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French actress Audrey Tautou made a rare US appearance to promote a film recently and I had to meet her. I have been watching her films for years and always thought she was a great actress and extremely adorable. When I arrived at the spot, I did not find her. I ended up seeing Oscar winner Colin Firth and Andrew Garfield among others, but no Tautou. We then went to a second place where she could be found, but we had just missed her. Thankfully, the next night she appeared at another event, which was very low key, and I finally met her. She is just as cute in person and very sweet. Michael Gondry, who won an Oscar for the screenplay for Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, was there with her as well.

Kiefer Sutherland is known as being one of the coolest celebs towards his fans...and he is. Though everytime I bump into him, there is some sort of drama going on. This time, he was arguing with a couple of autograph dealers. I am not sure what the actual argument was, but he said he wasn'r signing for them. I attempted to get a photo with him, but my camera turned onto video mode and recorded a five second video instead. This camera is a touch screen and is sensitive, so once in awhile this happens. When I tried to get a retake, I was unable to, since Kiefer was still yelling and I could not get him to pose long enough for the photo. I made a snapshot anyway, and although its grainy, its better than nothing.

Dana Delaney was a big surprise for me. I have almost every major cast member from Desperate Housewives (except for the kids and Alfre Woodard), so this was a great addition.
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Early July I start out trying to meet Frankie Valli. I already got him before but wanted a better photo op and some autographs. I arrive at the spot and sadly never saw Frankie Valli. I did get photo ops with Michael McDonald of the Dobbie Brothers, country singer Sara Evans, and actress Kelli O'Hara. But sadly a bust cause I failed in my main objective. 

Next up in mid July, I set out to meet the surviving members of the girl group TLC, best known for their mid 90s hit Waterfalls (which was also parodied by Weird Al as Phony Calls). 

This starts early in the morning at the airport. I was the only one there. I then see T-Boz come out the car with her daughter and a male handler. She was very accommodating and signed for me and took a photo! SUCCESS! After she goes in the terminal I see another grapher and a pap arrive and I inform them that they missed her, and they were both shocked! Again, goes to show you that you snooze you lose in combo hunting. I like it much better when I'm not the one that snoozes. 

Next up we all wait for Chilli. While waiting the handler that dropped T-Boz off actually came up to me and told me that Chilli would be arriving soon. My reaction was this face  Granted I already knew she was coming, but for a handler to tell me this? Wow I couldn't believe it. Since it's the thought that counts, I thanked him for the info. Eventually Chilli arrives and does autographs and photo ops despite the driver being a bitch. When posing she goes "am I that short you heave to lean down" which cause me to laugh/smile. When the driver leaves I go after Chilli and get a couple more done! 

After this weeping success I head to a spot for Dick Cheney. The event was actually free and included some food! On stage was Cheney, his wife, and his daughter. Sadly I had to sit through the event. During the event in 3-4 instances a protester would erupt and demand the arrest of Cheney for crimes against Iraq. It's quite sad you see that yet you never see anyone erupt against Clinton accusing him of crimes against the Serbs  

The event ends and I quickly go up to Cheney to get his autograph (already have a photo op from before) and I get him to sign my book. As I try to get another autograph a security guard stops me. Then when I try to get photo ops with his wife and daughter I'm also stopped. When his daughter does photo ops with some girls I point that out to the security guard and go off on him. He then says I can get escorted out or walk out. Since I still planned to wait outside at the spot, I chose to walk out otherwise I would have chosen "escorted out" and marked them with a sharpie  

I go outside and turns out I miss Cheney's wife by 2 minutes where another grapher got her to sign. I could have probably had the photo op right there  

We wait longer till Cheney and his daughter finally come out but sadly does nothing for no one. 

Despite my shortcomings here, I should add that there were 3 other graphers trying to get Cheney, but none of them did. So a rare moment when I one upped Master combo hunters 

At the end of July me and another friend decided to venture to Lancaster, PA to meet the Beach Boys. Of the members on tour the significant ones were singer Mike Love and also Bruce Johnston. John Stamos was also touring with them. 

We arrive at the venue. At the venue we manage to find the hippo. We then decide to try the hippo. First we see Bruce Johnston leave in a cab, sadly by the time we got to him he was in the cab. But upon waiting some more he returned and we got combos! Got him on 3. Upon this score, my reaction was this face  because that meant the day is officially not a bust! 

Then we wait more and do the same rookie mistake! Mike Love leaves in a cab! Our reactions was this face  Cause we could have potentially been on our way home instead of waiting hours upon hours more. 

Two minutes later a guy comes up to me saying I have to leave hippo property cause people are complaining about me. I say that I'm not on hippo property. He said I am and I told him that I'm on the sidewalk (there were traffic signs, and everything). After an exchange I told him "I think I'll just go ahead and stay". He then says "well then I have to call someone to move you" to which I replied "oh, go ahead". He then turned around and walked away angrily. 

Since I made my point, I then choose to simply stay in the car so it looks like I'm gone, since I don't want to ruin my chances if Mike Love returns. Finally Mike Love does arrive and we rush to hippo properly, and Mike Love is a true class act and is as nice as can be. I consider this my best music score of 2014. Got him on 5.

After this I quickly run away so that security doesn't see me again (in case I ever want to return to this spot). But we never did see the supposed someone who was being called to remove me. 

When never saw John Stamos either but decided to quit while ahead and get an early start going back home. Since I have a photo op with Stamos that wasn't a big deal to me. 

