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Fans of Boardwalk Empire should appreciate these photos. I am a major fan and figured that there wouldn't be too many people at this location for various reasons. Not too many people were aware of the location and out of the ones that did, most just wanted to "rack" on Buschemi graphs. Although I knew that some people cared about this show, I also knew nobody would enjoy this as much as me..and it was pretty awesome. I had a ton of fun meeting these guys!

First off the bat, Buschemi (Nucky Thompson) did not take any photos, he only signed. When I asked him he gave me that all too familiar gesture  , as he was walking away. So, Joresky & Class, you guys definitely have a cool photo that should be considered for photo of the year   .Also, neither Michael Shannon (Nelson Van Alden) or Stephen Graham (Al Capone) were in attendance.Besides that, I was able to attain most of the current cast, along with a bunch of past stars. In addition, I scored some photos with a few of the guys in costume and make-up.

If all conquests were this fun..what a better hobby it would be!!!
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This past week I took a five day trip to New York City for various events, book signings and of course for the biggest con on the east coast, New York Comic Con. I will divide this huge New York City trip into five reports since I got so many photos and autographs and it makes it easier so each full day will have a separate report. Me and class arrived in New York late Wednesday morning and went directly to the Barnes and Noble on Fifth Avenue for the Billy Idol book signing. Unfortunately, we couldn’t score free parking and had to pay an arm and a leg for it. I already had a photo with Billy Idol from years ago but I figured I’m a huge fan of his so I could meet him again and class never met him so this would be a great score for him. We got to the bookstore and got in line… the line was all the way around the corner. 

When the signing got started we found out that Billy wasn’t doing any posed photos and that he would not be signing extras. Me and class were towards the end of the line and when we got up to Billy we found that he still wasn’t doing posed pics and wouldn’t sign extras. I decided not to stress about it because I already had a posed photo with Billy from years ago but class was pretty upset about it. We went outside to see if we could catch Billy leaving the signing. Class came up with an ingenious idea… a friend of his was arriving late to get a couple books signed so he went back up with her and she let him get one of her books signed for her.. they were the last two people in line so they asked Billy for photo ops and he agreed so they got perfect posed shots with him.  I kind of regret not doing the same thing but I wasn’t that concerned because I already have a posed photo with him. When Billy walked out of the store he signed albums for those of us that were waiting. We all got vinyls signed and I tried for another photo (selfie) but he wasn’t looking.  

After this we went to another spot and we got a couple of photos with actresses that I was unfamiliar with. One of them was actress Tasha Smith from the movie Addicted and the other one I’m unsure of. After a little bit Billy Idol arrived at this spot but they rushed him in and he didn’t stop for anybody. After this we went to another spot where we heard we might see one of my wrestling top wants, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. We saw a couple random celebrities at this spot including Gary Dell’Abate (producer of Howard Stern show) and rappers T.I. and DJ Quik. T.I. didn’t stop on the way in but did it on the way out even though he didn’t seem too excited about it. DJ Quik was very cool and posed for all six of us. Unfortunately, we never saw The Rock and we assumed he used the garage to exit. 

Next we left for the Joe Perry book signing at Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ. We heard that he did posed photos at the book signing the night before in New York City so we were pretty excited. Also, I already have photos with several members of Aerosmith including Steven Tyler and Brad Whitford so Joe was a huge want of mine. We got to Bookends and the line was huge but Joe did photo ops with every single person at the signing  but he didn’t sign extras. We thought about waiting for him to leave to get our albums signed but we decided to leave right away to try to make it to the Ron Perlman book signing in New York. We got to the Barnes and Nobles in Union Square and had plenty of time to spare. We found out when we got there that Ron would be posing for photos and signing extra items in addition to the book. Me and class brought eight by ten photos of Ron from Hellboy and TVs Beauty and the Beast so we had him sign these in addition to the book.  Some people were getting lean over photos with Ron but many were also getting perfect standing up shots. 

