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This past Saturday I attended the Baltimore Comic Con in Baltimore, MD. The con is smaller and mostly concentrates on comic book writers and artists as opposed to celebrity guests. This year they did have a couple celebrity guests (Peter Mayhew  and Joel Hodgson) but I had them already so it did me no good. The only other guest at the con that was remotely a celebrity was Billy Martin, who is a comic book writer/artist as well as the guitarist of the rock band Good Charlotte. I’ve met Billy many times in the past but I decided to pay him a visit anyway to pick up his new comic book Vitriol. As soon as I got to the con I walk around a bit and saw Billy’s table so I picked up his new comic book and got him to sign it. 

I then got a photo with him (which is girlfriend took for us). She said there was glare on his glasses so he took another photo with me without his glasses.  Billy was very cool as always and we chatted about his comic and I asked him if there are any plans to tour with Good Charlotte anytime soon (which he said not yet). As I was walking around I saw Peter Mayhew’s autograph table and he actually had a long line. This was shocking considering he has been to so many cons and its hard to picture anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to meet him yet but I guess there are some people who don’t attend every single convention and only stick to smaller local cons like this one. He was charging $50 for a combo or $20 for just a photo op. After this I went to visit my good friend Kevin who has just independently released a comic book he wrote called Fantasy Killer and got a table for the weekend at the con. It was so cool to see a good friend of mine signing autographs like he was a celebrity. He hooked me up with a free copy of his comic and signed it for me too. 

After this I picked up some cool comic books and got many of them signed by various writers and artists. I got some comics signed by artists/writers Matt Wagner, Peter J. Tomasi, Louise Simonson, S.L. Gallant, Marguerite Bennett, Simon Fraser and Ray Fawkes. I took photos with them as well.  I left the con around 4 pm because I bought a meet and greet with pop singer Christina Perri down the street. She opened up for singer Demi Lovato. I won’t have my photo from this meet and greet for possibly up to a couple weeks so I will post a separate report when I end up receiving my photo op. I watched the concert but left a little over halfway through Demi’s set to head to another concert by the band Devil City Angels to try to meet them after. I got to the venue shortly after their concert ended and I found out from a friend who was waiting there that the whole band had just gotten on the bus and they didn’t stop for anyone.  There were only about 8-10 fans hanging out trying to meet the band but security kept on telling us to go home and that the band would not be coming off the bus. After a little while we spot the singer for Devil City Angels, Brandon Gibbs walk off the bus and me and a couple others got photos with him.  

After a couple hours the security guards tell us we need to leave the property so we go to a lot next door to their property and wait in the car. After a little bit we see Rikki Rockett, guitarist of Poison walk off the bus and me and my friend approach him. I take a perfect photo for my friend and then I ask my friend to do to the same for me.  At this point a few security guards had rushed outside and were rushing us. My friend takes the picture and then I get a couple items signed before they whisk him away. I thought my friend took a good photo for me but unfortunately he decided not to check it. I checked it and was horrified to see that it was extremely blurry.    At this point I was pissed off and security were furious with us for coming back on their property after they told us to leave so we gave up. In addition to this debacle, I never saw guitarist Traci Guns who I was also hoping to meet. Situations like this remind of why some people only meet celebrities in controlled environments like conventions and meet and greets. Unfortunately, not every celebrity does these and if you want cooler, bigger and rarer names you need to try your luck on the street. Oh well, at least I gave it my best shot.
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This past Saturday I attended a concert at 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD to see and meet singer Christina Perri. I don't usually buy meet and greets at concerts but I'm a big fan of Christina's. I think she has an amazing voice. I have also met her brother Nick Perri countless times... he played guitar in a band called Silvertide and briefly played with the band Shinedown and he even toured with Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction during his solo tour. Christina is probably best known for singing the song "A Thousand Years" which was featured in the Twilight movies. The meet and greet was $100 (not including the concert ticket which was about $30 extra). The meet and greet was supposed to take place between 4 and 5:15. I arrived at 4 pm and they didn't actually bring us back to meet Christina until after 6 pm so it was a two hour wait.   