Sadly, this sweeping victory had a little punch in the face. I made the rookie mistake of not doing enough research on my albums. I later realized one of the 3 things I got Bruce Johnston to sign seems to be before he actually joined the band, invalidating the item  

One last meet I want to document from June that I forgot about, Hillary Clinton was doing a book signing at a Costco. The line was pretty decent and you were required to have a Costco membership to attend. Some people actually bought memberships right there and then. And they matched all membership cards with IDs so it was strictly enforced. When I got close they took away my camera saying it was too big  Then just before I got up to her they told me to put my phone away. Essentially that meant no photo ops. When I got up to her she was being nice and chatty and extending her hand to shake mine. I begrudgingly shook her hand. Should have told her if she didn't want to take a photo op she doesn't have to shake my hand. Additionally, the books were only signed "Hillary". 
First report in about a month, but enough wants piled up to make my return essential. I met up with Lanza and started our day.

The first meet was a surprise, Paul Dano from such films as Little Miss Sunshine, Prisoners, Being Flynn, Looper, Ruby Sparks, 12 Years a Slave, etc. Little Miss Sunshine is one of my favorite movies, so this was awesome. Paul seemed surprised but gladly posed.

Next was his Girlfriend Zoe Kazan. I passed on hew a few years ago, but she's getting on the map lately, starring opposite Daniel Radcliffe in the new RomCom What If which I saw the trailer from last week, so I didn't pass on her this time. Zoe happily posed as well.

Also walking with them, was Morgan Saylor who played Dana Brody on Homeland. Most people hated her character, but I enjoyed her so I was happy to get her as well. Sadly Morgan was walking away while I got the other two, so I had to creepily follow her to the corner to ask for the photo.  She was happy to do it though, so no worries.

Next was Cherry Jones, from many things, but most importantly to me she played President Taylor on 24. She was ready to ride away into the sunset, but she gladly posed for all who asked.

After this we went for Anna Gunn who played Skyler White on Breaking Bad. She exited the spot with her husband and two daughters. She told the crowd of 13 fans that she had a flight to catch, but she would do stuff quickly. I couldn't tell if she did pics for all, but I was about 4th photo she did, Lanza was 5th, and then I high tailed it to the train.

Short and sweet day and report, but it was very fruitful.
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This weekend I took a loooooong road trip (travelled through 5 states and back) from NJ, hitting up both Flashback Weekend in Chicago and Steel City Con in Pittsburgh on the way back. Totally insane, but in the end, oddly worth it.

My primary reason for going to Flashback was the Robert Englund photo op in the Freddy Krueger makeup. I initially balked at getting this, due to price and distance, but a buddy of mine told me "It's a photo with f--ing Freddy Krueger", and he was right. Got into the con Friday afternoon, and anxiously waited for the Freddy photo op. We knew from Facebook that Robert wouldn't be wearing the hat or the sweater (the hat due to lighting issues, the sweater due to god knows why), so we were worried how he'd look, but as soon as we saw him, we were both happy we went. The makeup looked great, and Robert was acting as cool as he always does at shows. Definitely satisfied with what we got.

There weren't a whole lot of guests I needed at Flashback, but there were a few needs of mine. I was really happy to get Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) on my poster, and got a Jennifer Rubin (NOES 3) autograph for a friend, and was able to upgrade a previous photo op. 

From there, it was time to start the long drive home, with a stop at the Steel City Con on the way back. My wants were Jimmy Hart, who I needed on my Legends House cast piece, and Tom Savini, who I had met before, but needed on some additional pieces. Both were quick and easy, so I just had to wait for my buddy's photo op with Billy Dee Williams to print out (which of course, took forever), then got on the road back to Jersey.

So in less than 48 hours, I travelled 1600 miles, hit two conventions, got a photo with an iconic horror character, and took care of four other needs. All in all, a tiring, yet still fun, weekend.
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This past weekend (Friday and Saturday) I attended an anime convention in Baltimore called Otakon. My top want at the con was the actor Dante Basco who played Rufio in the movie Hook and the voice of Prince Zuko in TVs Avatar the Last Airbender. I arrived at the convention center around 10 am on Friday morning and I already preordered my admission ticket. Unfortunately because of the large crowds it took me about 1.5 hours to get inside the convention once I stood in line.  I heard the poor souls who tried to pick up their badges the night before (Thursday) had a much longer wait (some up to 6 hours). The reason for this is because this con is very well attended and is one of the biggest of its kind on the east coast. People travel from all over to attend this con but I have the feeling its more for the cos-playing and other reasons as opposed to reasons that people on this board are more driven by… combo hunting. As soon as I got to the convention I got in line to meet voice actor Tony Oliver (voice of Saba in TVs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.. he also produced the series early on). He was free so I got a photo op and he signed my Otakon program book. After this I headed down to the dealers room. I eventually found the area where the celebrities were signing and I got in line for Dante Basco, my top name. While I was waiting in line I noticed that the table next to theirs had no traffic. It was the two sumo wrestlers, Yama and Kelly Gneiting (an American sumo wrestler.. didn’t know this existed). Even though they had items for sale they were offering free photo ops and autographs so I gladly took them.  The handler gave me two free Sumo wrestling booklets which I got signed by both of them and I also got my program book signed as well. I stood in line to meet Dante for about 40 minutes or so until I reached the front of the line. He was charging $10 for photo ops, $20 to sign personal items and he would sign the program book for free. My little brother Jesse joined me when I was getting closer to the front of the line. Hes not really that interested in meeting celebrities but decided he wanted to hang out with me for a little bit so he met Dante with me. He got his program book signed for free and wasn’t interested in a photo op.  I got a photo op and had him sign my Hook DVD that I brought and my program book.  There were more celebrities that I needed to meet but I had to get going to go to my night job at Target so I decided to call it a day and head home so I wouldn’t be late.

