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Sometimes you play the game and sometimes.....the game plays you. This weekend.....I PLAYED the game. A lot of my report will not be in its normal true detail. I have developed a system that allows me to attend Creation's Vampire Diaries conventions for little to no cost of my own. Its all pefectly legal and there is absolutely ZERO counterfeiting of tickets. For the past 4 years, each year has grown increasingly cheaper. This year it couldnt have been any cheaper.

Part of my plan does require some sacrifice. Depending on how much one is willing to sacrifice, will determine how cheap this convention will become for oneself. This year, I was willing to sacrifice the main event portion, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley.....the normal Sunday main event guests. Instead I opted for Saturday, which would give me 2 Vampire Diaries names I needed for my poster and 4 The Originals names I needed for a new poster project. For Vampire Diaries, Arielle Kebbel aka Lexi and Zach Roerig aka Matt Donovan. And for The Originals; Daniel Gillies aka Elijah, Todd Stashwick aka Father Kieran, Leah Pipes aka Cammi, and Michael Trevino aka Tyler Lockwood....who appeared in two episodes of The Originals in Season 1 and remains an arch rival for lead Joseph Morgan aka Klaus. 

With any convention, schedule changes, cancellations, etc. are par for the course. It started with Eka Darville aka Diego, who canceled due to filming commitments a few months before the convention. But with about a week before the con, we had SEVERAL major changes/cancellations. First Leah Pipes canceled and then Arielle moved from Saturday/Sunday to just Sunday. The Arielle move hurt, as she was my top want for this con. She is incredibly gorgeous and Lexi is an awesome character. Creation did scramble and came up with 2 names to replace Leah....Callard Harris aka Thierry and Chase Coleman aka Oliver, who seems to be in line for a bigger role come season 2. Sadly, Chase was a Friday ONLY guest and once again.....I am only attending Saturday. Callard Harris is nice addition, but in no way as big as a Leah Pipes. I will not disclose what transpired. But I did contact Creation and I have to acknowledge the promoters of this convention on their professionalism and courtesy. Not only did they respond promptly, they made me feel like I was the most important customer they had. The entire staff, top to bottom.....from the promoters to the ticket vendors to the volunteers.....conducted themselves with the highest of professionalism. Just a few weeks ago, if you read my Wizard World report, you learned on how NOT to treat your customers. Creation Entertainment should teach Wizard a thing or two about how a promoter should conduct oneself and how valuable the customer truly is. And Creation deserves this high praise, which is not easily earned by myself.  

Now with all the cancellations, subtractions/additions, schedule changes, etc.....there was still one more to come. And this would set the con on fire. Originally scheduled for Sunday ONLY, Ian Somerhalder had to change his schedule or else canceled. So instead of being on Sunday with Paul, he was moved to Saturday. Crazy! But since he was moved to Saturday, it also allowed me to pickup a photo op with him. 

So I have laid the ground work and now the trip begins. Its a little less than 3 hours to Parsippany for me. Not horrible. The schedule was posted a few days before the convention and looks like all my autographs were going to be in the evening. No need to get up early. Decided to leave around 1pm to get there in plenty of time to pickup my tickets and get an early spot in the Ian line. I got there in plenty of time and went inside to pickup my tickets. I avoided the registration line, as everyone was getting Daniel Gillies photo ops or listening to Ian's panel. So I walked right it and was warmly greeted by the Creation staff. They knew who I was and once again, all treated me with the utmost respect. Vinnie, even jokingly said I was Creation's BEST customer. Once I got registered, I returned to my truck for a bit to read some comics. Since there is one photo room and the Daniel line was absurd, I knew there was no need to be there this early for Ian's photo op. Not to mention, most of the Ian photo op ticket holders were inside his panel. 

About 45 minutes before photo op time, I returned to the con. I went inside and the Daniel line was done. I was going to go lineup, but was told there is no line for Ian and I cannot start one. So I wandered off closer to the doors and just kept an eye out on the area and headed back over when the line started. Once the line formed, I met up with a new friend of mine, Jen and spent the rest of the convention hanging out and swapping stories. Normally at the VD cons, I look like a turd in a punch bowl. A convention filled with teenage girls, young women, old women, the proverbial turd.  But this time, at least this turd had some company. The line moved fairly quickly. We got in and got out within 15 minutes. Not bad. When we exited, we got a glimpse of exactly how bad this photo op was. Not only that, but Ian's next photo op was a duo with Michael Malarkey and that line was already stretched across the hippo and passed the hippo bar. Jen had this ticket as well, so I kept her company in that line as well. It was either spend time with a beautiful woman or sit in a truck reading comic books. Which would you choose?  

This line took MUCH longer. The Ian solo line just didnt seem to move. Everytime I would see people move, the end of the line continued to grow. It got so long......that it started to blend with the duo line and they needed to move the duo line. By the time Jen went in for her photo and I waited for her outside the photo room, I could tell Ian's Gold ONLY panel was not going to start on time. I checked with Creation staff and was told that the 7pm auto session would start on time regardless of Ian's panel being delayed. I was shown where the auto room would be. When Jen returned, I explained the situation. She opted to pass on Ian's panel and join me for autographs. Since we had a little time to kill, we grabbed a drink at the bar. After that, we discovered that the information I was given was incorrect and that autographs would not start on time because they would be in the same room as Ian's panel. So we decided to go into the panel late. 