The meet and greet did specify that it was a photo op only and didn't include autographs. When I got up to Christina I got my picture with her and she was very cool.. gave me a huge and spoke to me for a minute or two.  I told her I met her brother many times and loved his band Silvertide. I also told her I know Lzzy Hale from Halestorm (i know they are friends from years ago in the Philly music scene). The concert was amazing... I even got to watch most of Demi Lovato's set before I left a bit early to try for someone else. I heard Demi was charging $1000 for her meet and greet  .. theres no way I would have paid that for her. I'm actually a bigger fan of Christina's anyway. I just got my photo op today (Tuesday) which isn't a bad turnaround time since I met her on Saturday. All in all, very glad I went for this meet and greet.
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As Joresky noted in his awesome reports, DragonCon is one of the biggest conventions in the USA with tons of people to meet and tons of panels to see. (Not to mention the costuming, the partying, the parading, and the trying to

DragonCon brought in aprox. 70,000 people this year, and being a native of Atlanta, Labor Day weekend has turned into my favorite of the year! I didn't do too many autos/photos this year because the guest list was made up of a lot of people who didn't peek my interest as well as people who I have met before. I will say right off the bat that I missed out on the free James Gunn photo opp on both days due to the fact that I was super busy all weekend and they capped the lines several hours before the signings. 

I did however opp for the Joel Hodgson opp. My girlfriend and I are huge fans and the fact that he was such a nice guy really made it awesome. My girlfriend explained to him that her dad had recently been admitted to the hospital for emergency open-heart surgery, and she had brought him MST3K dvd's to help cheer him up. Joel was super awesome and signed her dad a free 8X10 to go along with the one we had already purchased.

The lady also wanted to meet Sean Gunn who was also just a super nice dude He did all of the motion capture work in Guardians of The Galaxy for Rocket as well as playing Michael Rooker's right hand man Kraglin. We ended up seeing him quite a few times over the weekend since we were on the 25th floor of The Hilton and saw all sorts of people in the elevators. (Including Michael Hogan from BSG and someone I didn't recognize from Lost Girl)

My favorite photo from the weekend happened late Saturday night (like 1:00 Am or something?) I was out and about in full Ghostbusters gear and randomly ran into Xavier Woods who was also in full costume. Super cool dude and the picture came out well. Great weekend, I definitely recommend anyone who has never made it down for DragonCon to check it out next year!
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Every year my father & I participate in something called "The Walk from Obesity," which is just a charity walk made up of groups who have had weight loss surgery (like my dad). Every year they have a speaker, who is normally know one of any fame, but this year they had Bart Oates, who won 2 Super Bowls with the NY Giants. I arrived at the event & Bart was just standing around chatting with the event organizers so I just went up to him & asked for an autograph & photo. He happily obliged & was a very nice guy. 
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On Saturday morning we woke up early and went straight to Dragoncon. Luckily we found parking again at the same spot as the day before…. I’ll definitely keep note of where this spot is for cheap parking on future Dragoncon trips. I hit up the ATM to get more cash for combos but it was a struggle navigating through the large crowd that were waiting on the sidewalks to watch the Dragoncon parade. As soon as I got to the con I went downstairs and bought my photo op tickets at Froggys photos in the basement of the Marriott. I bought photo op tickets for Jeri Ryan, Karl Urban, Peter Weller, Billy Boyd, John Ratzenberger, Jonathan Del Arco and Nelsan Ellis. I don’t usually buy that many professional photo ops but these were names I had to get and they wouldn’t do photos at their tables. My first photo op was at 9:30 am and it was with actor Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings). As soon as I was finished with my Billy Boyd photo op I got in the photo op line for John Ratzenberger (TVs Cheers) and got my photo op with him next. One thing I noticed this year is the photo ops printed out almost instantaneously after the photos were taken so it didn’t even take 5 minutes until you might potentially see your photo op read to be picked up. I wish other conventions (I’m talking to you Wizard World Philadelphia) would do the same. 

After I got my first couple professional photo ops taken I went upstairs to the Walk of Fame to start getting more celebrities at their tables. I decided to get the full combo with Peter Weller.. he was $50 per autograph. His line went pretty quickly since he wasn’t doing any photos at the table. I found a really cool looking Robocop photo on his table and asked him to sign it in silver. After this I saw actor Karl Urban (Bones) at his table with a minimal line so I chose to get an autograph from him since he was one of my top names. He was $60 for an autograph (no table ops) but I chose to get it anyway since he did such a great job as Bones in both of the new Star Trek movies. I told him how much I enjoyed his performance in the new Trek movies and he seemed appreciative although a bit rushed. Next I met actress Rebecca Mader who plays the Wicked Witch in TVs Once Upon a Time. She was $20 for a photo op and $20 more for a combo so I decided to just do a photo only for her. She was very nice and made sure my photo came out perfectly before I left the table. Next I met actress Beverley Elliott who plays Granny in TVs Once Upon a Time. She was only $10 for a photo op which was a great deal. After this I got a photo op with actor Robbie Kay who plays Peter Pan in TVs Once Upon a Time. He was also only $10 for a photo op which is a great deal. Next I got a photo op with actor Jesse Rath from TVs Defiance for $10. After this I met actors Alexis Cruz (Stargate), Peter Williams (Stargate SG-1), and Scarlett Byrne (Harry Potter films) and got photos with them. Alexis was $10, Peter was $15 and Scarlett was $20 for photo ops. Next I went back to Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu’s table (from Mystery Science Theatre 3000) and I got Frank to sign the DVD I bought the day before from Trace (didn’t charge me) and got a photo op with both of them. 