As soon as me and class got up to Ron’s table he was already standing from taking photos with someone else so we asked if we could get our photos while he was up and he graciously agreed. We then both got our book signed and our extra photos signed as well. This was a home run for the both of us. We could have waited and gotten him at New York Comic Con but wanted to get him out of the way before the con if possible since he was one of our bigger wants and because we were unsure what he would do at New York Comic Con since its so crowded. Later we found out that at New York Comic Con he did posed photos but he didn’t sign extra items so it turned out to be a great idea to get him at the Barnes and Noble book signing. After this we went to another spot where we heard we missed Joe Perry (we were hoping to get our extra albums signed). I spotted Matt Seinreich from TVs Robot Chicken but no other celebrities. After this we went to another spot and we got a random actress, Sharon Leal from the movie Addicted. After this we headed to our last spot for the night where we met the band Limp Bizkit. I had already met Limp Bizkit at a past concert in Baltimore but my friends hadn’t met them yet so I decided to hang out with them and got updated photo ops. Everyone in the band came over and took photos with all fans that were waiting by the bus. All in all, it was a very productive and fruitful first day of our trip.
Tonight Long Island Rapper Hoodie Allen was doing a signing for his CD release at the FYE in the Smith Haven Mall which is a 5 minute drive from my house. Considering I've been listening to Hoodie for years and I could meet him for a $10 CD purchase, it was a no brainer.

For anybody unaware of Hoodie, check out his new single All About It - featuring Ed Sheeran. 

This will be all over the radio I am sure thanks to Ed Sheeran, so you will be hearing it in the future.

I noticed on Twitter they began selling CDs at the opening of the store and would be giving out wrist bands. I didn't expect a sell out, but wanting the ability to show up late I went down before lunch to pick up my wristband. The signing started at 6:00 and I went back at 5:45. By 5:50 Hoodie had arrived and the line began moving.

I would estimate that I was about 50th on line, with perhaps another 30 coming in after me. The line was slow moving because Hoodie took his time with each and every fan, posing for multiple photos, recording videos, pretty much doing whatever they wanted.

When I reached the front he was very gracious, greeting me with a bro hug and thanking me for listening to his music. I asked him if he was planning any Acoustic covers like he did last album on his Americoustic release a bit later on, and he said he probably would be since many songs would sound great done acoustically. 

I took my photo and then he asked me to make sure it came out to my liking. I thought the photo was good so I said my goodbyes and headed home, making the 5 minute drive back. I wish all signings were this close to home and this smooth.
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It's not fun, it's really just work. The New York Comic Con. Ugh. I will say this right off the bat. If I do not get a 3-day pass next year at the regular pass, I am not going again. Not having the full weekend largely ruins the experience. I missed so many smaller panels and signings as a result, it was very frustrating. I would like to thank cmshowstopper for offering a pass on Sunday, but we just couldn't make the logistics work to exchange it.

EPIC Photos gets a MASSIVE thumb up from me. Froggy can go take a long walk off a short pier!  Hardly any waiting, shoots were on time, and you got the print out and JPEG immediately. Criticism is that they need to start taking credit cards on site.

I have to say, for how quickly the tickets sold out, I was actually surprised by the turnout. Last year was far more crowded it felt. 

On Thursday, I arrived to a nonsensically long Will Call line. Finally the staff came outside and started exchanging passes for printed paper confirmations. By time I made it inside, the Revenge of the Nerd line was cut off. Lanza was in it, and we talked for a few minutes. It was moving so slow that he bailed! I was in the Giancarlo Esposito line, hoping to get him out of the way quickly. He didn't show up until 3:30 instead of noon. He was great though, very funny with the fans. I got a signed 8x10 from Breaking Bad, as well as one for my friend who was home. $40 plus $10 table photo. 

Now I could have cut into the Nerds line but I didn't want to give up my Esposito spot as his line had grown. They had a panel later in the day as well, which I also missed as I lost track of time. 

I did make it into the artist alley, and got a photo with and some stuff signed by Ren and Stimpy co-creator Bob Camp. Very nice guy.

Here's where the NYCC staff really pissed me off. They had a number of TNG actors scheduled for Thursday, and only John de Lancie showed up. They claimed it was a MISPRINT!!!! Fuck that, that's false advertising. I wouldn't have even bought a Thursday ticket. I did get a photo signed by de Lancie.