Anyone that reads my reports knows how I do not care for panels. They are filled with lousy, boring questions that we have heard the answers to a million times or questions that are just "fan girl" questions and lack any creativity, originality or substance. This night, I was proven least by one person. The question posed to Ian; "If you could go back in time and change one major historical event......what would it be and why?" Now if this question was posed to Dez may seem a little off and Dez probably wouldnt be able to name any TRUE significant historical event anyway. BUT, Ian isnt Dez Bryant and is quite intelligence, especially when it comes to history...for those who follow him on twitter. Ian's answer was well thought out and very Ian "Save The World". He said he was change the outlawing of prohibition, as he believes that banning alcohol is what led to the oil tycoons and alcohol not becoming THE national power source and oil ruins the enviroment, etc, etc. Ian is the resident Captain Planet. And I'm happy that he is leading a charge to save the world. But its not exactly my cup of tea. Still....very well thought out question responded with a very personal and respectable answer.

Anyway, they were almost 30 minutes behind and finally the autographs started. Jen had dinner reservations and was not staying for the autographs, so I was on my own again. It was a little confusing exactly how this was being handled. On the left side, was Daniel Gillies, Callard Harris and Michael Trevino. These 3 guests were NOT included in the price of the gold package. On the right side was Zach Roerig and Todd Stashwick, 2 names that were included. They suggested that everyone who had tickets for Daniel, Callard and Michael to get them first. So I went to the left side. The line moved VERY quickly. Daniel was first. He signed my Originals poster.....HUGE. It could have been worse. Well...actually, it kind of was. The handler said no personalizations and no inscriptions. Normally, I dont allow this to deter me....but sadly, his huge autograph caught me off guard and I neglected to ask him personally. Daniel did compliment my marker, which seems to be a very a popular theme amongst the VD cast.

When I was done, I moved to Callard Harris, who did I inscribe Thierry and Michael Trevino, who did Tyler Lockwood for me. Trevino was cool. I asked him if there might be a chance we might see him cross over to New Orleans again. He said "doubtful....he is stuck in Mystic Falls." Interesting....stuck? Guess he liked it in New Orleans. LOL! 

With those 3 names done, I headed over to the opposite side for Zach and Todd. Originally, they said you would just get into that line. But now they were saying you had to return to your seat and wait for your row to be called. So when I sat down, I asked what row they were on.....still first row. WHAT?!?!?  Its been at least 20 minutes and the first row isnt done yet. Needless to say, this took forever for my row to get called. When it finally did, the line moved fairly quickly until we got to the first guest.

Zach Roerig, better known as Matt Donovan. He seemed to have inherited Vickie Donovan's pension for alcohol or perhaps Steven R. McQueen's for the wacky tabacky, the herb, cheeba, mersh, kemp, schwag, alaskan dog fuck, bubonic, maui wowie, krang, sweet thang, diesel, resin, peacebloom, the devil's know what I mean? Dude, was out there. What transpired to the lady in front of me and the tshirt she was getting hard to explain. But Zach seem to have some issues signing his name. The first time he tried, it seemed ok. But he wasnt satisfied and what transpired next.....I felt bad for the girl. Anyway, it was my turn and I was quite concerned for my poster. I handed Zach my Deco paint and this also seemed to turn into something. As Zach was mesmerized by the odor coming from it. He proceeded to stick the tip into his nostril and huffed the marker 3 times. Hey man.....I sniff those markers too. I loved the smell. But Zach seem to find this euphoric. I thought he was gonna sniff the tip right into his lung. He did in fact sign the poster, even if his signature is signed perpendicular and he did inscribe Matt, eventhough I asked for Matt Donovan. I grabbed my marker and moved on.

Last name of the con and it was Todd Stashwick. Todd was nice. He signed my Originals poster and inscribed it Father K....AMEN! Nice Amen touch there. And that was it. The con was over for me. I came and got all my autographs and my photo op and did it with very little to no cost to myself. I grabbed my photo op off the table, which was ready as promised. I went and got my jpeg from the photographer, who was always cool as shit. And I was done. I loaded the truck and hit the road back to home.

For dinner and gas, I did stop at Wawa in Phillipsburg, which is a perfect place to stop. Cheap gas, good food, open all night. I filled up and went inside and ordered my food. BTW for those who do stop at this exit, they are bum rushing a Quaker Steak and Lube in that plaza. I was in NYC less than a month ago and there wasnt even ground broken here. Its now ground broken, building erect, signs going up. Anyway, I found Sprite 6 Remix, limited edition Lebron James edition. Its traditional lemon-lime Sprite mixed with Orange and Cherry. And it is possibly the greatest soda ever created! I picked up a case for the ride home.  

All in all, it was a good day. The convention moved quickly for the most part, very well organized. The lines were long, but manageable. And I came home with another solid name on my Vampire Diaries poster and 4 names on my brand new Originals poster to get it started. The game was played and I came out smelling like a winner!
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July 12, 2014 a day that will live in personal infamy. The planning began all the way back on February 3. And here on July 13 all I can do is back in the glory that was my yesterday. Granted that early planning really had nothing to do with the report itself other than I had plans for a concert in the evening and had to ensure I left Chantilly in time to make it back to Chocolate Town PA. 

The day started by meeting up with fellow board member NightShift aka Nate. The not so thrilling ride down into MD and VA began. Luckily we hit no major construction or accidents so it was a smooth ride. We arrived to a half empty parking lot with a line out the door. After a short wait we realized this line was for those that had not prepaid for tickets. Nate and I both preordered so we skip the line in what proved to be a trend of great luck throughout the con. I still wanted to purchase an extra Dez autograph but there was plenty of time to do so. We walked around and checked out the vendors. Most were typical sport show vendors with cards, jerseys or pieces of art. There were a few vendors that caught my eye most of which were for items that were cool but out of my price range. We decide to hit up the CSA merch line to pick up 8x10s as Jay helped get Romo's flight out. For his service Jay asked we get him an auto. I picked up a few other cool looking photos and bought my extra Dez signature. I completely recommend preordering any autographs as those I preordered were numbered less than 10. The one I bought at the show was in the 100s. One kink that was announced was that Tyron Smith's flight was delayed and he would not arrive till 3. It wasn't Romo plan ended but added some pressure. 