I came back the next day to Otakon and immediately went to the dealers room area to get in line to meet the Sailor Moon cast. The line wasn’t so bad and it only took me about 30 minutes to get to the front of the line. The prices were very fair.. $10 per autograph on personal or their items, free photo ops and free autographs in the program.  Everyone was very cool.. I got Linda Ballantyne (voice of Sailor Moon), Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars) and John Stocker (Toad in Super Mario Bros Super Show, Creed in X-Men, Stay Puft Marshallow Man in The Real Ghostbusters, Cops and more). I got a group shot with all three of them and they all signed my program book and I bought photos from their table as well. I had Linda and Kate sign Sailor Moon photos and I got John to sign a Marshallow Man photo and a Toad photo from Super Mario Bros Super Show. I also got another photo with John because I wasn’t standing next to him in the group photo op. After this I got in the free autograph line for voice actor Wendee Lee who was the voice of Alpha 6 and Scorpina in TVs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She was very cool… I got my program book signed and I got a very cool standing photo op with her.  Wendee was only supposed to sign for 1 hour but decided to stay an extra hour to take care of everyone who was waiting. At this point it was 6 pm so the dealers room was closed so I went to go hang out with my little brother and grab some dinner. After this I left Otakon and went to go see the band Heart in concert (for free). Sadly, I wasn’t able to meet Heart after the show  but I waited by the tour bus and gave it a good solid effort. I decided not to attend Otakon on Sunday because I had a family function on Sunday and because I met all of my celebrities wants at the show already. All in all, I had a fantastic weekend. 
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Not much to report here. I was able to grab a few names that I still needed. One of my favorites here is the BFFs dual-op. The apparently difficult Jey Uso wasn't too difficult for my first time seeing him in person. He didn't take photos but he signed for everyone, so he signed my encyclopedia and half the battle is done. Next time, I will focus on getting the pic. In a surprising turn of events, Rybak, who had become pretty tough, was signing up a storm and taking photos with everyone for literally about 35 minutes. This was totally out of character for him. I had him sign the Skip Sheffield page in the encyc. We caught Zack Ryder on his way home. He took the LIRR! 
All in all, it was a pretty cool day.
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Terrorist. Bomb threat. New York City. Me. NYPD. Guantanomo Bay. Do I have your attention? Because this little adventure will have all that including car chases and espionage. Hold onto your hats, set your phasers to stun......because I think we got ourselves a situation!

In reality, this story starts around 11pm the night before. I had a business opportunity that I couldnt pass up on. Eventhough, I was scheduled to leave at 3:30am the next morning for NYC, I needed to take this meeting. I thought it would be done within an hour, needless to say....things went a little better than expected and it was 1am by the time I left. I raced home, as I had nothing packed. The last minute preparation would cost me.....something I have NEVER done in the past. By 2:30am, I was done packing. My overnight bag was packed, my camera on the charger, my posters in the tube and my camelbak locked and loaded. As the clock ticked away, I noticed that an attempt at sleep would only be more of a headache than worth. 30 minute cat nap would just cause me to sleep past the alarm and be even later than I am usually. So instead, I figured I would get a shower, shave and shit. That way I would be ready to leave by the time DJ came to pick me up. Needless to say, I ran about 15 minutes late, as one of the above items ended up taking longer than expected.

So out the door I went and on the way to NYC did I go. We got into the city in great time. DJ couldnt contain his excitement. His excitement for Guardians of The Galaxy only seem to drain some of mine. There can be only so much excitement in a car, otherwise the doors will just fly right off. We made our way to our first stop, which would prove to be a failure. When we arrived, the barricades were swarmed with fans. I couldnt believe the number of people that were already here. There was no way we were gonna be anywhere close to get anything. So instead, I opted for a different spot. We were here and nothing else to do. I felt where I was would prove to be successful. DJ disagreed and refuse to join me. He opted to just walk around. I reached into my backpack to grab my camera, in case a selfie chance came about. And this is where the late minute preparation bit me in the ass. No camera. NO FUCKING CAMERA!!!!! First time....EVER!!!! My camera was at home, sitting on the charger. Use my cell phone, you say? Fuck that. DJ had his camera with him, which would prove to be a help later down the road. But he was reluctant to let me hold onto it. We were here for Vin Diesel, but Emeril the chef walked out and started doing selfies. DJ was behind me, so I asked him for his camera. He refused to let me use it and pic with Emeril. Not the end of the world....but I was standing right there.

DJ continued to argue his case that there was no way I was getting Diesel from where I was and we should head to spot number 2. I finally caved and we began to head out. At this point Diesel walked out and started doing pics and signing autos. Would have I gotten him? Maybe. I had a giant Guardians poster. I think it would have caught his attention and gotten him to walk over. He was literally standing there and doing nothing, but taking the occassional selfie or signing the occasional piece of paper. I would have been in his direct sight.....just across the way a bit. Unfortunately, I had given up my spot and now I had no chance. So we marched to spot 2. 