Anyway, I did go to the Bitten Syfy channel panel, which stars Laura Vandervoort. After it ended, I got through the mob to get an 8x10 signed, although her thumb smudged it a bit! I couldn't get close enough for a decent photo, and the one I got was a blurry mess. Luckily she usually does table shots when she's at conventions.

Also chatted for a bit with Lucas and Michelle at the end of the night.

On to Saturday....I arrived at a decent time, in the rain. Got in quickly, and waited for The League show panel. It was a hilarious panel, missed it last year, glad to see it now. They aired a future episode that was piss your pants funny. The cast though, including surprise guest Janina Gavankar ran out the back though. I got a free mini football though.

From there I proceeded to the ST TNG cast lines. I heard Patrick Stewart's arthritis was acting up, and he canceled all signings. I of course shit my pants, because I had the cast photo with him! I was assured by Brent Spiner though that he would be in the photo. During the day, I eventually got all cast members (Stewart I had last year) on my First Contact movie print, except Michael Dorn. Dorn didn't have a line, and ducked out at 1PM, never to return! Jerk.

Joresky and I split the cast photo. I forgot to wear my lone Trek shirt, but I photoshopped a Trek logo on for good measure! HA HA. This was expensive, but IMO well worth it given the number of cast members. Again, great job by EPIC to make sure the photo came out. Jeremiah and I will tell people I am Wesley Crusher and he is Miles O'Brien.

While I was in the TNG lines, a lot of weird shit was happening. First a huge Bumble Bee cosplayer walked up to Gates McFadden. Then Robert Smigel/Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog and Jack McBrayer showed up with cameras. They did a skit pestering the TNG cast members. I felt bad because I couldn't get a damn signal to alert Joresky about Smigel, but he was VERY busy/focused. McBrayer was just standing around, and I probably could have gotten a photo but I didn't want to leave the Frakes line because he was about to wrap up.

I'm actually glad I didn't bother with Sunday, because my top want was Cary Elwes and he took NO photos. Also, the Karate Kid prices were insane. Martin Kove wanted $35 for photo, and $35 for signature!!!!! Mercy is for the weak for sure!

The Paunch Stevenson Show pop culture podcast :

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This past Tuesday night I attended an awesome rock show in Baltimore featuring the bands Within Temptation and Amaranthe. These bands are both European and have female vocalists. Within Temptation are like a slightly more metal version of Evanescence with opera influences. I have seen this band a few times and love them so much that I see them every time they come to town. Another awesome thing about the show is I had free tickets because I pass out flyers for the promoter. Amaranthe were amazing as well... this was my first time seeing them perform. When the show was over a few guys from Amaranthe were hanging out near the merch table and took photos and signed for any of the fans that were waiting.  After this I went by the tour bus to try to meet Within Temptation and the lead singer of Amaranthe who I didn't see inside the club. After an hour or so I spotted the drummer of Within Temptation and he came over and took photos and signed for everyone who was waiting. 

After a while the newer guitarist came over and did the same. Next I spotted Elize Ryd the lead singer of Amaranthe and I got a combo with her as well.  After this the rest of the band came out and signed and took pics with all the fans that were waiting including lead singer Sharon Den Adel who was super friendly as always and even too time to chat with us for a bit.  I almost missed the keyboardist of Within Temptation but my friend pointed out that he was waiting in a car that was parked near the tour bus. I went over and motioned to him through the window... he got out of the car and did a combo for me no problem. I ended up getting Within Temptation's new CD "Hydra" signed and got two posters signed (one for me, one for my cousin who was also at the show).  All in all, it was a fun night with awesome music and I got to meet them again as well as a new band so i'd say it was a successful evening. 
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It seems every year I attend Ringside Fest, I am faced dealing with apocalyptic weather. The last time, I was trapped in NYC during a blizzard in October and my train home was cancelled. I was forced to take a train to Philly and lucky to have good buddy DJ come rescue me, before I was left stranded, hungry and near death. This time, I felt like Noah.....all I needed was an ark. The skies had opened and down came a terrentual down pour, one of epic proportions.  There were times walking in the city, that I couldnt see in front of myself. With all that being said...lets start the story!