I had the day planned out much like Wizard World so that I didn't lose anything that had already invested money into. First up was supposed to be Dez. in yet another theme for the day, Dez was late. Luckily Michael Irvin was early though. Was a quick in and out as were right at the front of the line. It was in no way shape or form Wizard World quick though. In what was my favorite interaction of the day The Playmaker and I discussed the upcoming Dallas season, Sean Lee's injury and Zack Martin's passion for the game. 

Nate and I quickly got back in line by fellow board member Lou. Who we had the privledge to talk to a bit throughout the day. This ended up being the biggest piece of the puzzle for the day. Dez arrived and the photo line become a mad rush. There was no line but rather cattle being herded into the photo booth. Photos are only supposed to take 15 minutes and Dez had a line that was easily 45 minutes worth of photos. Nate and I got in and out. Once again there was no feeling of being rushed as Dez greeted and shook hands. Dez ended up having to leave for his autographs soon thereafter. They cut off people who were still waiting for photos and ensured them that he would be back when he was done signing. 

I went to grab my Dez autos as I had a low number. Here is where I learned yet another helpful piece of information. They call autographs by number. But each different category has its own number. So I had a premium item numbered 6. Yet there was another person with a flat with the number 6. Another person with a mini helmet numbered 6. So numbers 1-15 ends up being 45-60 people rather than 15. I got both my items done quickly but I'm not thrilled with the quality of the graph as there are gaps in letters. His 8's look like 5's. Ugh.  

Next up was the wait for the top want for the show. The man of the hour, the man with the power, you all know him as Terrell Owens and Cowboy fans alike QB, Tony Romo. Tony's line was half of that of Bryant's. Somewhat surprising IMO but still can't pass up getting #9. Tony was in great spirits. Once again no rush and was able to have a short convo with Tony. He said he liked big guys like me   I think he wanted to recruit me to be on his O line and keep him safe. He said his back is about 2 weeks away which is great news for Cowboys Nation. 

Wanted to add Tony to my helmet along side Dez. It was pricey but knowing this may be my only guaranteed shot I had to take it. Tony was great signing right where I asked and what came out as a much better auto than that of his top WR.  

At this point is where the trouble began. Jon Jones was in traffic and had no ETA. He was already 30 minutes late.  Nate and I waited and walked to check on Tyron. There were a good amount of people already waiting. As we walked back to the photo area there came across an announcement that would enrage a few and anger many. "DEZ BRYANT HAS LEFT THE BUILDING" This came to a shock and anger from the 100 people still waiting to get a photo that CSA told them they would get. I guess Dez went over his time and didn't want the extra $ to stay. CSA issued refunds quickly but there were many people I still feel bad for. It was interesting watching the whole experience. 

Nate and I still waiting for the best pound for pound fighter but at least we got confirmation that he was in the building. In a not so thrilling turn of events and despite maybe 15 people waiting for photos, Jones did his autograph line first. There weren't too many but it still extended the wait time by another 30 minutes. Once Jon finally got to the photo station he was great. He was on the first UFC event I ever watched and became my favorite fighter instantly. I got to tell him about it and he thanked me.  

The day was winding down. We headed back over to Smith to find at 4 he still hadn't arrived.  Once again Nate and I come into luck. There were people with early numbered tickets who had to leave. I explained how I had to leave soon because of my concert and he sold us their low numbered tickets!! Instead of waiting for 150 people we waited for 30. Nate and I got our cumbos and headed out. 

My first CSA show was a major success. Thanks Chantilly for being so good to me. 

Other notes:

I saw quite a few players doing free photos despite not doing their pro photos yet. Staff did nothing to stop this. No one asked for autos for free. The biggest name we saw doing this was Reggie Jackson. Dez was the only name I had interest in that I saw doing freebees but I was in Romo's auto line so there would have been no realistic way to get it and I already had my pro shot done. 

If you are a Bruno Mars fan, you are depriving yourself if you don't see him in concert. Despite having nearly the exact same show that I saw last June, it was still amazing. 

Great Day over. Photos below
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So I don't see a lot of sports event photo reports here, so I figured I'll add something. I follow all major motorsports, but Indy car racing is my favorite. The events are well priced, including full access pit passes. Unlike NASCAR or Formula One, he drivers are much easier to get to. That being said, race weekends are very hectic, and drivers (both past and present) will stop and sign/photo, but it's often a narrow window. They're scooting around (literally on scooters) all over the place. As a result, I would have to say this was the hardest and most determined I've ever worked a "combo" event. Add in the sunburn! Granted most of you will never have heard of most of these guys, but what the heck...

One of the nice things about race fans is that they are always ready and willing to take your picture with a driver for you. In fact, I wound up teaming up with 3 or 4 people over the two days, and the camera-swapping worked out very well.

Saturday Photos. ... 261179290/

Sunday Photos ... 672599954/

Here's some highlights....
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I usually dont travel to far outside of NY/NJ area much for conventions. The only exceptions were a few Signamanias in Pennsylvania. However when I saw Tony Romo who is my TOP Sports want listed for the CSA Show in Chantilly, VA I was very much intrigued! The NJ Football shows always have alot of Cowboys, but they have never had Romo. When I contacted them about the chances of him appearing at one of their shows they said very slim. 

When checking the location of this event, I noticed its only 10 minutes from Dulles Airport which was really good news for me. My father is an employee of United Airlines, so I can travel under his name for very cheap. Only negative is I have to travel standby, so I only get on a flight if there are open seats available. I also noticed a Holiday Inn hippo which is on the same grounds as the Expo Center the CSA show would be held. They had a discounted rate of $69 a night for CSA Show guests and a Free courtesy shuttle from the airport. All of this would really limit my expenses for the trip, so it was a no brainer! So I preordered tickets for Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. Michael Irvin, my all time favorite Cowboy was also there, but I got him at a past show in NJ. Sean Lee was also on the show but for Sunday only which sucked, as I would have definitely purchased a ticket for him as well.

