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This past Saturday I went to New York City to meet some cool celebrities. Me and my friend arrived in the city a little later than what we wanted to but we hurried to our first spot as soon as we got off the bus. We were trying to meet actors Peter Brouwer and Dick Cavett but unfortunately we found out we missed them. Not to worry because we would have another chance to meet them later. After this we hurried to our next spot to try to meet actress Katherine Heigl. I'm a big fan of hers from Knocked Up, TV Roswell and other projects. I also have to admit i'm a huge fan of her looks... shes a very attractive woman. We arrived at the spot and I saw a familiar looking security guard. It turns out this was the same security guard i had seen at other spots and he recognized me since he nodded to me when I passed by. As soon as I identified the right spot to stand at me and my friend patiently waited. About 40 minutes or so went by and my other friend Christian joined us. After about 5 or 10 more minutes the security guard walks up to us and says she probably won't stop, she hasn't been stopping in the three weeks he has been with her.  I already knew this was BS because a couple friends of mine got a photo op with her a couple weeks ago. As soon as Katherine approached I asked her for a photo and she walks right over to me and poses with me and my two friends.  She even says lets take another in case the first one didn't come out perfectly. I then ask her to sign a couple DVD covers and she does so no problem.  She even comments on my Beatles shirt.. shes likes it. She was super friendly and couldn't have been any nicer. In addition to that, she looks amazing and the pictures look flawless. After we are finished meeting her the security guard walks up to us and says "She must have been in a good mood today" knowing that he flat out lied to us and we knew it. This particular security guard has seen me get countless photos with celebrities so he knows that even if he tries to mislead us, we know better. 

After this we head to the next spot where I was hoping to see a few celebrities including Daryl Sabara, Tamara Tunie, Michael O'Keefe and some others. When we arrived at the spot it looks like we got there a couple minutes late. We saw no sign of the celebrities we were looking for. When we were about to give up my friend spots Daryl Sabara walking back to the spot. Me and my friends approach him for photos and autographs and he does so no problem.  I requested that he remove his shades for the photo ops and he does so no problem. Usually I don't make this request if I think it will anger the celebrity.. but I figured he wouldn't have a problem with it and he didn't. I had him sign my DVD of Spy Kids 3D. After this we head to our next spot where we were hoping to see Nicolas Cage and possibly Jessica Alba. When we arrive there I see Dana and Lanza. They tell me I missed actor Josh Duhamel by about 15 minutes or so.  I then hang out for a few hours and we joke around and BS while hoping for some celebs to show up. Unfortunately I don't see any celebrities except for Emma Bell from TVs The Walking Dead who I have a photo with already. After a while we decide to call it quits and go to our next spot. We stop off for some $1 pizza and then go to the next spot. When we arrive at the next spot we see a few other marks who are there for different names. Our main targets were Peter Brouwer (Steve Christy in Friday the 13th) and Dick Cavett. The other marks tell me Marcia Rodd will be there too and that she is also a great name to get. The event ends later than we had expected and then people start to exit. We see actress Marcia Rodd come out first and me and a few of the marks get photo ops with her. After a little while we see actors Dick Cavett and Peter Brouwer walk out together. I decide to go for Brouwer first since he is more important to us since we are more familiar with his work. He takes photo ops with both of us and signs both of my items (Friday the 13th poster and blu ray cover) but insists on personalizing them. Unfortunately while we were busy meeting Brouwer Dick Cavett slips away and we miss out on meeting him. 

After this I head to another spot to try to meet actor Sean Patrick Thomas. There is a huge crowd waiting for a bigger name... Denzel Washington who is also at this same spot. I knew that Denzel did absolutely nothing so I didn't even try for him and instead tried for the name that I thought was more gettable, Thomas. I brought a blu ray cover for the movie Halloween Resurrection for him to sign. The first actor that I saw walk out was Sean and he signed a few items for the crowd but I didn't see him take a single photo op. I was a little too far back to get him in the crowd so I saw him cross the street and I did so as well. I approached him and asked him to sign my blu ray cover. I then asked for a photo op and he said he couldn't.  I was thoroughly shocked that he refused my photo op request but didn't bother him after he refused me. I then hurried to the next spot to get an autograph from actor Anthony Rapp. I already had a photo op with him from the prior week and I promised my friend I would take his photo op for him so I made it to the next spot just in time. Rapp walked down the line and took care of each and every single person that was interested in getting a photo op or autograph from him. When my friend asks for a photo op Rapp again requests that he not use the flash but my friend says the picture won't come out without it so Rapp says no problem and still poses for the photo with the flash on. He then signs my Road Trip DVD and is very friendly. After this we head to another spot to try to meet comedian Darrell Hammond. I already had a photo op with Hammond but some of my friends had never met him so I decided to try to meet him again. There were two exits and we never saw him walk out the front exit so I'm assuming he used the side exit. Next we headed to another spot to find the location for our final spot of the evening. I was able to locate the information easily which was very cool.