It was another brutally early morning departure time. I made good timing and wasnt as late as I was for LOTR. Met up with Nate at the same spot before we headed to Secaucus to catch the train. Not only were we gonna attend RSF, but I was gonna show Nate how to hit some spots in the city later on. We made excellent time to the train station and into the city itself. Once we arrived top side at Caroline's, the rain had only gotten worse. I quickly reached into my survival bag and pulled out my poncho. My poncho easily covered me and my back pack AND my Roman Reigns life size standee. Umbrella was up and I took my place in line. I loved how they decided to clear the room after session 1, as I only had a ticket for session 2. Nate on the other hand....he had both sessions. We found two lines outside RSF. Line 1 was for the morning session, which wrapped around the entire bulding.....ALL 4 SIDES! And Line 2, which wasnt too bad....only about 30 people deep. I got into line 2 and held a spot for Nate, while he dealt with line 1. It was a LONG ASS wait. The rain was building into flood like conditions and my feet, shoes and socks were soaked. Conditions were worse than they were in the snow. No ability to sit down or try and relax AND with the rain, it was hard to even occupy myself with my phone, as it kept getting soaked. 

Time slowly passed. What was interesting though was session 1's scheduled finish time had passed and Nate still had not caught up with me. I finally saw him come around about a half hour passed session 1's time. He got inside fairly quickly from there. Due to the sheer number of people and the Bella Twins really taking their time with fans, the line was backed up. Once Nate was inside, I thought my time to go inside would come rather quickly. Unfortunately, it was nearly 40 mins before I would see Nate again. Once I did though, the line moved right on into Carolines and I finally got myself out of the damn rain. Once inside, we went inside and took a seat. We had plenty of time to organize ourselves and prepare for session 2. 

Once the signing started, it moved fairly quickly. I only had a ticket for Roman Reigns. I wish RSF would have sold photo op tickets. I would have loved to have gotten Nikki Bella and Star Dust. Oh well. Roman signed my standee and photo and I got my picture. I also got to see Tom formerly of Ringside Collectibles, now pro wrestling trainee and Bob Mulrenin, photographer extroadinaire. After I got my stuff signed, I went over to retrieve my backpack that I had laid down and review my photo. It was then I realized my photo was basically 2 heads.  The photographer either didnt zoom out or he didnt take any steps back. Bob saw it and said he could make it right. He went over to RSC, explained what happened and said he would take the picture to make sure it turned out right. So I got a retake due to Bob's quick thinking. Thanks Bob!  

Stardust was awesome for how friendly he was with people and seemed really excited to be there. It was a good signing, but it was quick. We left the room and headed out to the main room to check out what was for sale by RSC. I wanted the Edge Rated R exclusive figure anyway. We regrouped and then headed over to the table. The figure was $5 more than online pricing, but I was fine to pay for it until I was told....CASH ONLY.  This is 2014....Cash only? Can we please get it together? I understand wifi is bad at Caroline's....the entire location is bad. But we all have phones with internet built in and Square readers are free. I was asked to go across the street and use the ATM. Cept the ATM charges like a $4 fee. So no thanks. Its cheaper to just order online and pay the shipping.

We were both hungry, so I introduced Nate to Steak N Shake. We headed over and good. Sadly, we didnt watch the clock and needed to race back to Penn Station. We needed to dump our RSF stuff to pick up new stuff for the city and the FWE wrestling show in Brooklyn. We also swung by a Duane Reade and bought a 2 pack of socks, so we could at least get a fresh pair on the wet feet.

We made decent timing back to Secaucus, made the change and headed back to Penn Station. The next series of events would, sadly, put a huge damper on the day. I fucked up. I fucked up bad. My limited knowledge of the New York subway system really fucked us up. We jumped on the subway at Penn Station and headed uptown for 97th street in Brooklyn. Only problem? Brooklyn turns out to be downtown. We went in the COMPLETELY wrong direction. To make matters worse, once we arrived on 97th, we asked 2 New Yorkers if we were in the right place and were met with confirmation. It wasnt until we met a nice cab driver did we find out just how wrong we were. And we missed FWE and that part of the day was over.