My day started out early Friday morning, as I tried for the first flight of LaGuardia airport to Dulles which was 7am. Flying standby the best thing to do is start with the first flight of the day, just in case that one is full, you have the whole day of flights to work with instead of limiting your options. I know the early morning flights always usually go out full because of people flying for business, but I figured I would try for them anyway. Like I expected the first few flights were full. After almost getting on the 8am flight(missing out by one seat) I wound up getting on the 10am flight. After a 25 minute delay of waiting in a line of planes to takeoff, we finally did and landed in Dulles around 12 noon.

I found the area for hippo Courtesy Shuttles and saw two vans for Holiday Inn. I approached the driver for the first one and asked him if this was the van for the Holiday Inn Expo Center. In a very thick Indian accent he says "yes yes. Holiday Inn". I asked him again to make sure that this was the one for the Expo Center and got the same response. I should have asked the driver in the other van to just to be safe, because 10 minutes later we pull up to a Holiday Inn, but I dont see any type of Expo Center in the area. Sure enough this was NOT the right Holiday Inn. I get back in the van and make the trip back to the airport. Luckily its a short ride. I get out and see the other van and ask the other driver and he confirmed it was the for Expo Center. This turned out to be the correct van! lol

I checked into my room and chilled out for a few hours. The Expo Center was literally right behind my hippo in a Shopping Center. It had a few other stores including a Walmart and some fast food places. Arbys, Burger King, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-a, and a Hooters. I would later find out from djknightrida that Dez Bryant and Tony Romo were at that Hooters later that Friday Night! 

After checking in and relaxing for a few hours, I headed over to the Expo Center to pickup my tickets to avoid any line Saturday morning. It was Free Admission for Friday Night. I picked up my admission and Tony Romo and Dez Bryant tickets for the next day and checked out the vendor tables. Alot of them were still setting up. Most of the tables were all cards which I really have no interest in anymore, so nothing I really had any interest in buying. After this I got something eat and went back to my room for the night. Free Wi-Fi in the rooms, so I connected my iPad to the TV and watched some WWE Network and other TV Shows I had stored.

Saturday morning doors opened up at 9am, but being I had my tickets in hand already and my first want of the day Dez Bryant wasnt appearing until noon, I didnt checkout of my room and head over to the expo center until around 10:45am. By this time there was a little bit of a line out the door still, but nothing crazy. I walked around the vendor area again, but nothing really different from the night before. While walking around I ran into fellow board members djknightrida and NightShift who I chatted with to pass the time while on line for Dez Bryant. 

Dez Bryant was a little late so he did not start photo ops at noon like scheduled. The line started maybe 15-20 minutes later. Luckily myself, dj and Nate were near the front of the line already because like he said in his report, there was no real line and everyone just started moving towards the photo area. We were among the first few in. Dez was really cool. Not rushed at all. We were lucky to be at the front because not too long after they announced Dez would be heading over to the autograph area and would be back for more photos after he was done signing(which it turned out he never did!)

Since I didnt have any autograph tickets, I hung around the Photo area because Tony Romo would be appearing in less than an hour. I picked up my Dez photo opp which they printed out very quickly. After they announced Dez would be heading over to the autograph area alot of his ticket holders left the line, so I got in line knowing Romo would be up soon. When they finally did start with Romo, mos of the people ahead of me were still waiting for Dez, so was able to skip them and be one of the first 10 or 15 for Romo photo ops. Romo was the main reason for my trip and he did not disappoint! Very friendly and very cool. Very laid back guy. I told him that I was very confident he would be the QB when the Cowboys win their next Super Bowl which he agreed. After the photo I thanked him, told him to stay healthy and good luck this season. He said "Thats the plan"(to stay healthy) and that this season would be a good one. 

Just like with Dez Bryant, they printed out the photo ops very quickly.Because of this, I would be able to head to the airport alot earlier than expected. So I said good bye to dj & Nate and walked back over to my hippo for the shuttle to the airport. The only negative on the day for me was Cowboys Offensive Lineman Tyron Smith who was supposed to appear at 1pm was pushed back to 3pm because of a delayed flight. I couldnt hang around and take a chance on being late to the airport. Turns out I made the right decision since he didnt show up until around 4pm.

CSA when it comes to the Photo Ops at shows runs things ALOT better than the GTSM shows in New Jersey. CSA will take maybe 20-30 photos, then change memory cards or whatever they use and print out that group of photos while the rest of the photos are being taken and continue to do this, so you can pick up your photo shortly after its taken. From the few GTSM shows I went to, they seem to wait until ALL the photo ops are done and then print them out. That could be a problem for someone with alot of people in line, like Mike Tyson a couple years ago. I attended a CSA show in NJ a few years back and got photo ops with Jason Witten, then Cowboys Demarcus Ware and Miles Austin and former Cowboy Jay Novacek. Just like at this show, photo ops were printed out very quickly. It makes the show more enjoyable when you dont have to wait around hours for your photo to be printed out.

I will definitely be back for a CSA Show at this location if someone else pops up I really want. Overall it was a fun trip getting to meet my top Sports Want left in Tony Romo!
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Being a child of the 80's, I of course have a love of John Hughes movies. I started a Breakfast Club piece earlier in the year when Molly Ringwald did a send-in signing, so when I got word that Ally Sheedy would be in town, I once again got my rear end into NYC to give it the old college try.

The venue was in a fairly good spot - place to sit and/or lean in the shade, not a lot of pedestrian traffic to block views, etc. The only downside was that it was on a relatively shot city block, and I was going in solo, so depending on whether she came in from in front of me or behind, I might not get a lot of warning to see her coming. Based on traffic and location, I made a calculated guess as to which direction she'd almost definitely be coming from...which was of course, wrong.