We headed to our final spot for the evening and we found about 10 or so extra marks and 5 paparazzi were also at the spot. The first celebrity we see is singer Taylor Swift who quickly walks into the building without stopping for a single fan. This did not surprise me since I had seen her not long ago and she did the exact same thing. I then see singer Ed Sheeran and he takes photo ops with me and a bunch of other fans.  I then ask Ed to sign the CD cover I brought but he says he is just taking photos. I wasn't too upset about this because any celebrity that poses for photos with fans is cool in my book. The autograph is nothing more than a bonus. After this my main want for the trip arrives, Seth Rogen. We all approach him for photo ops and autographs and he signs one autograph for my friend and doesn't do any photo ops.  I was very disappointed but I try not to get too upset about it because I can still try him on the way out. After this I see comedian Aziz Ansari arrive but I had already met him several times and didn't need anything from him so I didn't approach him. He was hiding behind his date and looked like he didn't want to be bothered anyway. After a little while Ed Sheeran comes out for a smoke break and then starts to take more photo ops and I see him sign something for another fan. I then go up to him and ask him to sign my CD cover and he says "just one" and I say thats all I have which is the truth. After a little while Taylor Swift and "shockingly" does nothing for the fans. Next I see actor Kenan Thompson come out and I ask him to sign a Goodburger DVD cover for me and my brother, and he does so no problem. I already had several photo ops with him so I don't bother him for the photo op. After a while longer Seth Rogen walks out and we all ask him for photos and he does not stop for anyone.  We then quickly head to another spot where we were hoping to see him. Seth arrives and even though there were only 6 of us he refuses to stop.  Both times I asked him for a photo op I mentioned it was my birthday even though my actual birthday was a day earlier but that didn't make a difference unfortunately. Later I found out Seth had to catch a hippo to Los Angeles to attend the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday so this was probably the reason he was in a rush trying to leave New York. I had heard that he is usually fan friendly but I guess this is the reason he felt he didn't have time to take care of us, who knows. All in all it was a decent trip but wasn't as glorious as I had wanted it to be. If Seth Rogen had just done it I would consider the trip a lot more successful but it is what it is I suppose.
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Can you believe Dan Marino was signing free autographs & taking PWs for over 8 hours last week? Dan Marino is a partial owner of Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza and was advertised on the radio that he would be at a Grand Opening in NJ. My brother went there for lunch and told me to come down because no one was there. You can just literally walk up to Dan Marino and he'll take a picture & sign for you. I ran to Model's 5 mins away and bought a generic football. When I got the by 2pm he was just at the bar posing for pictures and he signed my football no problem. As I sat with my brother I notice little by little people were coming in bringing helmets, jerseys, footballs, photos,.....anything, and he signed no problem. I decided to go back after the Paul Stanley book signing since it was under 5 miles away and he was still there at 8pm. I brought 6 people with me and Dan Marino was very thankful. BTW the pizza & wings were awesome! This guy is a $200 autograph at conventions....isn't he?
Catching up on some reports, some of these are from Febuary, most are photo only:
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Not the WWE Hall of Fame but the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, NY last week as my favorite band KISS was getting inducted......long over due. Since I am a friend of one of the band member's, me & my KISS ARMY friends were guests. It was a great night however Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band took about 1.5 hrs between the inductions, speeches(by every member), and performance. After the HOF ended I was making my way out of the arena and ran into Chris Jericho & Edge. Both are HUGE KISS fans and spoke to them briefly about the Ultimate Warrior & KISS not performing. They then took a picture with me and that was a wrap!