After this I went back downstairs to line up for my Peter Weller (Robocop) photo op. Peter was on time for his photo ops and it went very smoothly. Someone told me at a previous con Peter wore sunglasses in his photo ops but thankfully he had no glasses on for the ones here. After I got my photo with Peter I lined up to get my photo with Karl Urban. After about 20 minutes of waiting the Froggys people came and told us that Karl changed his photo op time to 3:20 pm. I was a bit upset I wasted 20 minutes since I still had a lot of people to get but there wasn’t much I could do about it at this point. At least the Karl photos would be happening right after two other photos I needed very close to that time so I could knock them all out around the same time. Next I went upstairs and joined Asian Dave in line to meet James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy. Thankfully Dave held me a spot in line… they had capped the line to meet him. Dave waited since 11 am to secure our spot in line so major props to Dave for hooking me up… couldn’t have done it without him.  We found out he would sign one item per person for free and take a photo op as well. After about 40 minutes to an hour of waiting we reached the front of the line. James had postcards from Guardians of the Galaxy at his table he was signing but he would also sign a personal item if the fan brought one. I didn’t bring anything so I got one of the postcards signed and got a photo op with him. I told James that Guardians was the best movie of the summer and his response was "Better than Blended?"  My camera was in a weird 10 second countdown mode but James patiently waited until the flash went off. Later I looked at my camera and figured out how to turn that particular feature off. After we met James we met his brother Sean Gunn who was in Guardians of the Galaxy.. he was the stand in actor for Rocket. He only charged $10 for a photo op at his table. 

Next I went back downstairs for my photo ops with Jeri Ryan, Jonathan Del Arco and Karl Urban.  Jeri was running a little late for her photo op so I got my photo with Jonathan Del Arco first and then jumped back into line for Jeri. As soon as I got my photo with Jeri I jumped into the back of Karl Urban’s line. As soon as I was finished getting my photo ops I saw that two of them were already ready for pick up. I am amazed at how quickly they were able to print out the photos at this con. Next I went upstairs to meet more celebrities at the Walk of Fame. I got my friend Angela’s poster signed by actor Grant Bowler who I already had a photo op with at New York Comic Con last year. After this I met actor Hector David Jr (Green ranger in TVs Power Rangers Samurai). He was only $10 for a signed postcard and it included a free photo op. Next I got photo ops with Lani John Tupu (Farscape), David Blue (Stargate Universe), Ona Grauer (Stargate Universe), Louis Ferreira (Stargate Universe), Chuck Campbell (Stargate Atlantis, Jason X), Caity Lotz (Arrow), Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Carribean), Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13), Rick Howland (Lost Girl) and Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl). These photos all ranged from $10-20. At this point I was drained of money and had to save the rest that I had for food and rent so there were some names that I ended up skipping who I would have gotten.  The names that I skipped were Evanna Lynch (Harry Potter.. she wanted $60 for a photo op), Amy Acker ($50 photos), Michael McMillan, Mpho Koaho, Colin Cunningham, Drew Roy, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Joanne Kelly. Hopefully these celebrities end up doing other conventions so I have a chance to meet them in the future. After this I left the Walk of Fame and went back downstairs to get in line for my photo op with Nelsan Ellis of TVs True Blood. Unfortunately when I got up to Nelsan I saw that he was wearing shades for his photo op.  I think it is ridiculous that any celebrity would wear shades at a paid photo op. Another name I ended up not being able to get was actor/director Terry Gilliam (Monty Python). I found out later in the day that he was only doing a 1 hour autograph session on Sunday and unfortunately I wasn’t able to come on Sunday because I wanted to head back north so we could meet actor Jeff Bridges in northern Virginia. 