This next spot would prove to be extremely successful for autographs, but at the cost of being branded a terrorist.  This next spot was for Chris Pratt and Zoe Saladana. Zoe, I needed 2 autos from and would need a marker switch too. Needed her on both my Star Trek poster and my Guardians poster. When I arrived, I hooked my backpack to the barricade, per the usual. A security guard walked over and shook his head at me in some sarcastic manner. DJ had put one his Funkos on the floor and guard told him he couldnt leave anything on the floor. Pratt and Zoe came out and both were very nice. I walked about 3 feet away from my bag to get closer to them. There was a small crowd, but Zoe seemed to be in a hurry. She would only sign and had a blue Sharpie. This worked out great as that is what I needed on my Star Trek Poster. So I opted for that poster and passed on the GOTG poster. Pratt was a little more accomadating. He took pics and signed whatever people had. He signed my GOTG poster and inscribed it Star Lord. It turned out awesome. DJ even was able to take my picture and I got to avoid the selfie. 

As I turned back to grab my bag, I found it was gone. In a panic, I turned to DJ. He couldnt believe it was gone. I see NYPD and the security guard conversing and then I see the cop start tossing my bag around and dumping everything out of my bag onto the streets of NYC. Markers were rolling down the street, my umbrella, poncho, bottle of hair spray, etc. are all just being unceremoniouly dumped. I walk over and explain that is my bag. The cop turns complete psycho and asks me what kind of dumbass leaves a backpack hanging at one of the biggest terrorist targets in the world?! I told him I didnt just leave it hanging. He then points to the security guard, who talked to Dan and I, and says he walked over and asked whos bag this was when Pratt and Zoe came out and no one claimed it. He thought it was a bomb.  WTF?!! How fucking stupid is this cop?!??! You thought it was a bomb, so you decided to open it and begin to dump the contents all over the streets of NYC. YOU sir...YOU....just endangered millions of lives. How fucking stupid are you to open a backpack that you suspect contains a bomb?!?!? Bottom line, this was nothing short of a case of a "power trip". I had to restrain every muscle in my body to not just fucking tee off. Clear case of not getting anything out of it, by doing so. DJ knew it too. So he quickly hit the floor and tried to recover the contents of my bag. I explained to the cop that the security guard KNEW it was my bag. The guard denied this. I guess its a common occurrence for people to just randomly pickup backpacks of strangers to barricades in NYC. The cop would go onto lecture me about how I endangered his life and the lives of all New Yorkers today, branded me a terrorist or at the very least attempting a terroristic attack. He threatened me with Guantanomo Bay and a cock meat sandwich from Big Bob (Harold & Kumar reference). He told me I should never come back, unless I want extra mayo. Yeah right. Dont be a star!!!  

I was fucking livid. Whatever little bit of sleepiness I was still under was blown up and the adrenaline started to flow like the Mississippi. But I was determined to not let this ruin my day. DJ and I headed for spot 3 to try for Vin Diesel. We got there and the barricades were crowded, but not so bad that we thought we would get shut out. In the first minute we were waiting, we spotted John Legend just walking down the street. We took off to try and score a photo op. But he was in a hurry. I asked if I could take one while he was walking and he agreed and even looked into the camera while walking. A little blurry, but whatever. We headed back to the spot. The security guards explained that Vin was gonna come out and sign, but we all needed to be on the other side as he was only going to be doing it through the window. So we all headed to that side. Vin's SUV rolls up and he just drives away. NOOOOOOO!!!!! We chased after him. His SUV hit a red light, but he refused to roll his window down. He went down the road and got stuck at the next light again. This time he rolled his window down and said he would sign, but we had to promise to stop chasing his SUV. He started to sign. I was right behind the Jersey Shore Stalker bitch! My third encounter with her. She got an auto and a photo, but REFUSED to leave. She wanted to stand there and try and block me from getting anything. I slipped my poster over her and into Vin's SUV. But I was blocked from getting a selfie. I swear one of these days she's gonna do this to the wrong guy up in NYC and get KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT. The guys up there are animals, especially the dealers. She is already hated by them. For whatever reason, she enjoys putting herself in bad situations and then making them worse. Why anyone in the world enjoys putting themselves in bad spots is beyond me?

From here, we headed to our next spot. Our next spot was more of a guess than knowledge. We only knew of one definite gettable name. But we decided to hang out here anyway. All in all, it was a big waste of time outside of that one name. That one name was Jenny McCarthy. She came out and was standing outside smoking a cig with some friends. We waited till she was done, as we didnt want to bother her smoke. We approached and she quickly signed for DJ and I asked for a photo. DJ grabbed the camera from my hands and then Jenny reached up to try and take a selfie. There was a 3 second tug of war over who was going to take the picture, which would cause me to pose with a look of horror.  

We bolted and headed for the next spot. We expected this spot to be somewhat empty at this point in time. However, we were wrong. It wasnt extremely crowded, but the entire front row was taken against the barricade. After a little maneuvering and some help from a guy I have encountered numerous times and have chatted with, I was able to squeeze just enough room for myself on the barricade. The first to arrive was Judy Greer, who I know from What Women Want. She came out and started signing and taking photos. Just as she got to me, she turned away and left. The guy to my right was the last to get her and everyone else was left hanging.  