Unfortunately KISS did not perform, but they made it up to us as we were also guests for the Jimmy Fallon show the following night where they played a 5 song mini concert. Sorry no photos, they made us turn our phones & cameras off. But seeing KISS in an intimate setting with less than 100 people was the best ever! KISS Online has posted the videos from their performance. Nicholas Cage was also there just hanging in the back. He was signing pieces of paper. I didn't want to lose my position so I didn't bother since they made us turn off our phones & cameras were restricted in the studio.
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Part 1- Wednesday and Thursday

So I ventured out to New Orleans for my 5th wrestlemania. Last years Mania was supposed of been my swan song for a few years but the temptation of the 30th anniversary, wrestlecon and a chance to meet various members of the WWE roster in a city which really appealed to me was to hard to resist.

I arrived in NOLA on the Wednesday night after being up for around 24 hours. A quick shower and change as I experienced Bourbon Street for the first time. A few drinks later and I decided to check out one of the Hippos before bedtime. 

Only stayed for around 45 minutes as I was borderline falling asleep but I managed to add Jim Duggan and Hunico to my encyclopaedia and managed selfies with Erik Rowan and a double shot with Santino and Justin Gabriel.

Dean Ambrose was also in one of the places I was drinking in but wasn’t keen on doing anything and Reigns, Usos and 3MB were also out and about.

Thursday my travel partner arrived and we immediately hit up the hippo. Within minutes we secured photo ops with Luke Harper and Billy Gunn.
Stayed for around a hour and was able to obtain photos with Sandow, a doubleshot with Road Dogg & Mercury and a combo with Patterson. Pat was really friendly, asking where we were from and what we wanted to see at Mania.

We then hit the convention centre where we were able to obtain wristbands for both the Booker T and Fandango & Summer Rae signings. The store was also open, where I picked up 4-shirts, a hoodie and a programme. Byron Saxton was signing outside the store so I added him to my WWE E.

Booker was quite quiet and Fandango seemed to be in character but Summer Rae was really friendly.

After the signings we hit up Axxess. We had VIP’s for Orton so was able to enter before GA. We randomly hit up a queue not knowing who we were in line for and was pretty happy when The Uso’s came out. Was a bit disappointed that Reigns came out in the station next to us though.

Thursday night Axxess was definitely the least busy axxess session. After Uso’s we joined a short queue for Aksana and Rosa. Both were friendly. We then hit up Ortons line. We managed to get through him in around 40 minutes which I consider good for a VIP. Orton was really friendly and in good spirits and I was happy with the photo op I got.

After Randy we quickly jumped in line for Justin Gabriel which took around 5 minutes. We then saw Gabriel switching over and he was replaced with Ryback and Axel. Ryback would not sign the Skip Sheffield page saying he hated the picture but signed a mat for me, the programme and the inside cover to compensate. I really liked Ryback and had a chat about when he came to London last year.

We then went over to the legends house and got a cool photo op with Fink and Jimmy Hart. Both signed the WWE E and fink in particular was really chatty and talked through how the photo op would work. We saw Vance Archer walking around but he wouldn’t sign. With time getting close to 10 we hit up a short line for Brad Maddox and then called it a night.

A quick refresh back at the hippo, before we checked out the local hippo and a few drinking establishments. We managed to get a very happy Ricardo and Sasha Banks at the hippo, before we ventured out. The place was heaving with wrestlers. We were able to obtain photos Carlito, Drew, Masters, Lita and Al Snow. We were joined in a local drinking establishment where Lilian Garcia took part in a unadvertised karoke night which was pretty damn awesome. Had a really good chat with her and her husband- who brought us beers. Ziggler and Zak Ryder also entered this place during the night.

A early start the next morning was maybe not the best idea after a while night but we hit the hippo pretty early.
I managed to get a photo op with Bray Wyatt who was my main want of the weekend, so I was really happy with that. 
I got Swagger, Road Dog and Gunn to sign my WWE E, got photo ops with Norman Smiley, Rusev, Summer Rae, Rowan, Riley and Otunga. And I got combos from R-Truth and Darren Young.

We had ROH on the Friday night which was a damn good show, highlighted by a crazy ladder war and an awesome Steen/Elgin match.
I spent $60 at the meet and greet and got p
hoto ops with Steen, Mcguiness, Maria and got both entries of the WWE E signed by Hardy and a photo op. I really enjoy meeting Hardy, we spent around 5 minutes chatting to him about London. Just a really cool guy.