After the convention me and Dave walked around and checked out all of the cool costumes people were wearing. We were also hoping to grab some freebie photos with celebrities who were walking around. We spotted all three castmembers of Land of the Lost hanging out together in the lobby so me and Dave both got group shots with them which was cool.  We saw actor John Ratzenberger in the lobby too but I already paid for the photo earlier in the day. Dave approached him for a photo op but he politely turned him down saying “they asked him not to.” We stopped by a panel upstairs in hopes of seeing Terry Gilliam but unfortunately I didn’t see him at the panel. Besides even if he was there the auditorium was so big I don’t think I would have had a chance to meet him there even if he was there. After hanging out for a little while and admiring all of the amazing costumes we headed back to the hippo to rest for our long drive back home on Sunday. 

After our long drive we stopped by a spot in northern Virginia to try to meet actor Jeff Bridges. Class joined me and Dave to try to meet Jeff. We mooched our way into the venue and got a photo with Jeff’s daughter, Jessie Bridges.  She is an up and coming singer. After we waited outside for Jeff to come out. The security guard told us we couldn’t wait on the property so we left the property and waited to see if we saw Jeff come out. We went to another spot to try to meet Jeff. We saw him get out of his vehicle to stop in DC and take pictures of the capital building. We quickly approached him but he and his crew quickly went back in the bus to avoid our photo and autograph requests.  I find this to be crazy because there were only five of us. At this point I was super bummed because I really wanted to meet Jeff, I’m a huge fan of his work. I wanted to meet him so badly that I cut my Dragoncon trip short and passed up a good opportunity to meet Terry Gilliam. Since hindsight is 20/20 I would have stayed at Dragoncon and met Terry Gilliam… oh well. This is a perfect example of why some people don’t do street meets and only attend cons.. there is no guarantee on the street no matter how nice a celebrity is known to be. Unfortunately, you gotta play to win so in foresight I made a good move. All in all, I had a great time at Dragoncon and met a lot of wonderful celebrities. It would have definitely helped me to enjoy the con more if I had three days instead of two days to pull it off. I was so busy trying to meet all of my celebrities in a short amount of time that I didn’t have time to check out all of the cool panels and events that this con had to offer. In the end, I’m still very glad I went and look forward to attending this con (guest list pending) for years to come.
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This past weekend I attended a huge sci-fi convention in Atlanta, GA called Dragoncon. I had went to this particular convention a few years but I decided to return this year because the guest list was amazing. I went to this con with my good friend Asian Dave from Pittsburgh. Dave volunteered to drive us there which was very generous of him considering it is a 12 hour drive from my house near Baltimore and a 16 hour drive from his place in Pittsburgh. We could have taken a bus to Atlanta but it would have been more expensive and we would have been a bit more limited in where we could have stayed because of limited mobility. Dave booked us a hippo room for only $30 a night which is a fantastic deal.  We had to drive about 15 minutes to get to the hippo but that wasn’t a problem considering we had a car. When I got off work late Thursday night Dave came to pick me up. I took off Friday from work so we could attend the show on Friday and Saturday. I wanted to be back in the northern Virginia/DC area on Sunday night for an opportunity to meet actor Jeff Bridges. 

We arrived in Atlanta, GA around 2:30 pm on Friday afternoon and luckily found inexpensive parking ($10) not too far from the convention hippo.  Dragoncon is easily one of the biggest cons on the east coast and it is so big they hold the convention in more than one hippo (3 or 4 of them at least). I preordered weekend admission for $115 and Dave bought his at the door. It turns out if I had bought single day admission I could have saved $25  because we only attended the con for two days but I wasn’t sure exactly how long we were staying when I ordered my badge so I figured better safe than sorry. Also I wasn’t sure if the badges would sell out or not but to my knowledge there were still plenty available at the door. Registration was located at the Sheraton so we went there to pick up our badges. After about 15 minutes or so we were off to the Marriott Marquis where the main celebrity area was located. They call the celebrity autograph room at Dragoncon the “Walk of Fame.” From my past Dragoncon experience I knew that many of the celebrities in attendance unfortunately required fans to use professional photo ops to take pictures with them as opposed to doing it at the table. As many of you know I absolutely hate this trend because it is extremely overpriced and because I think the backgrounds in the photo ops make it look fake and unnatural. Of course, I would rather choose to get a professional photo op then to have no photo at all so it is what it is. I chose to limit the number of autographs I got at this con because I had a limited budget and had to leave money for rent. Of course, I would get full combos with my most important names (Peter Weller, Karl Urban, etc..). 