I wasnt really here for her, so it wasnt the end of the world. But still. Finally Chris Pratt arrived and by this time, the crowd had thoroughly grown. Insane. Pratt was super cool again. He was signing and taking photos. BUT....he wasnt doing more than one and if he remembered he signed for you already, he wasnt signing for you again. He even refused an older lady who had gotten him earlier this morning at our 2nd spot. He came to me and I wanted my photo op from earlier this morning signed. Pratt said cool photo and signed it. He even chatted for a moment about the Lego movie and the "Everything Is Awesome" song. By far one of the nicest celebrity encounters. Pratt went inside. I had 1 other item, Star Lord #1 from Marvel Now, but it wasnt dire to get. So we decided to go grab some grub. When we were done, we came back to see what was up. I think the crowd had only shrunk by a few. Pratt came out instantly and came over again to sign. Again, he was telling people he already signed Most of the crowd had bundled together on one side, leaving a part of the barricade open. I grabbed my comic and Pratt came to me again. He signed it and asked if I had read it yet. I told him I had not. He said its really good and he enjoyed it. I read it the next night and he was correct. Very good story.

One of the dealers there told DJ where the premiere was gonna be. So we headed over. It was a bust and we got bad info. We had one last spot, but it was a long shot. We decided to head over anyway, since we had nothing else on the agenda. When we got there, there was a small crowd of fans. We waited and soon after I spotted Woody Johnson, owner of the Jets, walking down the street in full Jets gear. As a lifelong Jets fan....I asked Woody for a quick picture. He promptly turned me down and said he had no time. C'mon!!!! Really?! I was shocked. I couldnt even compose myself for a speech. No one else wanted a photo. He just kept marching off. One of the dealers grabbed a blank and ran after him. Woody stopped to sign for the guy.  Talk about the ultimate fuck you response. No to a Jets fan for a photo. Yes to a dealer for an autograph. Exactly how does that make sense?! Then again.....this is a classic Jets move. Draft Geno Smith. Cut Tim Tebow. Tell Darelle Revis we dont need him. Dont address a need at corner. Talk shit constantly and cant back it up. They say it starts at the surely does. Incompetent owner with a more incompetent GM. As Woody walked away, I screamed out "Jets suck. Fuck The Jets." And I never do something like that. This time though.....ugh.

We next spotted Will. I. Am. from Black Eyed Peas. Everyone made a big deal about the guy. I didnt know who he was. He didnt want to do it, but this one guy gave him an impassioned plea and finally rolled his window down and did it. I grabbed a selfie. Finally Diesel came out and just drove past everyone. We chased him a few blocks, but to no avail. Denied by Diesel. So it was time to go. We headed back to Penn Station to catch the Junction train back to NJ. We were both beaten and sore, but still scored fairly well. It had ups and downs, bomb threats, police and car chases. 

Once back in NJ, we started the long journey home. I am a big believer that the passenger should stay awake to keep the driver awake. Unfortunately, at some point this passenger passed out. When I finally awoke, DJ was pulling into my neighborhood. My apologies to my tag team partner. I reached my limit on no sleep and needed something. Out I went. 

I think my story had all the elements I promised at the beginning. This was definitely one of the most memorable trips I have ever had. Its crazy to think about the events of the day. I surely never expected anything of the sorts. But all in still worked out. Until next time.
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So the day finally arrived I've been waiting for since I 1st found out about it in June. Jose Canseco is touring N. American minor league stadiums all summer doing Home Run Derbys against fans trying to break some record. & tonight was finally Bakersfield's turn.

Knowing he would be signing for 1 hour after the derby, my main hope was to land a photo earlier in the day, that I could get signed at the game. Since it was a guarantee he'd be signing. Arrived at the stadium at 1:30pm knowing in the past that was when teams started arriving. Read on Twitter that he was driving to Bakersfield in a super charged Ford SUV. & had left around 5 hours earlier. Figuring he was coming from home in Vegas, & that's a 5 hour drive, we knew it could be anytime. Around 3:30 sure enough the 1st Ford we'd seen all day pulled into the lot. We got out of my car, and walked over to where he'd be going in. Well it was for not. They just drove by and left. But we could clearly see Jose in the passenger seat, so at least we now knew he was in town. Figured he was either going to get something to eat, or going to check into a hippo. & had only wanted to find the stadium 1st. Gates were opening at 6pm, Derby was to start at 630, We almost gave up hope on him coming back around 515ish, b4 there was a huge crowd waiting to get in, & were about to head to my house to eat, etc. then go back for the show. But just as we were talking of running to my house for a few. Sure enough here they came back. Luckily we had been there earlier & knew what he was traveling in, so were able to get over to the vehicle, b4 the 20 or so fans in line at this point realized it was him, & rushed him. I asked if I could get a photo real quick? He said I will be signing inside later. I explained I was hoping to get the photo now, so I could go print it out & have him sign it later. He reluctantly said ok take it. Just sucked I was the only 1 out of me, Charlie, & Jeremy (or anyone else who came over at this point) to get him. So we ran to Rite Aid, & printed the photo to 8x10, ran to the house, then went back.

The derby was rather uneventful. He was facing 5 fans, Each got 10 outs. It was the 5 fans combined total against Jose. Well not a single fan hit 1, and he only hit ONE. Which was shocking, he had his own pitcher. & our stadium should be a cake walk for him (328 down the lines, 354 dead center). They did 10 outs, then 5 outs, then 2 outs just letting the fans enjoy hiting out there. the last round Jose took around 30 swings trying to hit another 1 for the fans. But never came close. a few warning track flies, the 1 he did hit barely cleared the fence in right field. 