Deflated and downtrodden, we decided to jump back on the subway to head back to hit some celeb spots. Unfortunately, the station closest to us had no down town trains. So we walked several blocks and found the next station. down town trains. So we walked even more blocks and you guessed down town trains. This station at least had instructions on how to get a down train. We jumped on and rode the subway to 112th street and then had to take a connector there. Not sure if this would take us to 42nd st, we decided to ask for help. We were told it would not and we needed to get off Columbus Circle and then pick up another connector train.  We were lucky enough to meet this lady on the train who told us not to get off Columbus, as it DEFINITELY stopped at 42nd. She was right.

To salvage the day, we headed for the first spot. Our targets were Josh Radnor and Gretchen Moll from Rounders. Instead, our first meet would be Hari Dhillion from The Loop and Holby City. I got a picture with him. We spotted Gretchen Moll coming towards the door. The door then closed and she went back inside and a note was posted..."back in 1 minute". 1 minute later the note was taken down, but not Gretchen. A few more minutes passed and out came Josh Radnor. Josh was great as always. I got a photo with him and he signed my How I Met Your Mother DVD sleeve. I asked him about the cast taking props home and he confirmed he took the Blue French Horn. I joked and asked him "not the red cowboy boots"?  

We waited a little more, but no Gretchen. We needed to move on to the next spot, so we called it and headed out. At our next spot, it wasnt too long before the action started. This place drew a HUGE crowd, unlike my previous spot. Out first was Micah Stock, from Deception and King Kelly. I got a pic with him. Then Rupert Grint came out. Not a fan of his, as I know nothing about Harry Potter. But A LOT of people were looking for him. He signed just a few and took just a couple of pics. I got one before he took off. The next name out was my big want, Matthew Broderick. Have been a long time fan of his since Project X and War Games and of course Ferris Bueller. He signed my Ferris mini poster and I got a picture with him. Sadly, it looks like he is staring at a wart on his junk instead of looking at the camera. I will need rectify this later.

Nonetheless, I got Broderick. We ran to our next spot, but found we were too late for Mark Linn Baker of Perfect Strangers fame. Oh well. I will try again for him another time. Perhaps at NYCC week? We shall see. 

Our trip had ended and we headed back to Secaucus. We stopped in Phillipsburg, so I could introduce Nate to the greatness that is Wawa. Nate finally got a chance to taste the deliciousness of the "Gobbler" sandwich. We ate in the car and I swore he orgasmed.....twice. All that moaning and that sauce dripping from his lips and onto my phone.....  Yeah. It happened. Once we got back to our meeting point, we headed our separate ways. It was a long, boring drive home. This trip had some success and some failure. Probably wasnt entirely worth going too, all things considered, but nonetheless, it was a great new learning experience for Nate and a couple of good gets. I pray that next year's RSF.......the weather holds up though. Blizzard, flood.......whats next?
So it's been two years since my last convention, NYCC 2012, which pretty much made me quit the hobby. While this weekend had its ups and downs, it was overall a great time and to some extent made me remember why I loved going to cons.

On Friday, I met up with Dana and Ira and waited for Terry Kinney. The table had strict no photo rules so I didn't bother. I did get him to sign my Oz book, which is pretty ruined anyway after being stored improperly. Afterward, I got a photo with JBL, whom I have never met before.

We headed over to the Batman 75 exhibit, and I picked up some amusing Batman swag.

At this point, we joined Lucas in the Jennifer Morrison line. I'm a huge fan of Dr. Cameron from House, and made sure to wear my "Princeton Plainsboro" t-shirt.

We headed down to the Librarians signing, where I got a cast promo signed. Photo ops were difficult, and since I didn't actually care about any of these people, I didn't get too worked up.

At some point, I also got in line for my Gillian Anderson photo op. Oddly, her line was shorter than Hulk Hogan's and nowhere near the monstrosity that was Jennifer Morrison's. She was pleasant but aloof.

Next, I went upstairs for my photo with Manu Bennett. I'm most familiar with his work as Crixus on Spartacus.

I also ran into a friend of mine who wanted to get Lucy Lawless, so we split a photo op. It was pricey at $85, but I've known this friend for about 25 years, so splitting was an easy decision.

Afterward, I quickly jumped over and got Once Upon a Time's Sean Maguire, who had no line and was a $20 photo op. He was extremely nice and talkative. I thought he would draw better, but his booth was positioned in an unlikely place next to Honky Tonk Man and Bushwhacker Luke.