When I entered the Walk of Fame the first celebrity I saw was one of my top wants for the weekend, Jeri Ryan (7 of 9 in TVs Star Trek Voyager). She was charging $75 for an autograph and was not offering table photo ops unfortunately so I would be forced to buy a professional photo op for her (but that’s what I expected). Luckily I already got an autograph from Jeri many years ago (and for a much cheaper price) so I only needed a photo op to complete my combo with her. Next I went to meet actor Jonathan Del Arco who played Hugh the Borg in one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation. He was charging $40 for autographs and he said he wasn’t allowed to do table photo ops.  I was thoroughly shocked to see that his prices were so high and that he was going to make me use professional photo ops to take a photo with him. He had absolutely no line to the whole time I saw him at the convention. Since Star Trek: The Next Generation is my favorite TV show and he did such a great job I decided to take the plunge and get a professional photo op with him (which cost me a whopping $50) and skip the autograph. So far these celebrities were killing me with their prices and I proceeded to the next celebrity hoping the prices would be much less and hoping that some of them would let me take photos with them at the table. I went to my next celebrity Billy Boyd who was in Lord of the Rings and unfortunately he wasn’t doing any table ops and was charging $50 for autographs so I decided to do a professional photo with him for $50 and to skip the autograph. Next I saw the two actors sitting at table near him were in the Hobbit movies. They were actors Adam Brown and Jed Brophy. I got a photo op with Adam at his table for $20 and decided to skip the photo and I got a combo from Jed Brophy for $40. Adam was charging $60 for the combo and Jed was $40 for the combo. Jed told me he didn’t want to charge extra for the photo op if someone buys a $40 autograph which is nice… but its still a high price. Oh well, I enjoyed the Hobbit films and didn’t want to leave the con without these two celebrities. 

Next I met actor Philip Paley who played Cha-ka in the original Land of the Lost TV show. He was $20 for a combo and hes a rare name… I’ve never seen him at a con before. Next I met actor Joe Flanigan who is the star of TVs Stargate Atlantis. He was $50 for a combo and since he is the lead on the show I went for the full combo. After this I went to meet the cast of Power Rangers Samurai. All of the Power Rangers were at their tables with the exception of Hector David Jr who I was told wouldn’t be showing up until Saturday. The first member of the cast that I met was Najee De-Tiege (blue ranger) who was super nice. He only charged me $10 for a combo which was shocking… thought he would be at least $20. He had posters on his table that he was charging $30 for and also postcards for $10 but he only charged $10 for a super nice glossy photo so of course I went for it. Next I met actor Steven Skyler who played the Gold Power Ranger and he had posters for $30, eight by tens for $20 and postcards for $10 so I went for an autographed post card and a free photo op. After him I met actor Alex Heartman who plays the lead on the show (red ranger). Alex was very cool and we discussed our love for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and his experience at the recent con Power Morphicon which just took place on the west coast. He got to be part of a panel with all of the red rangers (including the original Austin St John) which had to be awesome. Alex had different items on his table which included posters for $30, eight by tens for $20 and postcards for $10 so I opted for the signed postcard and free photo op. They were all really friendly and when I came back on Saturday I only had the green ranger (Hector David Jr) to get. 

Next I met actor Stephen Collins who was one of my top names at the con. He hasn’t done many cons and is super rare. I’m a big fan of his from his role in the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture as Decker and as Reverend Camden in TVs 7th Heaven. I got a full combo from him for $40 and chose a photo from Star Trek The Motion Picture. Years ago I wrote to him in the mail and he sent me a free autographed photo from 7th Heaven. We took two photos just to make sure it came out great.  I also spoke to Stephen for a few minutes and he was extremely nice and seemed very happy to chat with any fan that approached him. I asked him what his favorite Star Trek movie was and he said the recent JJ Abrams directed ones. I told him I’d love to see him in a future Star Trek movie and he seemed like he was very interested in that prospect… maybe he could even play his character from Star Trek The Motion Picture. After this I met actor George Lowe who was the voice of Space Ghost in TVs Space Ghost Coast to Coast. His prices were either $10 for a photo op or $30 for a full combo so I decided to go for the combo. He signed a Space Ghost eight by ten for me and wrote a lot on the picture so this was definitely a unique autograph to add to my collection.  He was really funny and cracked jokes and kept me entertained. Frank Bealieu (Mystery Science Theatre 3000) was sitting next to him so I picked up a new movie he made called The Frank from his table for $20 and he signed it and took a photo with me. Frank Conniff had left early for the night but he said I could bring it back on Saturday to get Frank to sign it and get a photo with him as well. Next I got a photo with actor Sean Maguire who played Robin Hood in TVs Once Upon a Time. I got a photo op with him for $20.. an autograph would have been an extra $30 so I chose to do photo only. He was very personable and wanted to make sure my picture came out well. After this I met actor Joel Hodgson who is the star and creator of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I got a combo from him for $30 since he is the main star of the show. He was cool and we took a cool picture with the robot on his table. Next I got a photo with voice actor Bill Farmer who played the voice of Goofy in The Goofy Movie and TVs Goof Troop. He was also the voice of Sylvester and others in the classic movie Space Jam. He was only $10 for a photo op and although I would have enjoyed an autograph from him I was trying to save a little money so I could afford more people so I opted for just the photo op. 