It's a good 45 minutes after when I estimated she'd get there, so I'm getting worried, but then I turn around and there she is - almost literally in my face, walking briskly almost right into me and into the venue door! At that point, she was (likely legitimately) running late, and was halfway in the door, but I called out her name. I was really scared that I was about to get the polite wave/"sorry running late"/door slam treatment, but she turned around and came back out, thank God. Even though she kept saying she was running late, she still signed with a smile on her face, and posed for a picture - so the trip was a complete success! 
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On the eve of the month of June, me and Joresky decided to be guinea pigs for the first ever book con. 

By the time we got to the con, almost all autograph tickets had been clean swept. I wanted an RL Stein ticket to to improve my photo op and get more autographs, and I wanted a ticket for Holly Black/Cassandra Clare. I wanted Holly Black because she is the author of the Spiderwick Chronicles. Even though they said ticket distribution would start at 9AM and we were there with over an hour to spare, they said tickets went out at 5AM!! 

As the con opens, I mooch my way in rather than wait in line, but Joresky was unsuccessful and had to wait in line. While there I discover that Cary Elwes is doing an organized signing promoting his new book! This wasn't on the web site when I checked it two days before the con. 

We reserved our spots in the Elwes line and went to a panel for John Grisham! There was a bag of free books. A Time to Kill paperback by Grisham, Sycamore Road (Hardcover) by Grisham, and one more paperback book by the other author at the panel. I also grabbed a second bag that was unclaimed. So I had double. When this finished they were rushing him as I attempted to get a self blast. Despite being yelled at and even physically accosted, I manage to get a photo op that is valid  

Back to Cary Elwes and they already distributed tickets. But thankfully a girl in line got a ticket for me. As a thank you I gave her a couple of books I got from the panel. The rest I sold on amazon and made a bit of change. When the witching hour comes Elwes was not even greeting fans just signing the stupid promo book and fans were handed a book from the stack pile. WTF If you're going to do that why even appear? Just give out pre signed books. Thankfully it wasn't a big deal as I already had him from a past monstermania. 

Additionally, some people in line had the actual book that they bought from a bookstore (which of course they probably didn't get signed). But here you have a show called BOOKcon, and the author is appearing to promote a BOOK, wouldn't it make perfect sense to actually sell the full BOOK on site rather than give away a stupid promo of the book?  I guess some things just make too much sense.  

That aside, the way this went down was not a good omen for the Danielle Fishel (Topanga) signing, as that was supposed to be in the same place. 

After this we scope out the signings area to try and get RL Stine. The combo Gods gave me a gift from the skies here, and I magically found an autograph ticket for him! I couldn't believe it! Since we had one ticket Joresky has to be on the outside of the ropes. Plus they said no other items and no photo ops only the book they were giving out. I got up and manage to score the following: Photo op for Joresky, photo op for me, autographed promo book they were giving out, AND one of my books signed  

Next up we were trying for the Holly Black/Cassandra Clare signing. The combo Gods did not generate a ticket for that one, but they started letting people without a ticket into the signing. Unfortunately it was also no photo ops no alternate items as well. Only the promo book. Despite this I fight my way for a self blast with Holly Black whilst being yelled at. I manage to get the photo op. Cassandra tried to get him and I even unintentionally get most of her face in it. No extras in this one though. But I got the photo op so I can't really complain. The book that was given out I manage to sell on ebay for like $60. 

All we had to fight to get what we want, there were donation boxes suggesting a $1 donation for each book we got signed. To that jar, my reaction was this face 

On the way to the Daniel Fishel line I get a photo op Jeff Kinney the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Joresky bought the book but I did not. 

Back to the Daniel Fishel line. The witching hour arrives and she is doing photo ops with everyone. My reaction to that is this face  

For autographs they are giving out stupid photos promoting the book. When I get to her I get the photo op, the autograph and try to get my 8x10 signed but to no avail. After the signing I try to chase her on her way to her panel for the autograph but get denied again. That's 0 and 2 autograph wise. 

After this I try to get into the Holly Black/Cassandra Clare panel in an attempt to get Holly to sign my Spiderwick Chronicles book. They weren't letting people in but I manage to mooch my way in. One guy yells out "sneaky sneaky". Sadly by the time I got there they had gone, but they were giving out a bag of free books. It wasn't a total waste as I sold these books on ebay and amazon for some money. My mooching here would end up biting me in the ass later on. More on that later. 

I then go to another panel with Rick Riordan (author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians), Lemony Snicket, and two others. After the panel only Lemony stopped the others walked away. I wanted that Riordan combo. I already had a Lemony photo op and had nothing for him to get signed so that was a bust  

Then I get a text from Joresky that Danny McNulty from Boy Meets World is at the Fishel panel. That photo op plus another shot at the Danielle autograph meant that was a "must attend" panel. 

I manage to get in the panel. After it ends I get a Danny McNulty photo op, he was nice as can be. After fighting the crowd I manage to get my 8x10 in front of Danielle, she begrudgingly signs it! More proof that persistence DOES pay off!

There were two more panels me and Joresky wanted to hit up. One was actor Jason Segel, and the other Veronica Roth (author of the Divergent books). Both were in the same room and the lines were completely shut down for both panels. To boot, due to my previous mooching, they beefed up security big time  

Not going into that room meant losing out on potential combos. So I had to REALLY beef up my stealth. After exploiting some cracks in the system and saying a few prayers to the mooching Gods, 10 minutes later, BAM me and Joresky are in the room with Jason Segel! 

After the panel he rushed out and does nothing for no one and I miss out my chance at a combo with him  A big fat woman also blocked my way to prevent me from scoring this. I guess you can't win them all  

e sit through the next panel with Roth and 3 other authors. After the panel she says she can't do anything and rushed out! Yet another failure. Well Veronica, back to the shelves of Walmart your books are returned to.  The other 3 authors were of course more than happy to do combos with everyone that asked. Though neither me nor Joresky even made the effort. 

