Today was the day we've been hyping up for a while, the Long Island Dibiase Posse Party event. I told everybody this would be a great time and it did not disappoint.

We arrived to the venue and were greeted by Bobby Riedel and were told where to go. The crowd was a little late to arrive, so the first 30 mins were slow, but then the event picked up. Bobby and I discussed this event in great detail in the week leading up to this event, so going in I knew what to expect and when to expect it, which put me in good position for the video aspects of this report, which I think really shine. 

The event started in an eating area where Ted came in and mingled with the fans. We then moved into the main room which Bobby opened up by thanking the church,, and his personal shrink Brett Schwan for helping him pull off this event. We then watched a clip of a Ted Dibiase documentary before Ted eventually came out and entertained the crowd. To follow was a Q/A session, a speech by Ted, and a really fun Karaoke contest, judged by Ted's surprise friends Daniel Bryan and Hornswoggle. I knew all week Ted was likely to bring other talent with him, but it wasn't until this morning that I knew the exact names and I knew the crowd would really mark out for them. 

When the event was over we approached Ted, got our photos, and I introduced myself to him. Ted was extremely grateful for my help in advertising and discussing the show plans with Bobby beforehand and he gladly signed my 5 items, and Lanza's 7. I then asked if he would mind shooting a video for and he was more than happy to do it. He thanked us again and told us how blown away he was with the party, and we went on our way. It was great to work with Bobby on this event, and he really outdid himself. The event was a great time once it got rolling and it was just as historic as he had promised, I was happy could be a part of it. Well done Bobby! 


12/18/2011 12:31am

I had a great time at the DPP & wanna' thank you guys for helping Bobby put it all together. I'm the guy that sang "Hound Dog" while Ted played his air guitar, and it was a blast. I really dig the video & pics, and look forward to seeing you guys at more events like this.

Thanks again & Happy Holidays to you all!!


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