Next I went to get my friend Angelas poster signed by actress Mary McDonnell (TVs Battlestar Galactica) since she had a very small line. Her autograph was $60… so glad I had gotten her in the past because I think her prices went up since last time I saw her. Angela also asked me to get her an autograph from actor Sam Huntington who also had a very small line. She asked me to have him sign a Detroit Rock City poster that had members of Kiss autographs on it. Sam marked out when he saw the signed poster and asked where to sign it. I already had a photo op with Sam from Dragoncon a few years ago but I went for an update since it was free with purchase (even though it was my friends purchase). He made a very funny face in the pic so I was happy to add another photo op with him to my collection since it looked a bit different. At this point the Walk of Fame was almost closed so there were only a few celebrities who were still at their tables. Next I got a photo with actor Paul Blackthorne (TVs Arrow) for $20. He was very cool. After this I got in a short line to meet actor Tony Curran who was in many TV shows like Defiance, Dr Who and the movi es Underworld Evolution and Blade 2. He was only $10 for a photo op which was a great deal.. the autograph was an extra $40 so I opted to do a photo op only. At this point the celebrity room was closing so me and Dave left. As we were leaving the con we spotted the cast of Being Human outside so I scored a free photo op with Kristen Hager. She looked really hot so I was happy to score this photo op (especially for free). On that note we left to check into our hippo since we were both exhausted from the long trip. We both knew we had a long day ahead of us on Saturday… I had 7 professional photo ops to get and plenty of other meets so we needed our rest. Day one of Dragoncon was in the books.. not a bad start at all.  
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First off in early August I attended the Shoreleave convention in Hunt Valley. My plan is simple, to split a Richard Dean Anderson photo op with  since I loved MacGyver back in the day. 

Thankfully I manage to mooch admission, which cost a pretty penny. The photo op session started late which was in our favor cause we were running late. Then we got the photo op. 

Joresky said that a vendor was giving out FREE posters including a Night Before Our Stars signed poster. Well, free is free. So I go to the table and feast on free posters. You were only allowed one Night Before Our Stars poster but me being me I managed to sneak an extra one. 

Sadly upon looking at both my posters, I noticed they were nothing but pre prints. Shame on them for giving them out saying they were real  

The "signed" posters Notice how the autographs are exactly the same:

A couple of days later I set out to meet Bono. We get to the spot and unfortunately find out that Bono is not even in town. A wasted evening. But attending the function was rapper Akon. I got a photo op. 

About a week later Kenny G had a show. He is an iconic instrumentalist probably best known for this tune

I try to mooch my way in after the show as I always do and find out that he's doing a signing! YES! But I got caught with someone asking what I'm doing here. With my quick thinking I say I want to buy a CD, to which the guy replies "go ahead". Sadly I had to pay money but at least that was my ticket to stay. A guarantee is a guarantee. 

I go in line and sadly he is not doing photo ops  He signs my CD and one 8x10 but refuses to sign more. I wait till the end of the signing and Kenny G says he'll do photo ops and to have cameras ready. My reaction is this face  

I get the photo op then I see him signing more I quickly whip out another 8x10 and give a friend an 8x10 to get signed for me. He signs both and tells me "enough for you". Good enough for me as I only had one last 8x10 left. A relatively easy hunt right there. 

ut 10 days and I get a tip for a Charles Barkley flight! That's a good iconic sports name. I quickly get some 8x10s and head to the airport. Charles is nice as can be and did a combo no problem. He didn't sign more than one but I had someone help me out with another. 

And at the end of August I got a tip for an Iggy Azalea flight! My first encouter with Iggy included a scuffle with her security and involving the police. If you need a refresher check this report and go towards the end of Day 2: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=14350

I arrive at the airport JUST in the nick of time cause she is already signing for other graphers  I quickly approach and manage to get my photos signed. I ask for a photo op and she says sure! This time I manage to get a photo op. I was inches from failure, but thankfully it was a sweeping success. 