I also swung by and got Billy West. I'm a huge fan of Billy's work on the Howard Stern Show as well as on Ren and Stimpy. I had Billy sign an original animation production cel from Ren and Stimpy and got a photo.

Finally, I met Giancarlo Esposito, who is of course Gus from Breaking Bad. I purchased a signed box cutter, which came with a free table photo op. 

As you can see, Friday was a very busy and expensive day.

The next morning, a few friends of mine showed up at my place at 8 and we carpooled into the city, figuring that 3 people would definitely save money on train fare. Unfortunately, the weather was absurd, and it poured incessantly all day, which led us to be significantly delayed in getting into the con. We didn't make it inside until about 11, which didn't really impact me much.

I spent a good chunk of my morning waiting in line with my friends, and also picking up the Star Trek autographs I needed. This trip, I got Denise Crosby, John DeLancie, and Gates McFadden, all on my poster. The poster has the following autographs: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Denise Crosby, John DeLancie, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Kate Mulgrew, René Auberjonois, and The Rock.

I also headed down to the Davinci's Demons cast signing, and got a very good spot in line. They also said no photos, but I'm a fan of the show, so I got photos with everyone.

I stuck the autograph on my scanner, so the edge is cut off in the photo.

Next, I grabbed Jeremy Shada as he was going to lunch, and he was happy to take a quick photo. Jeremy is the voice of Finn on Adventure Time, as well as a million other things.

To round out my day, I got Gillian Anderson to sign my The X Files TV poster. It's also signed by Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Dean Haglund, and William B. Davis.

On Sunday, I again drove in with the same friends in order to tie up a few loose ends. My first important stop was the Star Trek: TNG cast photo, which I split with my two friends.

Next, I went over to the Bret Hart signing, where I met up with Lanza, Lucas, and Michelle. Initially, Neca said they were sold out of Bret Harts, but in a few minutes eagerly sold me two. When I got to Bret, he was friendlier and more engaging than is typical, and happily signed both of my figures across the bubble using my paint pen, then took a photo op.

Afterward, Lucas, Michelle, and I ran over to Jerry Springer, where we were near the front of the line. Jerry couldn't have been nicer.

I did a bunch of shopping for a while, and actually bought something very cool but which won't arrive for another month or so. I'll be sure to update when it does, since it's something many on the board will be interested in.

My final stop of the weekend was Artist Alley, where I met the amazing Bob Camp, co-creator of Ren and Stimpy. He was extremely nice, and was genuinely enthusiastic about my production cel. He signed both my production drawing and cel, happily took a photo, and spent a few minutes with Lanza and me, doing many of the voices from the episode from my cel. He was the perfect cap to an awesome weekend.

Thanks for reading! Who knows what next year may bring?
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Sunday was the day Jen & I decided to go, we arrived the the Javits Center at about 10:30 & we got in line for the American Dad signing. The cast was about 20 minutes late & as the line went on the NYCC workers did their usual speech on not being able to get photo's. While waiting Class, Joresky & Mr & Mrs Lucas all passed by & I intruduced them to Jen. We got up to the front of the line & we went up to meet the American Dad cast, which consisted of Wendy Schaal, Rachel MacFarlane, Dee Bradley Baker & Scott Grimes. I only got a photo with Scott as the workers & security seemed to be getting pissed at the people getting photos & he was the only person I really knew other roles of (he played Dr. Archie Morris on ER). We then headed upstairs to the Bret Hart signing, when we reached the booth I was shocked how long the line for Bret was. While on line we ran into the previously mentioned Marked out Crew plus the arrival of flair & Lanza. Bret was his normal nice self. After Bret we walked around for a bit until we got on line for the Jerry Springer Autograph signing. Jerry was very nice & seemed happy when I said I was from his old neighborhood. 
On Friday I made the trip to NYCC with my friend Tony. We got to Penn and met up with Ira and Raza and headed to the Javitz center to lineup. Once through the outdoor checkpoints I found out that they only had generic black lanyards this year. Not a big issue, but I always like the sponsored lanyards from the networks.

