chair was empty. D'oh ! I asked his handler sitting there when she thought he'd show up, and she said, "He's right behind you". Sanderson introduced himself to me. He was wearing a leather jacket and had thick glasses on. I never would have recognized him. We chatted a bit since I was his only customer at the moment. He was very friendly and we talked about his roles in "Coal Miner's Daughter" and "Gods and Generals" which was filmed in the area. He was telling me all about some indy film he'd just completed, but all I kept hearing in my head was, "Hi, I'm Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl". 

We had trouble getting a good picture because the lighting is absolutely terrible in that place. The yellow and orange hues everywhere threw off my camera, and our photos kept coming out dark. I remembered that issue from last year too, when I had such trouble getting good photos I ended up buying a new camera. After several tries my camera finally figured it out. Too bad it didn't notice the doofus photobombing us in the background.

Right next to Sanderson was Geri Reichl. She'd been at cons I'd attended before but I'd never spoken to her. However, a few weeks ago I caught some episodes of "The Brady Bunch Variety Hour" where she shined as Fake Jan, so we talked a bit about those days. She was selling a book written by Cindy Brady about that show, which was actually very well done with dozens of backstage photos. "Variety Hour" remains one of the most bizarre shows ever put on TV, and I picked up the book. She posed up for a photo because, hey, I've gotten pics with most of the other Bradys....why not The Fake Jan, too.

Turns out Angela Cartwright had canceled, so I was basically done. I was outta there in less than 20 minutes and back at the office before anybody missed me. 

MANC is a great little con. Always a pleasure to see what they have to offer every year.
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For anyone that has ever really discussed, argued or had a conversation with me concerning pro football or college football.....there is one name that seems to always come up from me....Tim Tebow. The most polarizing name in all of sports seems to always come up in some topic of debate or discussion. Why? For me, there is no one in the NFL who ever got more of a raw deal than Tim Tebow. His haters will say he cant throw the ball. Yet the #1 ranked defense got wrecked for over 300 yards in a playoff game. I dont hang my head on 1 game, nor am I really trying to see that Tebow is as prolific a passer as a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. But when people criticize him for his statistics....they always seem to leave out the most important statistic of all....WINS. 

What I want from my QB is the ability to win. I want winners. I want players that can lead game winning drives. I want players that can win playoff games. I want players that rise up in the biggest moments. Completion percentage? Arm strength? Size? Combine speed? Please. Win ugly.....dont matter to me, just as long as I get that W. THATS what Tim Tebow excels at. Taking a 11-4 Broncos team in 2011 to a division title and a playoff victory, before ultimately surrendering to Tom Brady and the Patriots. 

But this isnt a report on the merits of Tim Tebow. Instead this is a report about the day I met a man I admire more for what he stands for, holding true to his beliefs in the face of tremendous adversity, than what he does on the field. Interestingly enough, I wasnt always a Tim Tebow fan. His first couple of years at Florida, I thought he was someone that benefited from Urban Meyer's system, moreso than a man who could play football. Florida is NOT my team and I couldnt wait for them to get beat. Then there was a press conference after a game. A press conference following a loss to Ole Miss in September of 2008. I have no idea to this day why I watched it. I was reveling in the Gators getting knocked off. But I watched a man who was truly disappointed in his own performance, almost to the point of tears. He would then rejuvenate himself, make a promise to Gator nation to never lose another game that season......and he kept it. He played harder. His team played harder. And Florida went on to win the National Title by defeating Alabama in the SEC Title game and the #1 Sooners in the National Title game. It was at the moment of that speech that I became a fan of Tim Tebow. And that fandom only grew and grew as the years came.

Fast forward to last week, where Tim Tebow made local headlines in my hometown as he dined for lunch at a restaurant called The Black N Bleu that was but 2 minutes from my home. A restaurant so close, I can throw a rock from my house to the restaurant door. And I missed it. News broke that night that he was in town to visit a kid who lost both his legs, which followed an announcement that Tim Tebow was joining Good Morning America as a host. 

If Tebow was doing this story, there was a chance he would be in NYC for media. Without any confirmed information, I made the decision that this was one I had to gamble on. I HAD to try. So early Monday morning on September 15, I jumped in the truck with a bag so lite, it felt like I was missing something. I was making one stop and one stop only. I let the house at 3am and drove to the Junction to get the train into the city. On the way up, I was checking twitter to see if I could get some info. EUREKA! I found someone who tweeted several hours ago about how they met Tim Tebow and how nice he was. Then someone else mentioned that he would in fact be at a certain spot on Monday morning. As soon as I arrived at the train station, I saw a train into the city was leaving in about 5 mins, so I quickly headed down to the tracks. I got on and was on my way. I was checking twitter constantly, trying to get some updates. Had he already gone into the spot? Did I miss him going in? Couldnt find anything. When I got to Penn Station, I headed for the subway to grab the Uptown train. Sadly, there was a long delay and I waited nearly 20 minutes before a train finally arrived. I got on and zipped over. When I came up from the subway, I headed over to the spot. Keeping my fingers crossed that the crowd size would indeed be small, I turned and saw there was but one guy there.  

I took my spot on rails next to him and waited. About a minute later a limo driver walks out of the building and compliments my Tim Tebow jersey. He said he was Tebow's driver and he was a super nice kid. I asked him if Tim was in yet and he said he was, missed him by about 10 minutes.  All was certainly not lost, but still disappointed. So while I waited, the number of people would vary at times. But there was never more than 7 there. Most people left as the hours passed, leaving just 4 of us. While I waited, Whoopi Goldberg was dropped off. So I ended up getting a picture with her. She was really nice. She was happy to sign and take pictures. 

Finally the time arrived and the door opened and out came Tebow. His back was turned towards us and his SUV door was opened. His handlers were moving him into the SUV, as I screamed out "I drove 4 hours to meet you Tim...PLEASE!" Tebow stopped turned around and jogged over to us. He thanked me for driving so far to just meet him. He was all smiles. He asked me where I traveled from and I told him the Black N Bleu restaurant, at which he laughed. I told him how close I live to that place and I was so disappointed to have missed him. Then, without thinking, I told him he was "my fucking hero."  Yup. I cursed at Tim Tebow. Not only did I curse, I dropped an F bomb. As soon as it came out, it felt like I had just spit on the Ten Commandments. I quickly apologized. Tebow told me he forgave me. I got my picture with him first, as that was most important. And eventhough there was just 4 of us, his handlers were rushing him. I grabbed my 8x10 and asked him to personalize it and he did. He took his time and was very nice. I thanked him for inspiring the uninspired. And he was gone. I would have liked to been able to get my jersey signed too....but no matter, it was all worth it.  

I grabbed my stuff and headed for the Subway. Victory was mine. A huge gamble and a big payoff. Subway to the Junction to my truck and I was headed home. Operating on no sleep, I was living off the high of meeting Tim Tebow. When I hit Phillipsburg and my normal exit to stop to pee, get food and drinks and gas, I opted to not grab a Monster. I'm awake over my big score. Well.....40 minutes later, I wouldnt be awake. As I was driving down the road, listening to NFL Radio, I could feel my eye lids becoming heavy. But certainly nothing I couldnt handle. And then I felt a little rumbling, at which time my eyes opened and I was driving in the grass that divivded the east and west bound lanes. I quickly swerved back onto the highway and into my lane. My eyes were now WIDE OPEN and whatever tiredness I felt was evaporated. I was ALIVE!!! The rest of the way home, my heart was still beating hard and I never had that tiredness feeling come over me again. Thank you Tim Tebow. And God. Thank you God too.