This ended our time at book con. Bookcon is definitely a "buyer beware" type show. While my haul is far from a failure, PLUS I made some money with the free books I attained, I truly had to luck out and fight tooth and nail for what I got. 

After book con I would venture for NYC meets. Stay tuned.  
User rocklandsally sent us this awesome report! Enjoy!

So last Tuesday WWE came into town for the Smackdown TV tapings...
Got tickets, took day off and had planned for some stalking!!! Things didn't quite work out for how MUCH stalking I could do but went with what I could and some success was had !!!

Bret Hart was doing the pressers thorughtout the city radio and TV stations so knew when and where for the easiest to get him at. 9am got there with plenty of time and about 30 mins later up comes the SUV. Out he and his reps pop ! Immediately they say just to wait and after the interviews he will sort us all out ! Knowing Bret, I didn't sweat at all as he has never let me and other fans down at others meets. Turns out we were mentioned about on air !!! Anyway he came back out once the PR work was done and true to his word got down to meeting everyone. He asked to sign everything for everyone first then he would pose for pics. Got my Encyclopedia done. The television station used him signing my book with me as their publicity pic on Twitter !!!

15 mins later all done.. He thanked us then started walking down the street ... I packed up my stuff and headed to catch the bus and drop Lisa off at the taxi stand.. Suddenly we were asked by Bret and his rep were should he go for breakfast !!! Zack's diner, you are welcome!!!

Fast forward 8 hrs and went to the show itself.... mehhh... too many crappy fluff matches... but seated in the aisle were Roman Reigns made his 'walk through the fans' entrance. Not once but twice !

Left for the hippo .... Didn't have to wait long till some talent pulled up.. and not just ANY talent but Joey Mercury, Fit Finlay, Dutch Mantel (Zeb Colter) and .. gasp .. the wrestling God himself .. JBL !!! Here I was torn ... Do I go for the auto-gets of Mercury and Dutch, try for Fit or trrryyyy for JBL .... Knowing JBL isn't that easy, I went for it... and glad I did as he was sssuuupppeerrrr nice. Said to wait one minute and he went to check in. Zeb and Fit went right away to the elevators with Mercury... I got a bit worried but JBL popped back and said he would take care of us but had to get something from his car.... True to his word he came back in and then signed my encyclopedia and took some pics. He was awesome !!!

At this point a whole gaggle of Afghanimals (thanks AmazingRace!!) came in and I just knew that gets would be problematic from this point on. And right I was ... In walks Rusev and Lana. I approached and very politely ask if it was alright to quickly take a photo with the 2 of them ... Rusev looks at me and shakes his head no. I said no problem and thanks ... and then they get bombarded by this group. He is obviously pissed and wants nothing to do with them.. Pretty sure he heard them call him an ass... douchbags.

Cody Rhodes (sans Stardust makeup) comes in with his wife, sees this group, and veers away. I quickly ask politely and he motions yes and to the side away from the douchbag gaggle. Click click done... As the gaggle approach, off flees Cody ..

Now I have to say this about Adam Rose... he seems great with the kids... about 3 flocked him and he went into superstar mode. Took pics with their parents, selfies with the kids, pics by the parents of him and the kids... very nice. He asked me if I was going to 'hold me bum' during our pic .. frakin hilarious !!! Even though I prefer Leo Kruger.

Hung around some more but nobody else was coming in. Main guys were heading to Tokyo. Couldn't wait any longer so off home I went but SUPER happy about getting JBL !!!

Cant wait till another WWE event comes to town.

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User HeelOrton sent us this awesome report! Enjoy!

TNA taped a bunch of Impact shows a few weeks ago here in NYC and I cleaned up on most of the roster.I got over 50 photo-ops and 25 signatures in the WWE encyclopedia, including the Gobbledygooker entry, which Hector Guerrero signed.There were a ton of crazy and funny experiences including someone opening the door right into Bram and I while we were taking a photo-op (not a good place to stand), and my friend getting marker on Earl Hebner's hand (Earl wasn't too happy about that). Definitely one of the coolest moments was getting a triple photo-op with the drunk knockouts at 3 AM. They were coming back from a bar and were pretty wasted. They agreed to take the photo as long as I held their plastic dinosaur. I was also able to score dual ops with The Hardy Boyz, The Menagerie and The American Wolves!

The adventure didn't begin well since I immediately missed the Great Muta. He was only there for the first show, and he left right away.Unfortunately I was standing in the wrong spot at the wrong time.Still, I was real happy with all the photos I ended up with. Everyone was really nice, except for Robbie E, who ignored me two nights in a row. He must be a real good human being to act like another human being doesn't exist...what an ass wipe! I was told he ended up doing only one photo the whole time. At the last second Paul Simon was spotted entering the Manhattan Center, but I was not quick enough to ask for the photo. I am not sure what he was doing there, but at that point I was extremely exhausted and couldn't wait around for him, especially with him being notoriously tough to get a pic with. By the end of their stay, I was still trying to get photos with Gail Kim and Christy Hemme. They made very few appearances and continuously would sneak into the Manhattan Center.I ended off a great few days when I caught both of them checking out. I had Christy sign the encylopedia the day before, but she was in a rush and the signature came out pretty bad, when comparing it to someone else's. She also signed more on Christian's entry, which was the reason I gave her when I asked her to sign a second time. Unfortunately, she signed the exact same way for me! I won't try for a third time! 

The only TNA names I still need photos with are Mike Tenay (he was not on this trip), Robbie E., Tigre Uno (who was not taking pics without his mask), and Crazy Steve. I was pre-occupied with bigger names for most of the time and when I had the time to concentrate on Steve, I didn't see anyone that resembled him.I will catch him in August. Overall, an awesome experience!
User Doctor Satan sent us this awesome report! Enjoy!