The doors promptly opened at 10am and we started filing in. I made my way to booth 888 to survey the area for my first target, Terry Kinney from Oz! I was joined at this spot by WEWANTFLAIR!!!! The retired ADMIN had made his return to cumbo hunting!!!! It was cool getting to catch up and spend much of the day with Sean, it must have been 2 years since I've seen him.

We saw Terry approach the booth and he did an interview with the rest of the cast. Once he started signing, he took two photos, then security started yelling no photos, which matched the sign posted in the background of my photo. I then reach him and ask for a photo and Terry says "well we're not supposed to take them, but go ahead" since he saw me already preparing for it. I prevailed and even got McManus doing the Bret Hart pose!! HCIT?!

After this we ran by the Laura Vandervoort free signing, but we didn't have enough time to do that with the Jennifer Morrison photo fast approaching. We unfortunately left that and raced downstairs, where we found a line about 300 deep for Morrison photos. On this line, wewantflair and myself ran into Lucas and we hung with him and later Ira. Let me start by saying that the new company NYCC has for photos is tremendous. You literally get your print moments after you take it with no wait time whatsoever. The crew was professional and organized and they use technology to it's fullest unlike other companies. Jennifer was very cool and looked great.

Following the photo print out, we jumped onto The Librarians line. With Ira and Lucas holding the spots, wewantflair, Tony and I got off the line to get the Gillian Anderson photos. The line was shorter than Hulk Hogan's line, which surprised me since they were both repeats from last year, but she had a solid one none the less. Gillian seemed happy enough to be there but she was a bit stiff seeming on the pose with the hands in front of her body and seeming to tense up on contact. I guess that's just her way, because they had no "no contact" policy in place. I was fine with the photo, which I split with my friend who was a huge fan of hers growing up.

After this I met up with an old friend, who strangely enough I had never met before. We actually met almost 20 years ago on the old AOL WWF Trivia game, somehow that led to IMing and even phone calls as kids since we had similar interests which most of our local friends didn't at the time (wrestling, sports, etc). He lives in the Bronx and finding each other at the same show set the stage to finally meet which was cool. 

Then we hopped back on The Librarians line, which started moving late but it was OK since I had a gap at this time anyway. On this line I got to BS with Class and Jeremiah which was nice. Once it started security started yelling no photos, which as usual means nothing. I skipped a photo with the first woman because the guard looked pissed and I wanted to focus onRebecca Romijn mostly because she was the biggest name. Rebecca was very cool, gladly posing for the photo.

Once I had the biggest name on the panel I just got everyone else figuring worst case they throw me off the line, which I figured wouldn't happen anyway lol

First was Christian Kane from Leverage and Angel. I never heard of him, but why not.

After that was John Kim, who I am not sure anyone ever heard of, but again, why not?

Next up I hauled ass to the back of the main floor, in a corner, where Froggy's was annexed because they were running the Manu Bennett photos which I was splitting with Raza. The split was a fair price and I love Arrow, so this was a no brainer. Manu was cool and once the photo was done I hauled ass back down to line up for my top want of the day.

I reached autograph alley and lined up to the buy the Ron Perlman book. This line took forever and I can't for the life of me figure out why. When I finally reached the front I purchased my book for $29.60 and I was quickly making my way over to the line for the signing. I would estimate I was about 130 back, with about 150 more to line up behind me before it was all said and done. Security began saying there would be no extra items signed and no photo ops. 

I was still optimistic Ron would override their wishes, but knowing this was my top want and my final objective of the day, I knew I would fight security like I did last year for James Purefoy. I had nothing to lose, but luckily I didn't need to do anything like that. Ron not only allowed photos, but he had a girl there taking the photos for you and he was allowing people behind the table. I even saw a few fans walk away with signed merch that he did anyway. Once I reached the front I got my book signed and he posed for the photo. Being such a huge fan of Sons, this was a great get for me.

After this I got to BS with CM, Raza and Class which was cool. 

After this I sold my badge for the remaining two days and headed home! Great to see and hang with everyone.
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Here, I add yet another Homeland name to my collection...Nazanin Boniadi. I particularly went for Dallas' Jesse Metcalfe to add another name to my Desperate Housewives collection. The collection is nearly complete! Also, Kristen Wiig Lawrence Gillard, Jr. & Law & Order: SVU's Stephanie March.