They then took him to eat, and to a tent for a VIP thing. & started forming the line for the signing set to start an hour and half later. He would sign anything free. Also had items you could buy. Prices weren't outrageous by any means ($15 for a Derby Tour T-shirt, $20 for a copy of his book (which were old used Library books. Yeah makes you wonder if they were stolen, as they were clearly stamped PROPERTY of such and such library. LOL, $10 for his rookie card, $5 for an 8x10, $5 for a baseball, or he had a box full of his commons cards for $5 each) I purchased 2 8x10s (1 for myself & 1 for my friend Jared as his mother wouldn't take him b/c it was a work night).

Timely he came over & sat down at 825. Said, "Step right up and meet Ozzie Canseco. Jose was tired and went home. LOL!" We were the 1st 1s in line, I let Jeremy & Charlie go 1st since they had not got pics earlier. He was very friendly. Signed whatever we had, & then posed for a photo. (I didn't ask for another photo). When I handed him the 8x10 of our photo from earlier he said I thought you were trying to trick me. LOL! But seemed to be cool that he had taken the time to pose earlier since I wasn't just bullshitting him, & had spent some money on his merchandise. Personalized my 2 8x10s to myself, & the 3rd to Jared for me. Also had him sign my ticket to the game.

A very good long day. Luckily the weather wasn't too bad, in the mid 90s.
User adramrelech of Todd's Autograph Arena sent us this awesome report! Enjoy!

I have met thousands of celebrities and wrestlers over the years. The one wrestler that has eluded me was Hulk Hogan. He has not done a signing in my area for over ten years. I would always see him doing shows back east. I came close about six times where Hulk Hogan was supposed to come to my area for a signing but it always fell through for one reason or another. The last time it fell through was when TNA's Bound For Glory Fanfest in 2013. I read reports that Hulk Hogan's contract with TNA would be ending soon but he might renew. So, I took a chance. I bought two fanfest tickets for myself and a friend, agreed to pay the gas, for a chance to finally meet The Immortal Hulk Hogan. As the TNA event approached my heart began to sink into my stomach. I knew Hogan would not be at their fanfest. When I saw him tell Dixie Carter goodbye on TNA I laughed out loud with irony knowing that once again I would not be meeting Hogan. I still went to fanfest after spending all the money and had a blast but still Hulk Hogan eluded me.

After the TNA Fanfest about twelve promoters were in my ear telling me they would be bringing in Hulk Hogan. Booking him isn't the easiest thing to do because everyone wants him. He can't be in thirty places at once. His schedule is insane. He is constantly working and meeting his Hulkamaniacs. Plus, now that he was back in the WWE they take priority. Even if a date is booked the WWE is the priority. If they need him, he needs to go. It's that simple. Finally American Icon Autographs announced a date that he would be appearing at their shop in San Diego, CA. I was excited as hell, but at the same time trying not to be excited. I have been close to meeting Hulk Hogan many times before and something always falls through but I was staying as positive as possible.

I have been promoting anything that has to do with wrestling and autograph celebrity shows & signings for over twenty years. 
The more successful a show and/or signing is means the promoters will continue to host shows for fans It's a win-win situation. 
As always I heavily promoted everywhere to let everyone know about the Hulk Hogan signing, and when Sting was added it was insane. To be next to two legends is awesome.

The day finally came to meet Hulk Hogan. We drove two hours to get to American Icon Autographs shop in San Diego. We arrived an
hour before the show began and saw a line had already formed. The owner of the store Sean invited me and my friend in. I appreciated
that due to it was great being in air conditioning. It was hot and humid outside with some sprinkling. Sean had told me that he
had spoken with Hulk Hogan's agent so I could do a quick video with him. He appreciated all the support and advertising I always
do. As I sat there with my friend Shannon waiting I called my buddy Sal to let him know that I was at the signing. He knew how
much it meant to me to finally be meeting Hulk Hogan. Plus it was awesome to be seeing Jimmy Hart again. I've had the opportunity 
to hang out with Jimmy and talk many times over the years.

The next thing I hear is Jimmy Hart's voice outside asking,"Where's Todd? Where's Todd?" He had arrived and they let him into
the main store where the photos would be taken. It was great to see Jimmy as he hugged me saying hello. We chatted a bit, but he
had to get to work. Jimmy was signing, meeting fans, and talking on his megaphone to everyone outside with the high energy we
have grown to know him for and love.

To make my photo ops go faster I put on all my Hulk Hogan t-shirts. Man, I tried to just sit still due to having an undershirt
on, and 5 shirts, was hot as hell. Hulk Hogan pulls in and everyone is chanting his name. A little bit later Sting came in early 
to sign some stuff for the store and mail order. The time was approaching and Hulk Hogan came out.

I had my stuff laid out on the counter for him to sign. As he signed I chatted with him about how I got my first Hulk Hogan
action figure. Afterwards we proceeded over to the American Icon Autographs backdrop to begin taking the photo ops. I'd like
to thank Norman Arroyo Photography for taking over twenty photos for me, and for Bob Mulrenin for also taking a photo of me with
Hulk Hogan and Sting. As Hogan and I posed for our first photo he thought he was done when I began removing my first shirt,
then second shirt, then third shirt, then fourth shirt, to finally reveal my fifth and final shirt. (See Video at the End)