So this past Week one of my Favorite Wrestlers EVER was in NYC. That's Right The GREATEST WWF/E Champion of all time Stone Cold Steve Austin. A funny little back story on Saturday night me and Gina were Watching TV and a Commercial for Austins new Show and I say to Gina I Hope he comes to NYC to promote it. Fast forward to early Monday morning I get a Message on FB from a friend saying that Austins in NYC and hes doing press for his show and he tells me the show that hes doin. I didn't see tat message till it was to late . So I started doin some research and the next thing I know I get another message saying that Austin is doin some show in NYC and I have to be there between 1-3 and I got the message at like 12:45 . So I get my stuff and we Bolt to the City. We get to the spot in 20 minutes, gina parks right in front and Immediately a meter rat tells her to move. She pulls out and No joke Austins car pulls in. I get out 2 of my things and he signs one on the way in. so I call gina and tell her what happened and shes all excited that I got 1 and I told her that I was waiting till he came out cause I wanted the rest of my shit signed so she found a spot around the corner and waited there for me. So finally at 3:30 he comes out and by that time there was 4 other ppl there so I was hoping to get atleast 1 more done and he signed 3 for me  and I got the pic with. I was trying for a 5th but it didn't happen. I forgot to take a pic of the 4th thing I got signed which was the Jakks Austin/Bret 2 pack. heres the Pics of what I got signed and my pic with him 

The Ringside Excusive is one of my favorite Austin Figures

I know i'll probably Never Get Brock But you Never Know. all it takes is a Promoter to Throw him ALOT of money. Who am I kidding this is Never getting signed by Brock LOL

My pic with him. this is my 7th Pic with him and my 10th time meeting Him
User class316 sent us this awesome report! Enjoy!

I know I've been behind reports, but I hope to play catch up. 

Not even 2 weeks since my last endeavor, I set out for a whole host of meets with  Again, we shall divide in days. 

Day 1

The first day starts of early at a spot. Got a bunch of names most notably Josh Lucas, a want of mine. Here's a good idea of how inconsiderate people can be. I was taking my photo op and some bitch jumps in and takes a selfie with her self phone ruining my shot  Luckilly he came back out and did another photo op with me 

Another notable was Katherine Heigl but I already had her so that wasn't a score. 

We saw Tony Bennett randomly as he lives not too far from the spot. He didn't too much in terms of photo ops. I didn't mind cause I had him but Joresky was devastated as he staid "no pictures" cause he doesn't have him. I got him to sign photo paper though. 

Then it was off to the next spot where the year prior I scored big. I was hoping to replicate my success. And replicate I did!

Tons of names were racked, including actors from the Gotham TV Show including Jada Pinkett Smith. Improved my photo op with Nicole Baharie and Olivia Munn. Upgraded my photo with David Boreanaz by getting him without shades! Had to yell and scream to get him to pose with me. But him leaving prevented me from getting Ben McKenzie who stars as Commissioner Gordon in Gotham! His go cart blocked Ben from coming to where I was  And Zooey Deschanel did autographs no photo ops! I've lost count at how many times I failed to get that photo op! Zooey went to another part of the building, so now I had to catch Zooey in the back and Ben in the front. Luckily I could see from a distance that Ben was still busy. I try to approach Zooey but security says to stay back. Not wanting trouble just yet I comply. In moving around I see Jane Lynch and try to upgrade my photo op but she declines. I also invite Joresky to come try and meet Zooey with me but he declines saying she won't do photo ops. Then Zooey comes up! I ask for a photo op she says to get in line. I get in the back of a line of about 7-8 girls and she FINALLY takes the shot with me! I could not believe it! I finally broke the Zooey curse. Of course Joresky's reaction was this face  when he saw the photo op. I arrive just in time to get Ben McKenzie and YES I get the photo op!

After the sweeping success at this spot, it was off to the next spot where a bunch of names were expected. Jim Parsons, Mark Ruffalo, Taylor Kitsch, Matt Bomer and Julia Roberts. Upon arriving at the spot I found out Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were there. Also turns out Julia Roberts actually did 2 or 3 photo ops going inside! Although they were all females. 

The spot had two exits, I try to get Brad and Angelina but failed. And I was on the front side when Julia Roberts actually came out the back and signed a few autographs  Wanted to upgrade my Taylor Kitsch photo op but again was on the wrong side. Needed a Ruffalo autograph but he did nothing for no one. 

Went on to the next spot where the crowd was a lot better, but sadly everyone is inside when I get there. 

Jim Parsons comes out and does nothing for no one. We see Lea Michele and Liv Tyler they do some photo ops sadly none with me. Mark Ruffalo comes out and I wasn't able to score him but thankfully I got a photo op with him already but I needed an auto. Matt Bomer comes out but didn't need him. I get Dylan McDermott, upgrades with Taylor Kitsch and director Peter Berg, among other things. Last photo op for the evening was Anthony Edwards but sadly photo came out blurry. Tried begging for a retake but to no avail. We never saw Brad or Angelina come out as they left through the side. Julia Roberts came out but nothing for no one. 

Lots of ups and down for the day, and as we were heading back to the car we spot bags and bags of sealed candy outside a CVS. We load up a garbage bag Santa Clause style, and take our new found treats (garbage bags had nothing but sealed unexpired candy in it). 

Day 2

This day starts off at a spot were Will Smith did combos the day before. I was hoping to see him but sadly did not. I did see Camren Bicondova who plays Selina Kyle/Future Catwoman in the Gotham TV show. At the spot where I scored the others the day before she did nothing for no one. Her mother and grandmother were happy with the fame and asked me to tag her in the photo op. I also saw markedout's Woodmo and got other photo ops. After this went by one stop and got a Jason Beghe photo op, then off to another spot where I see Hayley Atwell from the Captain America movie but she does nothing. Then I score Juliette Lewis as she is walking. On to another spot and I score a couple more names, and I stand at spot for Lady Gaga! 