Saturday morning we had the early Axxess session. We got Ted Dibiase in the first line of the day. He was cool and signed the Money Inc page. Looking around the session was pretty poor and was already debating what time to head to Wrestlecon. Sgt Slaughter had a pretty short line and was a fresh line for me so we hit him up. He was really friendly and I got a great photo op and inscription in the WWE E.
It was nearly time for the switcharound so we just hit the El Matadores line, not thinking we would get them, we got rushed through, got Primo and Epico on their respective pages and Torito on the inside cover. We rejoined the line and it was the outlaws. I queued for around 10 minutes and the line did not move, I looked around and apart from the huge Reigns queue no one took my fancy, so I called it quits, had a look around the memorabilia exhibition and headed over to the Sugar Mill for Wrestlecon.
I picked up my tickets the day before so escaped the huge queues. First impressions of the sugar mill that it was an absolute dump. It was rammed and there was long lines everywhere. I tried to hit up Goldberg twice but was met with lines that did not move. I tried to purchase tickets for Razor but they had sold out to my disappointment.

I finally decided to cash in on my superticket. I asked a RG promotion member of staff where to go and she said my superticket hadn’t been called yet. I was 27 and there were at least 150 people in front of me. So I hit the line anyway.
The guests were positioned where right at the back of the room against a curtain and people were pouring in from all angles to meet the wrestlers- especially Edge. The security was pretty much non exsistent. I counted 3 handlers for 9 guests which was also a bit akward when trying to get them to take pictures for me.

After about an hours wait(for a ticket which got me to the front of the line, and this was 2 hours into the session!) I finally was able to obtain combos with 
Sid- who was a bit moody and signed all over Sim Snuka.
Doug Gilbert- Who people were pretty much not bothering with.
Terry Funk- Who tried to shill be his t-shirts.
Roddy Piper- Absolute class act as always.
Honky- Had a good chat with him while waiting for the next guest, very outspoken guy.
2 Cool- Lawler was ultra friendly and took time signing my WWE E.
Edge- Another really fan friendly guy but was really rushed through meeting him. In fact I think I did have more time with Edge at Axxess a few years back than here.

So guests were nice but overall thumbs down for this promotion and superticket.

I got a fresh photo op with RVD which took all of 3 minutes to meet him. A awesome photo op with the Beautiful People. Velvet looked amazing. 
I then paid $50 for a combo with Jake,Which also got you a free T-shirt which I thought was a cool deal.
I managed to get a decent price deal for a combo with Demoliton, they were really nice and asked me how much I had to drink over the week.
I then asked Chris Masters how much for a combo and he cut me a deal $10 for a 8 x10(which I didn’t want and he spelt my name wrong) he signed the WWE E and a masterlock photo op.
Carlito then signed my WWE E for $10.
I then hit up the RF video table. I brought combos from Team 3D and Kaitlyn and a photo op with Maryse. Talked to Bully a little about premiership football.
Finally I decided to wait in line for Goldberg. Got right to the front after a half hour wait(for the third time) and Bill then announced he was heading for lunch. Luckily he pushed a few more people through as he was deciding what he wanted and I was the last guy to get my combo with him before he went for lunch. He was really nice and I noticed that he was doing stare down and normal photo ops for the price of one photo. A guy who really cares about his fans it seems.

I then got combos from Jeff Jarrett, Brooke, Greg Valentine and a got Hurricane to sign my WWE E for $5.

Overall I got everyone I wanted at Wrestlecon bar Razor, just very crowded and disorganised. Especially compared to last year.

Sat continued, Sunday and Monday.

I left about 3.30, with the intention of getting back to the hippo, showered, eat and back at the front of the queue for Axxess as I had a Flair VIP and wanted to get at to the Hall Of Fame in decent time. The plan worked, a shower, Popeyes and quick walk to the convention center and I was in line for Axxess at 4.30

I was around 10 deep when Flair came out at 6.10. Got naitch and was out of there and off to the Hall Of Fame by 6.30. Flair had bypassed me for years so I was really happy to obtain a combo from him. I really love his autograph and it looks great in the WWE E.

Hall Of Fame was pretty good, Loved Warrior, Jakes and Mr T’s speeches. I was pretty shattered by the end of this though and had to call it a night.

Sunday we had another early Axxess start. 

Headed for the WWE E table and were rewarded with the Bellas. Really happy to get them, even though the line took over a hour and half to get through. The schedule had then been leaked and I fancied hitting the Del Rio line at 10.So I headed for his queue which was being occupied by Christian. I really didn’t need Christian so was happy when I was about 5 away from reaching the table and Del Rio came out. 