It should be noted that the security guard that was there last time I tried for her was not there this time. It was a much nicer one. Who knows if his behavior towards me that evening (and me calling the cops on him) had anything to do with him getting replaced. It's unlikely that he worked for the venue because he was Australian like her. So odds are he did in fact work for her. 

And the last day of August, Joresky came back from Dragon Con to try for Jeff Bridges. I already have a photo op with him but I wanted to get his autograph cause he's an awesome name. We all arrive at the venue and mooch inside after the show. There was a signing table but sadly Jeff wasn't there. It was his daughter Jessie. Turns out Jeff isn't doing a signing After he leaves we go to the next spot where he decided to go sight seeing. But when they see us approach they rush him back to his vehicle. They even video tape us rushing towards him. After this he sadly left town. A bust and a wasted evening (unless of course Jessie Bridges ever becomes big). 
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Jimmy Carter has been someone I have been cursed with photo op wise. Let us recap some of my misses

1) Book signing where I got 3 books signed. He didn't do photo ops and despite my attempts after the signing I failed to get a photo op. 

2) At one function he was doing, it was a choice between that and Steven Tyler's outgoing. Since it was raining and cold and the Carter spot had a garage, I chose to go for what seemed like more of a guarantee. Indoor, a nice guy, spot where I historically have had success, and no secret service. While I was successful with Steven Tyler, Turns out Jimmy Carter didn't use the garage and actually did photo ops  

3) And another spot he was supposed to appear at. Got up in the crack of dawn to make this one. Arrived and there was NO secret service at the spot! Turns out he CALLED IN rather than appear! I ended up attending a Mario Andretti signing that day. 

4) There was yet another book signing he did, but I couldn't make that one. While he still didn't do photo ops, it was still a chance to try, and I feared it would basically be it for Jimmy Carter. After all he is born in 1924. 

5) Then I got a tip for AP info on him. YES! There is HOPE! I went to the AP, and turns out they exited him right off the flying machine and drove him from the runway! Wasted time and money  

Then one random night in early August, I was relaxing at home and I get a call to find his outgoing. 15 minutes later I hit the jackpot! 

Sadly it was early in the morning. But as the saying goes, you gotta play to win. 0% chance the combo Gods would provide a Jimmy Carter photo op if I stayed home sleeping. 

So I got up early and arrived. We are a total of five people. Carter arrives and signs for two people! I try to go up and a secret service agent goes STAY BACK STAY BACK while a cop tells me to stay back as well and they physically block me from approaching. I go "ok, ok"

Then Carter walks towards the stairs and as he passes by me I politely ask for a photo op and he speaks in a very soft and reluctant tone saying "I guess so". I quickly go next to him and blast that selfie  

FINALLY I HAD THAT JIMMY CARTER PHOTO OP. My reaction was this face  

After I get my photo op he signs for another grapher! 

Completing my Jimmy Carter combo, I went home victorious! Given his age who knows how many more chances of Carter I'll have. 

Now some may ask, "how could you do all this, weren't you afraid of secret service"? 

Well, there were other things I was afraid of more than secret service or cops. Namely 1) putting all that time, money, and effort for nothing (yet again) and 2) losing what may be the very last chance I ever have to get that photo op. 
User Joresky sent us this awesome report! Enjoy!

This past Saturday I went to New York City to meet some celebrities including a top want of mine… Jason Bateman. I was just in New York City the prior weekend so I originally wasn’t planning on going back this soon but I got a fantastic tip about Jason Bateman appearing at an event so I couldn’t resist since I’m a huge fan of him. When I got to the city I went to a couple different spots where I was hoping to see some great random celebrities but unfortunately I saw nobody. At one spot I saw some autograph dealers but they were waiting for sports names so I left because sports names don’t really interest me unless they also have film roles. After a little while I decided to hit up a spot I went to last Friday where I met Anna Gunn to meet another actor Billy Magnussen. Billy is an up and coming actor and he has a role in the upcoming film Into the Woods as Rapunzels prince so I figured why not. I went to the spot and after a little bit Billy came out and I got a great selfie with him.  I also saw Mario Cantone and Judith Light come out of this spot randomly so I passed on Cantone because I already have a perfect photo op and I got a good upgrade with Judith who I enjoyed on the TV show Whos the Boss.  