I thanked Hulk and then Sean of American Icon Autographs let Hulk Hogan know how huge of a fan and supporter I am and if 
we could do a quick thirty second promo. Hulk Hogan replied how can we do a promo video in thirty seconds? Sean replied, take 
as long as you want Hulk. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I have filmed many promos with wrestlers over the
years but to do one with The Immortal Hulk Hogan is amazing. I knew I would be doing a video with him but as usual I never think
about what I'm going to say in any video I do to keep it improvised. It was so surreal having Hulk Hogan ask me what and who the
video was for, what we would be doing. I said it was just for me personally. Without thinking I told him that
King Kong Bundy kicked my ass. Hulk Hogan replied, wait, is this a shoot, did you really fight Bundy? I laughed and said no, no.
He said, Oh, alright, you never know. I then continued. I will just talk about how King Kong Bundy kicked my ass and I'm looking
for a partner and then you come in and do your thing. Hogan asked me if I wanted him to stand off to the side and then walk in.
I said yes, and you will know when to step in. We filmed the promo. I had a blast. I thanked Hulk again and then stood
back to watch him meet all his fans coming in the door. (See Videos at the End)

Fast forward a bit and Sting comes out and Hogan and him shake hands. They are having a great time chatting back and forth. They
pose for a couple photos for the store, and then I hear Sean say out loud, Todd's first! It was time to take my photo op with both
Hulk Hogan and Sting. I shook both their hands. It was good to see Sting again. I first meet him at TNAs Bound For Glory Fanfest
in 2009 and my photo turned out horribly. I was pressed for time and didn't get to talk with Sting much due to all the fans
waiting outside to want to take a photo with Sting and Hogan. Hogan, Sting and me took our photo together. Hulk Hogan then
stepped aside so I could take an individual photo op with Sting. We were about to pose and I remembered I forgot my mask so I
went and grabbed it. Hogan began chanting to put the Sting mask on. I laughed. I held the Sting mask up, and Sting and I took
a photo. Once again Hogan yelled, take another one with the mask on. I put the mask on and I took another photo with Sting.
It was just awesome. I then stepped back and the rest of the fans came in one by one. They took all the Hogan / Sting photo 
ops and printed them out next door. I was recording some video of the fans meeting Sting and Hulk Hogan as well. (See The Video Below)
I had my photo op signed by both Sting and Hulk Hogan before they left. It was an incredible day.

I remember watching WrestleMania 3 inside a small home with no air conditioning on a 19" television with about 40 kids inside
the room as Hulk Hogan slammed Andre The Giant. It took over 25 years for me to finally meet Hulk Hogan. The experience I had
will last me a lifetime. Thanks to all those who helped me out. Big thanks to Sean who planted the seed with Hogans agent about me doing a
quick video. Big thanks to Sal for calling Jimmy Hart to let him know I was there. Big Thanks to Jimmy Hart for talking to Hogan and who
sealed the deal on me making that video. Good Friends. 
User oldschoolwwwf sent us this awesome report! Enjoy!

My last trip to Charlotte for NWA (or Mid- Atlantic memories) fan fest. This decision was primarily made because Greg claimed it was the last show. Is this going to be like a furniture store going out of business sale where the store never really goes out of business but the advertising makes you think you better shop now? But then again, if this really is it, how could I not be there for the end? I booked the flight about 3 weeks ago even though I had bought the VIP a year ago...I would have just eaten it if I decided not to go...Greg had recently been saying this would be the biggest and best Fanfest ever..although unless there were strippers waiting for me in my hippo room, for someone who has been here for Flair and the Freebirds, the 4 Horsemen, etc, this was a solid show but could not be the biggest and best ever..

This year, Greg included auto signings on Thursday and offered the masses free admission (although not sure if that included autos for them or just getting in)..Was pretty ingenious on his part, because he had some of your lower scaled names signing that day but made it seem like an "event" so people came earlier than fact, the hippo clerk told me hippo was completely sold out on Wednesday night...

Thursday morning left house at 6:00 am, airport no problems, at gate, flight left pretty much on time. Landed and arrived at hippo by 11:00ish, pricey car ride though. Sadly, for the first time in all my years coming to Charlotte, the room was not ready went down to get my stuff at registration, bought a dusty Harley photo op, which would pretty much be my only photo op of the weekend (which ultimately didn’t happen anyway). Sat upstairs reading for a while, had a long lunch and finally hit convention. Good to see Scott Teal and Mark James. Scott makes the event posters that I keep buying, which I highly recommend, as well as writes old school books, like Ole, Koloff, hansen, etc. I picked up the Sonny Fargo book just released...Mark james writes books on memphis history but has other cool projects out there, such as Crockett match results for 70s and 80s, Houston results books, etc. I bought his just released 1977 memphis book, the war between Jarretts and Gulas..Looks awesome...

Some familiar fans around, Ray and his daughter Rachel, Evan and Jack, Pitts Posse, Dennis the referee, etc.. My VIP # was 7... I Went through first auto session but just got programs signed by caudle, tommy young, thatcher. There was a dude signing I didn’t recognize and found out his name was Rick McCord. I looked him up and he was legit so I figured I’d grab a pic with him later. In the meantime, I went back into vendor room, and wound up buying a few new posters from Scott Teal and noticed who is in one of the matches o the one I bought but Rick McCord. HCIT? Went back into the room to get him to sign.. Back to my room for a long nap, then came back down for the Dusty Rhodes q and a with JJ, tully, Magnum, Sullivan, where Dusty wasn’t there but thh q and a was about him...after that, I had dinner with Jack and Evan, and called it a night.

Next morning, no rush to get down...maybe got down by 10:30..was told Harley was out because he had fallen so Greg gave me two Dusty autos since I had bought 2 Dusty items in the vendor room...into vendor room, Jimmy valiant first, had him sign an 8x10 and 5 posters..went into first auto session, ox program, tully, 8x10s, jj 8x10 and Florida poster, scrappy programs, windham, wmaina 1, and 2 other posters... 