Del Rio was a fresh meet for me and was nice enough, he was reading the Al Perez bio in the E.
After that I joined the line for Godfather and Ron Simmons. This was a long hour wait and to be honest I don’t think I saw either guy engage much in conversation with anyone apart from themselves. I did manage to get Simmons to sign the APA page which is now completed and his own entry.

Think everyone pretty much with a clue knew at 12 it was a sensible choice to try and get Trish Stratus at one booth or Backland and X-Pac at another. I lucked out and was In the third line when Trish came out. Mark Out moment. Got a combo with Trish and was possibly my fav meet of the weekend.

It was around 1, the only short line left was Ricardo and Hornswoggle so I joined that for 5 minutes and got them to sign the E, A quick look around Takers graveyeard and the superstore and I headed back to the hippo before Mania to recharge my camera.

Mania was probably the best I have ever attended. Loved the opening segment, All the Bryan stuff and The reaction when Taker lost will live with me forever. Great stuff.

We didn’t hit the hippo until lunchtime Monday, was very busy around but did manage to secure some cool meets.
I got a photo op with Brooklyn Brawler. Cesaro then rushed out and was able to get a photo op with him, although I need photoshop to help me out as he was doing pics with 2 people at once.
Albert was walking around and I got a photo with him. Kane was then lingering I managed to secure a awesome combo with him. I also managed to quickly sneak Cody Rhodes into the WWE E too.
We decided to hit another hippo spot where I got a combo with Tyson Kidd, who really was keen to chat and Arn Anderson was more than happy to stop for photos.
We went back to the original hippo and it was super busy. I did manage to get a photo op with Bo Dallas. Then Mr T came out and decided to sign for everyone so I managed to add him to the WWE E.

With the place really busy we quit for lunch and then Raw- which was also a really fun show. Backland was in the lobby doing pictures but I passed.

Overall another amazing wrestlemania week. I will probably skip a year and be back for 32 but this one prob ranks among the best ever.
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After a successful WrestleMania XXX trip me & Matt were head back to NJ for an early morning hippo last Tuesday. We got to the hippo around 6am and checked our bags. We had a little time to kill and decided to roam around the hippo and low & behold we see the Ultimate Warrior. He was just hanging out waiting for his daughter to come out of Dunkin Donuts. We asked him nicely if he would sign some autographs for us and he said no problem. Matt got him WMXXX Program & I got an Official WWE Photo signed. We then asked if he would take a photo with us and he said of course. He even asked if our photo came out ok. I thanked him for all the memories & wow great it was to see him again in a WWE ring. His daughters came and off to his gate he went, & off to ours we went. He was so happy around his daughters and so full of life. Sad to say hours later, I get a call from a friend saying the Ultimate Warrior has passed away. I was in shock because I only met him earlier that morning. Thank you for everything Warrior! RIP
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I've gotten a lot of great wrestling photo-ops over the years, but I am extremely proud of these.
There is nothing like seeing Triple H and Stephanie getting out of their Cadillac Escalade at the same time Vince gets out of his brand new Bentley. Being "one on one" with those three at the same time is just ridiculous. While I attempted to arrange the triple photo op at first, Vince was at that moment "taking care of business" as Triple H put it, and I got the couple op with Hunter and Stephanie. When my friend went to get one, Stephanie shouted "dad, come get in this picture with us". I joined in the classic photo-op and the rest is history. Linda Mcmahon was very cool to be around and very gracious as well. I had all four of them sign my encyclopedia. Amazing experience that can't be duplicated!
Yesterday Lanza & I headed into NYC to hit some nice under the radar stuff. It is always nice to be the only fan at a spot, and we were the only fans there for both of the meets we had during the course of the day.

We started the day out at our first spot. Upon walking up, we saw Billy Bob Thornton star of such films as Bad Santa, Monster's Ball, Bad News Bears, Armageddon, Sling Blade, etc, outside chatting with a woman. Since we aren't rookies foolish enough to interrupt, waited a few mins until the convo was over. As we were approaching Billy Bob, a man he was with said to him "I think these guys want photos". We said hello, and Billy Bob couldn't have been any nicer. I loved Bad Santa, and enjoyed quite a few other films he's done, so this was a good star to the day.