After this I went to a spot to meet the band Air Supply. There were a couple other marks at this spot and I didn’t see a tour bus or anything like that and the marks told me they should be walking to this spot. After waiting for about 20 minutes we spotted the two main members (original singer and guitarist) walking down the street and as they approached the venue we asked them for autographs and pictures and they did it no problem.  We each had three vinyl records and they took care of us no problem. I’m really happy I invested the $3 for the three vinyls I got used because everything got signed. For the photo op I was able to get an awesome photo between the two original members. I was very happy I was able to meet them for free because I know they had a meet and greet for $175 and I didn’t want to pay that kind of money to meet them. Next I went to another spot where we were hoping to see some good randoms but unfortunately we didn’t see any. 

After this I met up with a very good friend of mine for my main want and reason for coming up in the first place, Jason Bateman. I love Jason in so many movies and TV shows and from what I hear he is very fan friendly so I figured it was a great idea to try this. I arrived at the spot with plenty of time to spare but I wasn’t sure what door he was going to enter. There was a front door and a side door.. with possibly another on the other side. I decided to stand on the corner because I could see both sides. After a while it started to rain a bit and it was getting late. We decided to wait under the awning so we didn’t get wet and my friend spotted director Charlie McDowell (son of actor Malcolm McDowell). We asked for photo ops and he did it no problem.  He hasn’t directed much so far except for lesser known indie flicks but I figured why not get a photo with him in cast he becomes more famous and because his dad is an awesome actor I’ve met a bunch of times. After a little while we figured out we missed Jason going in so we waited for the event to be over. After the event broke we saw a glass window on the side of the building and we could see Jason through the window… he was posing for photos inside the event. After a little bit we saw him head for the front door so we quickly followed. As soon as he stepped outside I asked him for a photo op and he did it no problem.  I then took a photo for a friend of mine and then asked him to sign the two DVDs I brought.. he did it no problem.  At this point other people walking out of the event were approaching him for photos but he seemed very cool about it and took care of anyone who asked him for anything. At this point my trip was made… Jason was my main reason for coming and anything else I got after this would be bonus. 

Next we were going to go to another spot so I could get an upgraded photo with Ally Sheedy but unfortunately the Bateman event ran a little late so we missed out on that opportunity. Instead we went to another spot. We pulled up just as the celebrities were exiting and I got photo ops with all three actors at the spot… Michael Rispoli (The Sopranos), Stephen McKinley Henderson (Lincoln, Tower Heist) and Austin Pendleton (My Cousin Vinny, Short Circuit, A Beautiful Mind). They were all very cool and posed for photos no problem. Unfortunately, I had nothing to get signed but if I did I’m sure they would have signed it for me. After this I went to another spot where I was hoping to see some random celebrities but I didn’t see any unfortunately. I did run into some good friends (heelorton and others) who I ended hanging out with late at this spot and at another. I had a great time hanging out and chatting with them but it was unfortunate we didn’t run into any celebrities while hanging out. Oh well, at this point my day was made by getting Bateman and I had some decent lower names too to make it even more fruitful. All in all, had a great and productive day.
User AJLe sent us this awesome report! Enjoy!

There's few things that would get me back in a car for my second looooooong road trip to Chicago in the last three weeks, but one of my personal favorite movies to collect is the Robert Rodriguez/Tarantino "Grindhouse" double feature, so when one of the stars is doing a sit-down signing, I make it a priority. Rosario Dawson, along with fellow Sin City 2 cast members Patricia Vonne (who came dressed in her "Zorro Girl" character costume) and Crystal McCahill, was doing a signing in the Chicagoland area Hollywood Palms Cinema, which is an AWESOME movie theater - it's one of the new trendy "dine-in" theaters, with full food and bar service brought right to your seat in the theater. And the atmosphere is awesome, with various posters and other movie memorabilia decorating the entire place. They also had one of the cars from Sin City in the lobby as well. Seriously, if you're ever in the Chicago area, check this place out.

So before each showing of the movie, the three women come out to tables to sign. Prices were reasonable - $20 per autograph (only thing that was charged any extra were Playboy related items, which were $30), and $20 pro photo ops, which were printed out on the spot. And as each fan got to go to the celeb's table, they got all of their autographs and photos with done right then and there - no need to go anywhere else, or wait around a few hours. Got Rosario on a Death Proof poster (5th star on it), my Grindhouse hardcover book, and the Grindhouse Japanese program book. Then stuck around and watched Sin City 2 (which if you liked the first one, is pretty good too). And after the movie, all three women came down in front of the screen to do a brief Q&A as well. I also made a nice weekend of it in Chicago, also taking in a Cubs game at Wrigley, and taking pics of various landmarks.

So all in all, despite the insane drive, was a very fun weekend.