Ran into ole in vendor room, had him sign three posters..he was there to sign if you caught him but he did not have an official signing block due to health..then second session, had Paul jones sign 7 posters, Rocky kernodle programs, Don Kernodle program and Greensboro poster, Lenny poffo, program, Steamboat 100 greatest book and 2 posters..vendors room, had Larry Zybszko sign Shea stadium with Bruno poster.. was bs 'ing with Kevin Sullivan about about Yanks-Sox, which just made some big trades..the guy scared the crap out of me as a young kid with that Satan stuff and here we are 30 years later talking baseball trades..never would have predicted that as a 10 year old kid..

Back to the room for a long nap, then went down to Hall of heroes dinner with Jerry brisco...jerry was awesome, talking about shit from the 70s and 80s, his fights with ole, how he and Patterson became stooges, etc...then me and him talked Tampa Ray’s baseball, he was bitching bc david price had been traded and the Rays got shit for him (he goes to games and apparently is tight with management so he was emailing and calling them to vent).....event overall was tremendous....Hurricane was about an entertaining host as you could possibly imagine..great speeches mainly from tully arn jj, cornette, masked superstar, danny miller, brisco, lanny, etc...since I was leaving before Jerrys Sunday auto signing he signed a few posters for me at the a few pics at end of the night, a suprise guest in David Crockett.... Went up and crashed..

Saturday morning , my last day, slept in, down around 10:30; got pic through Tmart of Rocky King...first auto session, magnum program , 8x10, Adrian street and miss Linda, program and poster, orndorff, 8x10 and program, Danny miller, programs and Florida poster..Bobby heenan in vendor room signed my Wrestlemania 1 poster..I had Dusty sign two posters .. 
In 2nd session, I had 3 posters fpr Rocky Johnson..heavenly bodies signed program, Snuka signed 8x10 and magazine...Sullivan signed program, 8x10 and 3 posters...ran into ole again and had him sign an 8x10 of the andersons that Lars had signed last year ..ran into Bill White walking around the vendors room and had him sign 2 posters..

The posters I got signed were either event posters or wrestler compilation type posters that Scott created, like georgia legends or Mid Atlantic or Florida legends, or WCW legends, etc..A lot of them are on 2 or 3 or more...A lot of the 8x10s were 8x10s I had bought for previous shows but never got them signed due to getting other stuff signed instead..

said my goodbyes to everyone and got ride to airport with Paul for ½ the cost of a car service, sharing car with Heenan and wife...flight left on time and I was door to door from leaving the hippo in Charlotte to walking through my front door in less than 5 hours..probably a record for me driving to airport, waiting for flight, flying, getting off plane, driving to my house...

Bought zero photo ops through Greg, another record for me..I have spent hundreds over the years with his photo ops but I’m not one who needs upgrades and there wasnt really anyone fresh for me photo wise..this was an autograph and good bye trip....

Hard to tell how many VIPs were there, I’d say 350-400 probably but didnt listen carefully to announcements since I was done with each signing block within 10 minutes of it starting..vendors room not all that crowded, any lines ended within minutes...I didn’t ever have to wait..some guys were very cheap, Rock n Roll Express was $5 per, Cornette was free for anything you had, Fulton was $5, Jimmy Valiant was $10...other names there were Matt hardy, Vader, Simmons, Taryn Terrell, Sabu, the other ECW guys, Luger, the Stro, t shirt vendors, old magazines and newsletter vendors, Wahoo McDaniels widow was selling his old figs for $5 so I bought one, other vendors there, just look at the website for a complete list, I barely paid attention to anyone I wasnt getting.

Great trip, great to be there one last time,...these trips have been some of my greatest wrestling memories was good to be there to say good bye and thank Greg, Tommy and the other guys for all they have done over the years..In the beginning, I was not a fan of Gregs staff, as there was always an issue somewhere but over the years, these shows got better and better, ran very smooth and I am sorry to see them go...for those that never went, I think you guys missed out on some great experiences..

I will try to work on some kind of overall look at Gregs Prices shows from 06- present in the coming days...

But for now, definitely the end of an era...I remember the days of Lucas and Howie, Evil Genius, Sig, Rob, Ben , UK , Carlucci, Class, Dan the mark, Scorpion Tony, Terence & James, SM Marc and george, K& me and Evan and Ray were the last ones standing..RIP NWA Legends Fanfest, for me ‘06-‘14... 

When I got home,Woodmo and lanza texted me to say Alex Riley had tweeted a pic of me and him...HCIT??!!! It was a pic that was taken in 2010 in Tampa when me and Lucas flew down for an Undertaker signing and cleaned up on no name FCW guys, who went on to the main roster in the following years...Riley was one of them...about a year ago, I posted here aflashback report of that event and the pic was included with tons others.I guess Riley is reading the Marked out archives...for the mods, HCIT??!! I'd post the tweet but no clue how, look hm up on twitter, youll see the pic or Woodmo can do it here...

btw, I left Saturday night bc I hate to be away from my son all weekend for a wrestling event..and Sunday morning, I bought tickets for me and him to hit Marvel Universe Live show for later that afternoon at Izod Center @ Meadowlands which was really fun..he loved it..recommended for kids for sure..

Thanks again to Greg Price, who belongs as a first ballot Hall of Famer in any wrestling convention Hall of Fame...the few pics and a few autos...