The crowd was ginormous but I manage to scream for her and she actually posed with me!!  I even made TMZ on this one. Particularly proud of this score cause it was a tough one to get. Granted she was nice but not everyone got the shot. 

Then I go on a separate endeavor. First spot I score a Marisa Tomei combo on a program (though I had a photo op from before so this isn't new), I score a Toni Colette photo op, and a photo op and two autographs with Michael C Hall AKA Dexter. Off to the next spot where I hope to upgrade my Michelle Williams shades photo op and also complete my combo with both her and Alan Cummings. Alan comes out and signs my magazine and program. And I got Michelle Williams to sign the program, an 8x10 of her, and an Oz the Great and Powerful 8x10 already signed by James Franco! Additionally, I got the last of the perfects shots with her, no shades AND no hat. 

Back to the previous spot where I score Kyra Sedgwick and a couple of others. I stepped away for a second and Steve Carell did photo ops! I went to get one but by then he stopped doing them and rejected me. I have a photo op with him from before but this would have been a nice upgrade to what I have. Not a huge deal but still a stupid miss. 

The evening ended on a sour note. We went to yet another spot to see John Cho and Karen Gillian from Guardians of the Galaxy. It was late, we were tiered, and it was cold, we left and 3 minutes later they did photo ops with everyone 

Day 3

This day starts off on a stupid blunder. I thought it was Adam Sandler at an early morning spot, when I arrived I find out it was Jim Parsons  rookie mistake not double checking the info. This cost us some precious sleep. But I made the best of it and got a photo op. 

Next spot where we hope to make up Karen Gillian and John Cho. We see Hayley Atwell going for a jog but declines photo ops saying on the way back. I get another Juliette Lewis photo op it's clearer than my shot from the day before but she has shades on. We finally see John Cho but he has a hat and shades. Me and Joresky got photo ops while two girls there did not. Wow it's a rarity that a couple of guys score a photo op while girls do not. Brad Paisley shows up but I have so many photo ops with him I simply shook his hand and told him so. He's like "good seeing you again". Then his wife Kimberly Williams shows up! Since I missed her a couple of weeks ago, this was AWESOME for me! Had I not missed John Cho and Karen Gillian the day before I would not have been waiting here. We never did see Karen but we knew we would have another chance at her because she would be at Wizard World Philadelphia. 

Off to the next spot where I get Cee Lo Green, Rhona Mitra, among others I tried again for Lady Gaga to get her without a hat, but this time instead of posing for me she waves at me and goes away. I wonder if she remembered me from the day before. 

We go off to the next spot, but sadly we arrive late and we do not have the prime spots at the railing. Halle Berry signs a few autographs on both sides and does a couple of photo ops on the side opposite where I was. Morgan Freeman does nothing for no one. I had to very aggressively fight for the photo ops I did get. Will Arnett, Sharon Osbourne, and Chris O Donnel are some of my scores. Another notable miss of mine was Robert Patrick AKA T-1000. 

Sadly, we make a fatal mistake after entries are done. Rather than wait for exits we rush to the next spot. Had we stayed we probably could have scored some people on exits While all these people were at the next spot we get a tip that Adam Sandler just went out with friends and should be due back at his hippo! We decide to invest our time and effort to Adam Sandler. 

We wait and we find out that many of the people did combos, INCLUDING MORGAN FREEMAN WHO NEVER DOES STUFF   

I guess hindsight is 20/20 we should have stayed there. But we didn't want to miss Adam Sandler who is normally nice. 

While waiting for Adam we finally get Hayley Atwell and we also see Martin Short (though I had him). Finally Adam Sandler arrives and I ask for a photo op and he says "go" and poses with us and I get two autographs! YES! 

We quickly hear to the last spot for the evening where I see Stephen Amell but sadly he does nothing for no one. The evening ends with a Daniel Gillies photo op. 

Day 4

This was my final planned day before calling it quits. And while Joresky chose to sleep and rest up his body, I decided to be up early. When heading to the spot I debated if I should just walk or pay for a train, I paid the $2.50. This was a fantastic decision because 2 minutes after I arrived I scored a combo with Grant Gustin AKA The Flash! The day was off to a good start right there. Sacrificed sleep and sacrificed $2.50, but Grant would do nothing else for no one for the rest of the day. So it was worth it.

Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell would do nothing for no one throughout, but I got some decent scores in Colton Haynes, Joseph Morgan, Misha Collins, Paul Blackthorne, John Barrowman, among others. This spot would also be the first time I see CMshowstopper since forging a truce with him and the first time I see my old friend Dave since he got cured of cancer a second time.

After this spot winds down we find out that Hayden Christensen AKA Anakin Skywalker is here  

Despite this, I choose to head over to another spot to try for more names. The setup seemed bad cause we were across the street but a lot of celebrities came over. One notable name I'm happy I got was William Mosley from Chronicles of Narnia. I had just gotten Will Poulter a couple of weeks ago, and I got Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley a while back. Only missing Anna Popplewel. Piper Perabo came over but since I had her I didn't bother to fight the crowd. After a few more photo ops I stop somewhere to charge my phone and camera. Then I head back to the spot for Hayden Christenson. As I rush there Joresky decides to go for $1 pizza and BAM I score Hayden! Almost didn't get it. As I arrived he was signing then was about to go till I pleaded for the photo op! Joresky did get him the next day but he was wearing a cap. 

I also got Josh Helman (Young Striker in X Men Days of Future Past), among others. 

My time was coming to an end, I tried a couple of more spots but to no avail. I could have waited for Amell to come back, but I correctly guessed he wouldn't stop. Since there was nothing else left for me to get that was still in the city, I decided to leave.