After this we had a leisurely walk around town, checking out a few other spots we knew of. Nothing jumped out at us, so we went and grabbed a nice relaxed lunch. After lunch, we moved on to a new spot. This time, much like the last time, we were the only fans there. After a short time, we see Josh Duhamel exit the spot. A main character in the Transformers films, the lead in Safe Haven, and he was also the star in the TV Show Las Vegas and is married to Fergie. Josh was more than happy to pose for photos before entering his vehicle.

After that, Joresky arrived on the scene. We had intel on a few more names, so we decided to hang out with Jeremiah for a while and see if anything materialized. After some time spent bsing with Jorsky and enjoying the nice weather, we called it a day.

Nice relaxing day in NYC, two solid meets, one I am a big fan of. All in all it was a fun day.
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This afternoon I attended the Shaq signing at Steiner Sports. It was a well run signing as usual by Steiner, so not much to report. Elgin Baylor was also appearing with Shaq. He started 30 min before Shaq. Originally Shaq was supposed to start signing at 12pm. He was held up by ESPN and Modells they said and did not start signing until 12:45. I arrived at 10am for the signing and was 2nd on line so I immediately was led up to Shaq.

He was really cool. Asked where I wanted him to sign. When I handed him my blue paint pen, he asked if I was sure I wanted him to sign in blue. It might not come out on the black background. I told him it was a paint pen and it will come out brighter. After he signed he said "Oh cool". I had him sign my old 1995 Magic poster. I had it dry mounted to make it easier to get signed. He gladly took a photo and I was done. Quick well run signing except for ESPN & Modells holding him up
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So yesterday was the Hollywood Show down in LA. Headed down with Jared, his mom, & my roomate. With the sole purpose of getting Terri Runnels, Bryan Clark (Adam Bomb), The Rock n Roll Express. Also appearing were Samu from the Headshrinkers & Gerald Brisco both of which I have got b4. Unfortunately I was going to have to pass, as my disability check still hadn't arrived by Friday. But Jared, said I could jump in his photos if I wanted. So I went.

We arrived shortly after they opened the doors. & immediately got The Rock n Roll Express, & Gerald Brisco out of the way. Terri arrived shortly there after, & started chatting with us. Jared mentioned how it was cool to see her & Ricky Morton there together, & got to talking about the The York Foundation. So she called Ricky & Robert over for a York Foundation photo. Their handlers said it would be an additional $20 to add them to the op, & Jared said he didn't have it (as his mom was limiting how much he had to spend) and Terri said no problem, I will pay for it. 

So now we had about an hour and half to kill til Clark arrived. & started walking around. 1st thing I see is a sign for 1 of my fav shows growing up to watch on Nick At Night in Reruns, The Patty Duke Show, Patty Duke. She was only charging $10 for ops, & my roommate found some money in the hippo when we arrived, so I borrowed the money from him, & got an op. Huge score. A true legend. She was really nice. So kept wandering around. & saw Tami Erin (Pippy Longstocking), say looking good. Even if I had it, wouldn't have paid $60 for a signed copy of her new sex tape. LOL! Also present was Karen Dotrice (she was the young girl on the original Mary Poppins movie in 1964), & a star of another of my favorite shows, "Walker, Texas Ranger," Sheree J, Wilson. Chatted with all of them for a few minutes, all were very nice. 

Next came upon Wings Houser. The name meant nothing, but damn his face looked so familiar. So got to chatting with him, & it hit me he had appeared on my all time favorite shows, "Third Watch." He is bit actor, no major roles that I can find. But he was on my fav show ever. After chatting with him about TW for a bit, he asked if I wanted a photo. He wanted $20. I said I didn't have it. He said make me an offer. Well I literally had $5 to my name, and he said no problem lets do it. I figured it would just be an over the table shot. But no, he went all the way down the row, and came around the tables over to me for the pic. Never expected that seeing I was almost getting it free. My 1st get ever from my all time favorite show. Even if just a bit part on 1 episodes. still 1 of the best episodes of the show the final season. 

Bryan Clark finally arrived right at 12pm as they said he would, & I never expected him to be so big. I guess standing next to Brian Adams, anyone would appear small. LOL! He is a big dude. Was really cool. 

Total in and out in about 3 hours. Really hope to attend again. They always have so great names there. I know they were saying there would be 109 stars there this weekend, & heard they had a lot of no shows. I would estimate there was around 80 present.